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Terrible Return Policy, Untrained, Uncaring Staff
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Rating: 1/51

NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA -- Nope, NEVER again will I nor my husband enter a Dillard's store again-EVER! Without getting into the details, I will say the attitude of every associate we encountered regarding a single transaction- was NEGATIVE! Each associate responded “with what they could not do- not what they could do”. Except for a mature woman in customer service, named Faye, who seemed to understand the “administrative aspect” of how to correct the several problems made by staff; she still did not have available a Manager to assist her with the issue.

Not a single Dillard's employee felt “empowered” to be able to satisfy us efficiently and quickly. No Manager on duty, no staff who knew how to complete simple transactions, nor did anyone show any interest in satisfying the customer or making us feel valued; NOT even an apology for the inconvenience they caused my husband & myself. It is no wonder why retail brick & mortar stores are failing and consumers are shopping online! CUSTOMER SERVICE is DEAD!

Always a Wonderful Experience
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Rating: 5/51

LUBBOCK, TEXAS -- It's disconcerting to read about the complaints against Dillard's in these other cities/states. The one in Lubbock is consistently excellent in every department, every visit. The sales staff are knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, store always very clean and bright and well stocked. I don't see turnover. Rather, I see the same salespeople year in and year out. They must be doing something right - here in Lubbock, Texas.

Online Order
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Rating: 1/51

OHIO -- Purchased online, thought it was free shipping. Charged $8 after check out. Returned, used included shipping label. Another $6. Took 3 weeks. Awful, will NEVER shop there again! Total purchased was $139. Only received $120 back. Invoice shows $119 charged. Could dispute charges with bank but I don't feel like dealing with this company anymore.

My Experience As A Dillard's Sales Associate
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I am a former Dillard's Sales Associate. I worked for the company for 1 year back in 2001. I was hired to work in Children's Shoes for an Hourly Rate of $9.50 which was good considering I was only 19 at the time, I had no idea what I had in store for me. The training was minimal to non-existent, they basically show you how to ring a sale and throw you out on the sales floor without any information on products, I was informed during orientation of my sales goal or Sales Per Hour goal. I remember it being about 85 dollars per hour that I was required to sell.

I was told that it was easy to meet your goals and the opportunities to make more money were endless by either meeting your goals and retaining your pay or exceeding your goal past a certain percentage you were to get an increase of 10% or if you fail to meet your goals a decrease in pay of 10%. At the time it did not sound very difficult to achieve. We were to get reviewed every three months to find out how our sales had been.

I was the only Full-Time associate working in my department and there were two part timers, one was terminated for stealing and the other became ill and did not return for work for several months. Which made me the only one to do stock, arrange the displays, leave the department to get change for the register, all of which should be expected of a sales associate to do when working retail, but at Dillard's none of this work matters to them and it all boils down to just pure sales numbers which determines your longevity with the company.

They also have a very strict tardy policy in which you had to enter your SSN into a computer and you could not be one second late or a LATE LATE LATE would flash all over the screen. I remember Salespeople fighting and getting upset when a salesperson was too slow to type in his or her number into the system, since there was only one computer to clock into. Some sales associates were later due to customer service representative who had to buzz you into the store took too long sometimes over 5 minutes to open the door.

This didn't matter to management if that caused you to be late you would still get charged with it, I was very lucky never to be late. There was one day I was on my way to work and witnessed a head-on collision in the parking lot, I didn't stop in fear that Dillard's would not allow me to have an excused tardy or sometimes referred to as an exception for stopping to assist (Which would have been the right thing to do). That's how strict they were on things whatever that computer says it was what you get, even if you leave for lunch early or arrive early the EARLY EARLY EARLY flashes all over the screen for everyone around the time (clock) computer to see.

I was once yelled at like a child by the store manager because I came into work early because I did not realize that the time had changed one hour back or Fall-Back rather so I reported for work as usual and the computer reported me as early so I thought there was something wrong with the system so I went to look for my Area Sales Manager who was not in her office to inform her, another sales associate had informed me that the time had changed so then there was really only about 20 minutes left for the store to open.

