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DirecTV Review

Kate, Editor | Updated November 8, 2018
My3cents Rating: 3.75/5.0

DirecTV is a satellite television service that lets you get television delivered to your home over the air. You can choose from a wide variety of DirecTV packages to get exactly the channels and services that you need. You can also sign up for the company’s streaming service, DirecTV now, which lets you watch your favorite channels from anywhere that has an internet connection.

DirecTV reviews from sources like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau are generally positive, citing the company’s good customer service and fair prices.

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DirecTV Plans, Bundles, and Costs

What everyone cares about with their TV service is whether they’ll have the channels they want and how much they’ll pay. DirecTV’s cost varies with the bundle that you sign up for.

What are the packages offered by DirecTV?

DirecTV’s bundle options include six satellite bundles and five streaming bundles for a total of eleven packages that you can choose from.

Select Entertainment Choice Xtra Ultimate Premier
Cost per month (first year) $35 $40 $45 $55 $60 $110
Channels 155+ 160+ 185+ 235+ 250+ 330+
Premium channels None Sports (ESPN, ESPN2, FS1) Travel Channel, Game Show Network, Weather Channel Universal Kids, American Heroes Network, Oxygen Encore, Boomerang, The Movie Channel HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax

What DirecTV Package Should I Get?

The package that you should choose depends on what you’re looking for from your TV service.

Start by deciding whether you want to get satellite service to watch on your TV or a streaming service that you can watch on the go. Then, take the time to go through the DirecTV channel listings for each package to find the best cost-to-value ratio for you.

You might find that you only want to watch local channels, so a basic package is sufficient. If you want a premium channel like HBO or the NFL network, you’ll need a more expensive bundle.

Does DirecTV Have 4K Channels?

Yes, DirecTV offers 4K channels. In fact, it offers a special channel that only shows 4K content.

What is Included in DirecTV Bundles?

Different bundles offer different channels and services. For example, DirecTV Select does not offer premium sports channels. Only DirecTV Premier offers channels like HBO and ShowTime.

The DirecTV internet service, DirecTV Now, includes access to the DirecTV DVR cloud service. Every package also includes access to the DirecTV App.

You can view the DirecTV guide to see what channels are included in each package.

How Much Does DirecTV Cost?

DirecTV’s costs range from $35 per month to $110 per month in the first year. After the first year ends, your monthly bill will increase by as much as $60, so be prepared for a more expensive second year with the service.

Our Review: The Deep Dive

DirecTV provides great service for people who like to watch live TV. If you enjoy channel surfing or like having access to premium channels, it’s hard to go wrong with DirecTV’s services. People who are more interested in just basic channels might want to settle for a basic cable package or over the air antenna.

DirecTV reviews from industry partners are generally good. The Better Business Bureau gives DirecTV an A- rating, which is good for a TV provider.

Customer reviews from sources like Yelp are less complimentary. Customers complain about poor DirecTV customer service. Many customers who are going through the DirecTV cancellation process are annoyed by the steps required. One of the most common DirecTV complaints surrounds the increased rates for service in the second year.

How Does DirecTV’s Television Service Rate?

All in all, DirecTV can be a good deal for people who like TV a lot, or who want the freedom offered by DirecTV’s streaming service.


Choose your channel package and stream live TV anywhere that you have access to the internet.


Service can get expensive after the first-year discount ends.

Bottom Line:

DirecTV is a good choice if you really like TV and need access to a variety of channels. Otherwise, you’re probably better off with a different TV service.

Consumer Reviews

Posted on 09/29/2018

DUNCAN, OKLAHOMA -- DirecTV is the worst at caring for their customers! Left hand never knows what the right hand is doing. I called in cause my playlist hasn't worked since May 2018 & they say it won't be fixed till Dec 30th at the earliest. 1st lady I spoke with, literally yelled at me & hung up. 2nd guy was nice, but no help. Waited a month later, called back, like usual I get different stories every time I talk to someone. I barely has my playlist, which is the whole reason to have DVR. Asked them to compensate my bill or send a different DVR, they said they can't do anything to help, I'd just have to have wait. I am leaving them & moving on. If they don't care about us customers, then they do not deserve our money!

