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False Advertising
By -

I am so tired of this outfits false advertising. It is apparently aimed at newly diagnosed diabetics or older people who are senile and don't know about glucose testing. The ad has an attractive African American lady who talks about not having to code her meter, and she uses alternate sites, so her fingers don't hurt anymore. This is really not unique to this outfit, as they all promote alternate site testing, due to what the actors claim is their fingers hurting so badly.

CODING: I am on my second box of test strips since I last coded my meter. Since each box contains four vials of 25 strips each, that comes to almost 200 tests since I coded my meter. These people work real hard to give the impression you must code your meter for each test.

I have never seen any meter that required coding for each test, so that claim is preposterous. ALTERNATE SITES: The companies promote alternate site testing, by having the actresses, usually, crying about the pain from the finger sticks. I hurt myself worse shaving. What they never tell in the ads is that alternate site testing is not as accurate as finger sticks, and in some cases, is not to be used.

Modern lancet devices use a very small needle-like lancet and a spring-operated plunger that strikes as fast as a snake. It is very quick and hardly painful. The one ad I saw that showed a finger stick being performed was being done wrong. They were sticking the finger in the friction pad, where the fingerprints are. This is wrong, as there are numerous nerve endings, that give us our tactile sense.

A finger stick should be done on the side of the finger, where there are fewer nerve endings. With ten fingers, that gives you twenty possibilities for a place to test. I am tired to death of aged actresses whining about their fingers hurting and having to code their meters. Don't they have laws against false advertising anymore?

Harassing Diabetes Care Club
By -

FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE -- This company is horrible!!! They have called me over 8 times some days, over a 3 month period, and will not stop calling. They would only give me more information if I was over 55, they obviously want to prey on the elderly. They try to get as much info about you as possible then they want to know if you are covered by Medicare, if not they don't want to talk to you!! Sound fishy maybe because it is, read the blogs and they are into sending unasked for items and billing Medicare!!

Beware do not do business with them! I have filed a complaint with the attorney generals office in my state and I suggest you do as well, maybe we can GTE this company shut down!!!! Their direct number is 615-226-2221 and their CEO is Douglas Hudson. Maybe we should call them 8 times a day over 3 months!!!!!

Giving the wrong impression
By -

I am upset that this company is claiming to have a product that is outstanding and unique, when this product and many like it, have been around for years. I have been diabetic for 45 years and had my share of meters. Alternate sites, if they looked it up, are not as accurate as finger pricks also. I have been a medical lab technologist all of my adult life and we always use finger sticks for blood sugars if not obtaining a venous sample. My fiance was watching the TV and saw the ad for the club. He told me there is a meter out that you don't need to code or stick yourself.

Evidently, that is what the company is trying to portray so people will order it. I had to break his heart and tell him that I still have to do my finger sticks as their advertising is giving the wrong impression. Diabetics are always on the lookout for a new or more modern method of doing things to make life easier. It is stressful enough being on insulin and testing ten times a day in some cases, that false advertising can aggravate us more. Maybe they should call me on how to advertise for their glucose meters as I won't lead anyone down the wrong path.

Rip off Medicare
By -

This company has been shipping my elderly mother products she does use for months. They have charged Medicare up to $600 some months. She doesn't even know why she is receiving these items. What a rip off of the medicare program.

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