So I decided to clean up and put away out new shipment of shoes once I finished I proceeded to call my clients over the phone and inform them of our upcoming sales. Well while on the phone with a customer the store manager yelled at me and told me to hang up the phone and I told him I was on the phone with a customer and he said he didn't care and asked me why I am so early to work.

I told him I didn't know the time had changed and forgot to set my watch, and screamed at me with all the other associates watching and told me to clock out and get out of the store, and that Dillard's does not pay for my mistakes (at that point I was so upset if I would have got to that time clock and punched out I was prepared to quit), but the manager apologized to me and told me that I can stay and for me to please return to my department (if you're asking yourself if I wanted to quit then why didn't I just leave, well when tempers flare you pretty much do anything stupid, but I really needed the job at the time).

I was lucky to have a great Area Sales Manager and she really enjoyed having me in her department despite all sales I had brought in for Dillard's (remember I was the only Salesperson in Children's Shoes) I did not meet my sales goal on my second review and my pay was cut to $ 8.55 per hour.

So I was determined not to get another pay cut, despite me not making my goal and cutting my pay on my second review, they raised my Sales Goal to 120 dollars per hour. I was told since the back to school season was near, I took initiative and since Dillard's did not provide its Salespeople with business cards I used my own money to have cards made and Sales Flyers to send out to the many customers I had in my client book.

I tried to build a clientele just like any good salesperson would and my Area Manager would help by letting me know in advance when we would have a sale so I can make and send out my fliers. I gave my customers the option of either being contacted by phone or by mail. Those that did not want to be in my client book anymore were removed. Then management decides to add two more Salespeople to the mix two part-timers. I was fair and did not fight for Sales at that point and advised the newbies that there was no way they would achieve their Sales goals.

I was them what their goals was set for any they showed me the slip they were given with a Sales Per Hour of $140 per hour. I told them that the department itself doesn't even make that much per hour sometimes during an eight hour shift, we would have one customer for a sale of $35.00 the average price of a shoe.

I started a rotation system so that we could all have a fair chance to make a sale. When I would do the department totals from register tape the department had only made $800 for the 11 hours. The store was open for a Department SPH of $72.00 per hour so how are we supposed to make the individual goals that the set for us?

I made a chart to show to my Area Manager and she agreed that the goals were unattainable. I asked her how are the Sales Per Hour figured and I was told it's based on the Sales for that department based on an average on the gross sales of all stores in the region. Which I think is very unfair it should be based on the store and department sales that the Associate works in not all of the area stores. not all the store would get the same amount of customers.

Well sorry for all this ranting but I feel that customers should be informed about the way Dillard's treats employees and how they value you as a customer, which they really don't, all they care about is if you come in and buy and never return things and open lots of Credit Applications. Sometimes customers run into rude salespeople because the work ethics of Dillard's and how they put so much pressure on them that they become disgruntled employees (like I did).

I am not excusing that type of behavior but it becomes to a point where it became very depressing to work there. They make it seem as if it's your fault the customers are not buying and are punished accordingly. Our pep talk by the store manager over the loud speaker was SELL, SELL, SELL!!!

Sometimes this was said as customers were walking into the store. Despite making good sales during back to school at that time I was the only Salesperson on the floor. Even my manager came to ring up sales under my associate number while I helped customers. I still did not meet my inflated goal and my manager did not want to break the news that my pay was getting cut again to a mere $ 7.70 per hour.

After a year of service with the company, they lowered my sales per hour down to 72 per hour but I refused to be a part of Dillard's money games any longer and my manager told me that there if I were to not make my goals the next round that I would be terminated. So I found a job at Macy's Women's Shoes on a commission and took myself and my "Dillard's customers Clientele" with me.

The Store manager even told me that If I ever wanted to come back to Dillard's I would be more than welcome to, and that was the funniest thing I had heard all day! LOL. Of course now I am no longer in retail but I just wanted to share this insight into Dillard's and what the Salespeople there are put through on a daily basis. In my opinion they could retain employees if they just go on an all Commission basis. I had told lots of people about my horrible experience there and I will never ever shop or work there again! It was a living nightmare.

