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Delayed Delivery + Bad Service
By -

I ordered an item on Amazon on 17th December 2009 and selected "Priority International Courier". I was notified that the order would be split up, and that one part of the order was being sent via DHL. On 20th December, 2009, Sunday, the delivery person from DHL (mobile number **) called me, check if anyone was at home as they were trying to deliver the package to me.

As I wasn't expecting the delivery to be made on a Sunday (Since the delivery description on mentioned 2-4 BUSINESS days), I asked when is the next earliest slot another delivery attempt could be made instead, and the delivery man suggested the evening slot (7 pm-10 pm) on Monday (21st December, 2009), which I agreed to over the phone.

Today on Monday (21st December, 2009), I rushed home from work in order to receive the package during the 7 pm - 10 pm slot as suggested by the DHL deliveryman, but the delivery never arrived. When I finally called DHL at 10:30 pm, they told that because no official redelivery request was made on my order (even though I followed the recommendations given by the deliveryman who called me), they did not attempt a re-delivery on Monday; and as such, the delivery was automatically scheduled for Tuesday during office hours when no one would be at home to receive it).

In addition, if I had to arrange for it to be delivered to my workplace instead (since I would not be free on Tuesday night to receive the item), I had to fax a request to DHL requesting a change of delivery address. I have no fax machine and have to look for someone with one. On top of that, they could not guarantee the delivery by Tuesday with the change in address.

I have ordered from Amazon a number of times in the past, via different shipping options, but this is the worst experience I've ever had so far. The whole point of paying a premium for "Priority International Courier" is to get my purchases fast and conveniently.

In fact, another portion of my order which was being shipped via UPS attempted delivery when I was not home, but the UPS representative was helpful enough to allow me to change the delivery address to my workplace over the phone. In contrast, the DHL representative were inflexible and said they could not change the delivery address to my workplace this way because they would have to file extra paperwork to justify the change.

I called DHL Wednesday morning after I managed to get access to a fax machine (since the representative serving me yesterday said I had to fax in a request for change in delivery address). The representative I spoke to this morning now told me that I could have emailed a request for change in delivery address, something that the DHL representative whom I spoke to yesterday neglected to mention to me.

As such, I could only trigger a request this morning, meaning that I would only be able to receive the package on Wednesday. If the representative yesterday had mentioned that I could have requested a change of address via email, I would have done so yesterday and gotten my delivery by today (Tuesday). In fact the current status of the order is now listed as "Delay in delivery due to external factors" through no fault of mine. This is in contrast to the part of my order which was shipped via UPS, which shipped later, and I similarly requested a change of address, and yet I received the package earlier.

Express Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

MONTREAL -- I bought a printer in Australia and paid $90 for EXPRESS delivery since I want my package for Christmas. Package was pick up on Dec 11th get to Canada on 15th and then a custom agent ask for more information. Seems there was a problem with value and they need to contact me. The shipping company had not supplied my phone number on the waybill so DHL call them to get it and company has supplies it on 18th. It took 4 days before they ask for my info and since no one call me, instead the shipping company send me an Email stating that I've better call DHL, which I did.

I've corrected all my personal infos on their database and fill out the POA they ask me to do the same day. I still don't know why since no one ever call me to clarify the custom agent demand. I received a letter from DHL by regular mail on the 24th. A LETTER BY REGULAR MAIL TO ASK ME TO CONTACT THEM. What an EXPRESS SERVICE IT IS.

I then called again to see what was happening and ask to speak to someone in authority. I was force to complain to get someone on the line. The lady send me 2 more form to fill which I did and then nothing happened to my package. I call again 3 days later and lady told me that a mail was sent on the 23rd that I have not respond... no mail ever left their computer which fact was confirmed later on. They charge me $70 for duty and $20 more for their fees which I was forced to pay if I want my package.

We are now January 3rd 2015 and still no package. No one took the phone to call me. They always rely on mail which they take 2-3 to respond... that is EXPRESS behavior indeed! You are force to do all the call and no one care. They got your money and too bad for your package.

I'm still waiting for my package, Nothing I can do. It's been 22 days for an EXPRESS DELIVERY and 90 USD for this kind of service. I call back and demand a complete refund which they only reimburse $20 fees and refused to take any responsibility. IF you need a package delivered rapidly... or just delivered, you better ask a brainless slug to delivered it. It will be by far better and faster than DHL Express for God sake.

DHL rocks (update)
By -

KUWAIT -- Previously I published a review on how good and reliable DHL is over here in Kuwait. Now to my fella Kuwaitis (and foreign friends) I would like to update you with my nothing but POSITIVE experiences I've been recently having with DHL. Words can not describe how satisfied I am with this company so first allow me to begin by providing you with my DHL tracking numbers: **

All I can is WOW! No other company in Kuwait (nor do I believe on earth) will deliver your parcels by 7:29 in the MORNING!!! Also, DHL is very smooth with customs clearance (unlike FedEx, uPs, and most importantly Aramex.) I remember once I had a shipment from FedEx where it remained in customs for ONE WEEK (I'm not bluffing, this is the FedEx tracking number so you can see for your self '**'). These pathetic competitors are no match to DHL, and I have no idea how or why they still exist in the market (I never a had a DHL package that remained in customs for over 48 hours).

Now let me ask you this. Do you want a first-class, 5-star service and head-ache free environment where everything is being taken care of while you're sleeping or at work? Then you can't go wrong with DHL (oh and no, I definitely do not work for DHL. However, they EARNED my loyalty) :)

Pros of this company are: superior customer service, delivery speed, and tracking system. In addition, their packaging quality is superb and extremely smooth customs clearance. Cons of this company are: NONE (You can't say price because YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR... Right?)

