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Poor Customer Service
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CALIFORNIA -- My husband placed an order and we waited for delivery. I called the company when there was no delivery after two weeks. The woman on the phone who claimed she was the owner (hard to believe with her attitude and lack of phone manners) was unbelievably rude. We had spent quite a bit of money (over $200) and asked her to find out what happened to the instrument.

She didn't seem to believe me and asked me twice if I was sure I had not received it because it had not been returned. She seemed really unhappy to be inconvenienced and told me that she'd check into it but that if they had to reship for any reason, she would "have to" charge again for shipping. I got a little mad that she would not even check without the threat of charging me again.

She became more and more pushy and I realized that I was not getting anywhere closer to getting our instrument delivered. I finally told her to cancel the order and I'd send the package back if it arrived. She started yelling, talking over me, and saying that I was "still paying for shipping!" Based on this phone call, she has serious anger management problem.

I just hung up and disputed the charge on my credit card. I got an uppity email from her about a week later telling me that she had reversed the charge and that she did not want someone "like you for a customer anyway." There was also a really patronizing quote at the bottom about being nice to people. She needs to take her own advice.

She must have stewed over this for the whole week. It's hard to believe someone like this can maintain a business. Run! Run as fast as you can! Find a business with the BBB symbol. BTW, my instrument never did arrive so I am not sure what happened.

Company Response 3/12/2007:

The above complaint is not accurate. This is what really happened: Dr. Deborah Cihonski placed her order on August 10, 2006 for a $25 didgeridoo plus $12 for shipping. Her order number was 9557. She chose ground delivery instead of post office for her shipping option. We shipped it on August 10, 2006 using UPS ground. We e-mailed her with the UPS tracking number. She then called screaming at us that she could not get UPS deliveries. We later found out from UPS that they do not deliver to her because of problems they have had with her in the past. We credited her account for the full amount of $37 on August 11, 2006 and had the package sent back to us. Customer service is very important to us. We did everything we could to help this customer. We understand she was disappointed not to get her product and are sorry she felt the need to put up this false complaint.

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