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

PEARLAND, TEXAS -- I went to Dillard's to find a shirt for work. I found a shirt I thought would work, tried it on, it fit, so I bought it and went home. I washed it that evening and was planning on wearing it to work that week. After I washed it though, it wasn't long enough to tuck into my work pants so I couldn't wear it.

I returned to the store a couple of days later with my receipt to return the shirt and was told I couldn't return it if it had been washed or worn. I asked if I could talk to a manager about it so she called one over for me. I told the manager I hadn't worn it and she repeatedly accused me of lying because the shirt was wrinkled from washing it earlier in the week. She even tried to say the shirt was still wet from me just washing it so it must've been worn, but I pointed out the wet spot on the shirt was from the condensation on the water bottle of the other employee standing next to her.

She still accused me of lying about wearing the shirt. I took the shirt, left the store, and called the regional office, but received the same rude, snarky attitude from the woman there. She said she was sorry I made a bad decision that cost me money. I have never seen such a ridiculous return policy or such terrible customer service. I'm never shopping at Dillard's again and it's no wonder they're going downhill. That shirt was almost $100 and it was money I basically just threw away because I ended up not being able to wear the shirt for work and had no other use for it.

Disgustingly Dirty
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Rating: 1/51

ODESSA -- Today, I went to purchase a swimsuit for an upcoming vacation. A couple of weeks ago, I had shopped for bed linens, and I happened to see a mouse run under a stack of comforters so I had misgivings about going back, but Dillard's carries a line of swimsuits I like. I found a few swimsuits to try on and was shown to the largest dressing room by a competent, friendly salesperson. When I saw the room, my first instinct was to run! I was shocked by the condition of the room! The carpet was beyond dirty. There were large dark stains all over the ugly beige/gray carpet and it was very old and worn.

The walls were dirty, had been patched where hardware had been and looked as if it hadn't been painted in years. Instead of a chair to sit in, there was a large, odd wooden box built into the corner to sit and lay clothes. There were no hardware on the wall to hang clothes hangers and honestly, there were little panty liners that people had pulled off of the swimsuits and had stuck all over the dirty walls! Gross and disgusting! It seems that Dillard's could upgrade this store simply by cleaning, painting and recarpeting and oh yes, dealing with mice infestation. This is a high volume store that does a lot of business!

Falsely Accused of Theft
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Rating: 1/51

I went into a Dillard's Department Store to purchase a new outfit for a work event and during the walk from the car to the door; I had to make a mad dash through a summer downpour (the kind that pops up out of nowhere). I used my purse to cover my head and when I entered the store, I asked a sales associate for a shopping bag to place my wet purse in.

I walked around and found some items to try on, and put back the items that didn't fit. They were having a sale so I selected a few more items on impulse since they were a good price. I know how the sales at the store works, where the associates get credit for the purchases they ring up. Since the first associate was so nice to me by helping me out with my wet bag, I planned to give her all of my sales. I also have worked in retail before and understand how LP operations work, and the legalities of it.

I selected items from different areas of the women's department, and had probably 8-10 items. After encountering some pushy sales people that kept trying to take my items and "hold" at their register, I used the shopping bag to carry the selections with me, rather than have an armful of clothing that was hard to carry. I removed my purse from the bag before I did this.

On my way to the pajama department, not anywhere even near the exit, I was stopped by 3 very young associates, that said I had to come with them. I asked why, and they very blatantly accused me of shoplifting. I asked them, how could I have stolen anything, I haven't even left the store, and it's difficult to navigate shopping without something to aid in carrying purchases. "Where did you get that bag?" "From one of your associates, to hold my wet purse when I came in" I offered my wet purse to them to feel. They kept insisting for me to follow them, and I refused.

I said that I have no intention of taking their things, and explained that I wanted to credit the associate that offered me the bag since she was very helpful. I handed the girl my shopping bag and said if you want to take it to the lady that I got the bag from, I'll leave it there until I find some pajamas. They still insisted that I was shoplifting, and since I really wasn't I refused to comply to their demands.