END OF REVIEW. BELOW IS SOMETHING UNRELATED TO THIS DHL's REVIEW. For those who think I'm somehow have a contact in DHL or have an affiliation with them this is my response to you: Check the following FedEx tracking numbers: ** Having used FedEx for 6 times to import my packages there is no way I would have an affiliation with DHL, else I would have NEVER used FedEx in the first place... Right?

I also wanted to post my experience with uPs and TNT but unfortunately I also lost my tracking numbers so I apologize if this was a disappointment to you guys.

MONTREAL CANADA BUYERS: Do not buy from any company delivering using DHL Express
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Rating: 1/51

MONTREAL, CANADA -- MONTREAL CANADA BUYERS: My first experience with DHL Express Canada has been very negative. I have been dealing with them for 3 weeks, still waiting to receive my package due to errors on their end. I won't be doing any further business with eShakti (original company I was purchasing from) due to the time I have lost dealing with DHL. I have had no indication from DHL that they intend on correcting their process errors as a result of my experience.

They have simply 'managed' my phone calls, without actually addressing my situation correctly (as they had promised). I never bother writing reviews, but this has been the single most upsetting experience I have had with a company.

DHL Did Not Deliver Package to Mongolia After I Paid $326
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Rating: 1/51

UNITED STATES, CALIFORNIA -- We went to a postal Annex location in San Diego and send a package to my Son who is in Mongolia. The package was not delivered to his location, and when I attempted to receive a refund, the DHL customer service claims representative told me that once it gets to the airport at Ulaanbaatar, it is out of their hands, and it is up to the customs broker to deliver the package.

My son had to pay a taxi, and they charged him an extra $45 to pick it up... The last statement to me from the claims representative when I told him that Fed Ex delivers to my son in Mongolia on time was " we are not Fed Ex". That is correct, and we will never use DHL again to ship international... What a rip off!

A Bunch of Excuses for "Guaranteed delivery."
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Rating: 1/51

We had papers that needed to move from Maryland to a province of China within 10 days. I sent them USPS for about $18 and my wife said "oh, they'll never get there on-time" and she sent them again on the same day with DHL for $55. USPS got them there in 8 days. DHL stalled in Beijing and when I called was told they were "investigating" and interestingly added unlike the USPS they had to go through customs and the Chinese New Year having started that 11th day were the problems. Yeah, their problems - not ours.

How long has DHL been sending documents and packages to China? Are you kidding me? Customs and the Chinese New Year are unknown problems? USPS knew about them and so did DHL. DHL said the shipper, in our case a UPS store, should have suggested they were shipped earlier. Really? DHL guaranteed delivery in 5 days! FIVE! 11 later they are in Beijing. So the UPS store will request a refund from DHL and then reimburse us for a job NOT well done. I'm done with DHL. What a load of it.

By -

LONDON -- DHL provides the most crappiest service, charging premium price and giving bad service. I informed my contact in India not to send by DHL and to send by other international couriers, they didn't listen. From Thursday I am sitting at home to get this parcel, it has still not reached me. I have informed the company to send the parcel back 2 India so that I can make sure I get compensated for my losses. On Friday DHL left a note saying I was not at the address, when very much I was at the address. DHL had my mobile number, still no attempt was made to call me on that.

I spoke to one of their inefficient customer service person on Friday & explained to him the seriousness of the situation. He informed me it would be delivered on Monday. Now on the DHL stupid website it says it has been put on hold. They use all these techniques to fool the british people here. Irresponsible bunch of people at this company and over that in the morning when I tried to escalate the problem a dumbo british employee at one of their depot, she informed me they don't do with my postcode, but didn't offer another phone number. Her callous attitude seemed like I am doing a favor to her.

The overall bad experience I'm going through, makes me think DHL has a monopoly. I am not going to collect the parcel after 2 O clock today, as it would be of no used to me. I have requested them to send the parcel back to India as it contains important documents.

How bad can it get?
By -

On Thursday May 13 2010 documents were sent to me in Curacao, the Netherlands Antilles using DHL Express with tracking no. **. Maybe you can still admire the tracking on The package went from the Seychelles to Kenya to London in 1 day. So far so good probably. Then it goes totally wrong.

Leipzig, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Leipzig, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Miami (!the right direction!), Cincinnati, London, Brussels, London, Barbados (?).

It's in Barbados now, after 15 days. And I'm still waiting. I have been calling England (3 times), my local DHL station (5 times), they're all very friendly but it doesn't help a bit. The direction the documents keep being send to doesn't make any sense. Even if you get it totally wrong, how many times do you keep sending it back and forth between Brussels and London before you take action?

Do Not Use DHL for Business or Personal Delivery Needs
By -

I just got off the phone talking to the retarded souls at DHL, the worldwide express jokers. For three days I have being chasing one of my 2-Day overnight parcels consisting of items urgently required by one of our business customers. Instead of delivering the item the Driver has updated the tracking system with the following info; Delivery attempted; recipient refused. Or More address info needed. After getting the More Address info needed msg from the tracking system, my assistant contacted DHL and gave them the cell number to call if the driver has any issues.

And guess what? No delivery. Instead the tracking system is updated once again with more garbage and lies. So now it is clear, IF YOU ARE BUSINESS/PERSONAL CUSTOMER NEVER USE DHL. EVER. As a business I should be able to trust the tracking system. But DHL tracking system is filled with lies. They are unable to deliver an urgent item to an address that is in plain view. Don't believe these people and their promotions. They treat their customers like liars when their own drivers and employees are a bunch of lying souls.

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