Their threats were very loud and embarrassing to me in front of other customers, and they didn't even listen to the explanation without jumping to conclusions. When they asked the associate that gave me the bag, she said that she did, and I looked at her and said "You can thank your coworkers for losing a $300 sale for you. I appreciate your help, but I'm not going to purchase these items."

I turned and left, and one of the other associates attempted to block my way with her hands. I promptly pointed at her and said calmly, "you are not allowed to touch me, and if you prevent me from leaving, I will have a talk with your manager that I was falsely detained, and my attorney will be following up." Indignantly, the first girls sputtered, "well, don't ever come back here!" I said, "I haven't signed anything stating that I am trespassing nor banned from this location, so I'm free to come back and shop if I want to, not that I will after this episode."

I think the stores poorly train their associates and while I understand and respect their rights to prevent theft, they could use a little more judgment when it comes to who they accuse, and the methods they take when confronting a suspected shoplifter. I will be sharing this story across many internet consumer complaint boards, as I feel they are a company that could use a little change, especially in the pushy sales associates.

I understand they only make a very low wage, and their salary is based on the volume of sales, regardless of the amount of customers willing to purchase or the economic environment, hence the pushy sales and nearly ripping items out of your hands as soon as you touch it. I hope they change something, because their products are nice, but I can find comparable items elsewhere.

Dillard's Policies And Practices For Employees
By -

Imagine yourself walking around in your local Dillard's just browsing and taking in the sights of Fall and Christmas. Everything looks great! You find your item and walk down the aisle to find a clerk. There is one on the isle, looking at you... you see two more... making long strides to reach you from the back of the department. OK... You're greeted and asked if you needed help. Yes, you reply so you can check out. The other employees look frazzled, even tired. Little did you know, the current under the surface.

Hi. For obvious reasons I will keep myself anonymous. This is a complaint letter and a warning to all consumers/potential hires who enter Dillard's Department stores. Dillard's about 10-25 years ago, was the cream of the crop in a host of department stores in the US. Today it's a shell of its former glory.

I am a researcher by nature and training with skills used from other agencies to enhance whatever aims I seek to work on. I currently work at Dillard's because I wanted to train up into management and become what they call an AMIT (Assistant Manager in Training). So, if you're a customer coming in this is for you. Here is some insight into what we have to deal within 2008.

In 2008, Dillard's outlook and business practices put us in great economic peril. After talking with many employees of various lengths of employment at Dillard's only one thing can be said of its owners and financiers. "GET OUT!" Why? They would say... and they would be right. They hold all the cards and your pocketbook in their hands. The owners at this point are the Dillard children. Mind you, Senior passed one some years ago, and he will be missed.

Years ago Dillard's stock was not almost worthless to employees it had some pride in it. Now, our stock portfolios are nothing but dust in the wind. It would have been more fitting and profitable to have buried your money in a jar than to invest in this company. Don't believe me? Look up DDS the ticker symbol for Dillard's. I'm lucky. I can move on, but those who invested whole carriers in this store are decimated. Thus you see ghostly forms moving among the Dillard's isles.

Next comes Credit. Oh No! Not that, you say! Yes credit. We have to ask for it; Dillard's rewards etc. whatever. Here is the deal. We get penalized if we don't get any credit. I don't care if you're approved or not it's the applying process that counts. We still get a check mark for your trying.

Beware of upgrades, it's like any card company they send you another one. Then you might have two accounts. Bad! GE owns your card not Dillard's. They squeeze Dillard's for more cash, then Dillard's squeezes us. You might as well go to the blood bank. Now. There are good things about the card once you have it, especially if you have an elite. They are offering more incentives with this economy so watch for sales. Like most department stores, you can find great deals right now. (Plug) I still hate the card thought, and so do all employees.

If you're looking to hire into Dillard's, Don't. There is not an HR department, period. Open door policy will get you canned. You're totally at the mercy of the OPS Manager and the Store Manager. If you're lucky you work for a great ASM that watches out for you. You are very, very lucky if you have a great OPS manager, one that can slow down the revolving door of Dillard's.

This company goes through a lot of people. Some are immature, some are thieves, but by and large most come to work. Then they learn the truth about how the long term policies of this company will affect them. Right now I get to work all of December with no weekend off. Merry Christmas. Right! Thanksgiving - that was a blip on the radar. See you on Black Friday.

That pile of white dust on the ground is my soul. All else has been drained. Thus more ghost on the isles. Where is management you say? What can they do to help? Well a lot is in their hands. Most managers do manage business but do not however manage employees very well. Those who have great HR skills or training are what I call cream of the crop. They see what's happening to the company and to the moral of the employees. If you are an ops manager or asm get some HR training. Please. It really does work.

FYI. Corporate does not have one. Why? Well we have had some management problems - some which bend the rules quite a bit. So, people called. No HR please leave a name and number with your complaint. Uh?! What? What happens there is called trickle down. Same thing for those who know it has ** rolls downhill. Usually it ends up in your lap again, and now you have eye boring into your head. Seen it, heard it in the store. We have no recourse, where are the checks and balances of this company. The court system apparently just look up Dillard's DDS for any news and it brings up the lawsuits. What a waste.

Last, Dillard's return policy is 30 days except for registered brides. If you wore it, slept in it, smoked around it, it will not be returned. Washing does change the fabric, so I'm warning you here again, i.e. The notes on the back of the receipt and on the stands state the 30 day policy about returns. Please, I may be tired of Dillard's but I'm not stupid.

FYI returns are allowed before thirty days, please don't forget to keep your receipts and the pop (yellow labels) and bags. Make it easy on yourself and for me. OK. Little know thing about returns. Returns for employee sucks. Even if it's not from our store. Returns mean forced inventory. We have to sell that much more for the day to counter that returns effects.

If I have to sell $1000 today to meet budget for my area and you return $200 dollars' worth of stuff, then I have to sell $1200. Yes it does count against the department. If you return an item, it also counts against the person that sold it to you. That's why I ask a lot of questions about colors, matching etc. to lessen that chance of a return, so how can you help us? Bring in a sample of what you're trying to match within a room or with a dress. The less guessing the better. Don't tell me its avocado green, when that may have 10 different shades of color.

So, what does returns do besides make us sink into the ground? Well that affects our SPH. What is that? All Dillard's sales people have SPH (Sales per hour). They must sell between $85 to $200 an hour. A lot depends on your area of assignment. With the current state of the economy lots of us are not making it. When you don't make it your pay is cut. Yes cut, and if its cut enough you lose your job. Speaking of losing the job did you take a look at the Dillard's stock yet? Give me a note and I'll sing ya a dirge. Anyone for a slightly used beat-up old company (remodeling encouraged)?

Concerning Orders in Stores — Buyer Beware
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Rating: 1/51

LONE TREE, COLORADO -- I ordered shoes in the store because they didn't have the size I needed in stock. The girl who helped me told me it doesn't show shipping but when it rang up it charged me $8.50 in shipping. I was kind of stuck because I had already purchased 2 other matching pairs for my other granddaughters. These are shoes for them to be a flower girl.

I was thinking that I could return the ordered shoes if they don't fit. I found out that I can, but they will not refund me my shipping. This will be the last time that I order anything from Dillard's. They were the ones who didn't have the size in stock. I shouldn't have had to pay shipping in the first place. They should refund the entire amount if the shoes don't fit.

Online Shopping Made Easy
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Rating: 5/51

ARIZONA -- Because I'm old and handicapped, my shopping has all been online for a few years and I must say Dillard's gets the gold for making that process VERY simple and pleasurable. Most recently I was shopping for a dress to wear to our son's formal wedding. The dresses were perfectly packed so they didn't arrive all wrinkled and the return process for the ones that didn't work out was free and sooo easy!

At the same time, I ordered some cosmetics and they came in the package with a dress but separately placed in a sealed plastic container in case they leaked fluid, which they didn't. I appreciated the care that was taken. Mostly I appreciated that the delivery was quick and the return process so easy even the obsolete shipping markings on the package were simple to remove. I choose Dillard's online shopping from now on. I have never been in one of their stores.

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