Posted on 01/27/2017

The DVR receiver stopped working, at time over several months. Each time customer service called they make excuses, had to threaten to drop service before I finally got new receiver. Now several months later this receiver is acting up and again DirecTV customer service is no help. I will be cancelling once I can get a human to answer the phone. I'd rather go without service than have a terrible service.

Posted on 06/14/2016

FOUCHON, LOUISIANA -- I purchased 3 receivers from 3rd party installers as DirecTV installers did not have federal security clearance to get on site. 6 months later the Company I worked for opened a company account with DirecTV and sent 3 receivers to replace the 3 I purchased. I called DirecTV that I needed to deactivate my receivers and turn on the company receivers. DirecTV said that I was under Contract for 2 years and I informed them that I was not - that I had purchased my receivers.

They said that they did not sell receivers and I informed them that I had a receipt. The turned it over to 3 different collection agencies and when I emailed a copy of the receipt the agencies dropped the case. They change the complaint to failure to pay for service and hired a 4th agency, for the same amount as the receivers. Don't do business with DirecTV, you will regret it!!!

Posted on 01/12/2016

TAHOE VISTA, CALIFORNIA -- One of my two DVRs failed (crashed hard drive). DirecTV agreed to fix it or replace it at no cost. After replacement they increased my monthly bill for a "Home" service that I did not request. The Home feature enables me to access recordings made by a DVR on the TV of the other DVR. It is just a nuisance for me because I record the same programs on both DVRs and now they appear as duplicates in the lists of recordings.

I contacted DirecTV that I had for over 15 years. After being at the phone for 1 hour and 20 minutes, I gave up. They kept on putting me on long holds while they were "reaching for a supervisor", an old trick to wear you out. DirecTV used to provide honest service and good customer support. Not anymore.

Posted on 12/28/2015

BRACEY, NORTH CAROLINA -- After 6 years are trying to bill me for 3 mini boxes that were returned 15 months ago.

Posted on 07/09/2015

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- More than a year ago, I added a Genie DVR and at that time, was sold by the installers, a "Cinema Connection Kit" so that the original DVR would connect to my network. Turns out this is not needed when you have a Genie DVR. Interesting, looks like someone made some extra money. Regardless, I never used the on-demand or any other internet feature. Recently when trying to use some of these features, I found several problems; "Cinema Connect kit" was not working, neither DVR would stay connected to my network and could not watch DirecTV on my Mac Book.

DirecTV scheduled a service call but no one showed up. When I questioned this, a customer service agent and a supervisor, implied that I was telling the truth (lied). Wrote to upper management and did hear from someone (after working with several different agents) but that did not go well. They did offer a service call (and would waive the fee) but would not answer why I was charged for equipment that was not needed or why I was questioned about the previously scheduled service call.

In my letter I asked to be let out of the contract and when I asked this of the person from the corporate office about this she said that I would have to pay the remainder of the contract. DirecTV has problems with their features not working (according to corporate, these are free benefits) but I would have to pay to cancel service or pay for a service call to fix their problems. Sound like a company you would want to do business with? I have kept paper copies of all correspondence and phone records to validate my complaint.

Posted on 04/02/2015

CIBOLO, TEXAS -- I am a new customer of a DirecTV and have had multiple problems with the service but have been strung along until my 30 days was up and am now locked into a contract. Now they tell me that on demand is hit and miss and that it has been an ongoing problem since before I signed up but failed to tell me when I was signing up. I will be switching tomorrow and they can see how hit and miss their demand is!

Posted on 11/18/2014

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- When I signed up for DirecTV I was misled about the services I would receive. I was promised internet at a specific price with the package and then DirecTV could not deliver so I had to go with a different carrier for internet at $30 more than DirecTV had offered. After initial installation we discovered that it was not done correctly and when I called to have it fixed, DirecTV tried to charge ME to fix their mistake. We were mistakenly charged numerous times for on-demand movies we did not order.

When I cancelled service, I specifically asked if my automatic payment would be cancelled and was told yes. The customer service agent neglected to inform me that it would take up to 6 weeks to stop the automatic payment. So I was billed for service I was no longer receiving. When I called to complain about this I was told DirecTV would return the money to me in 30 days. 30 days! It is unacceptable business practice to charge customers for your mistakes. If you are considering DirecTV, run very fast the other direction and choose a different carrier.

Posted on 06/03/2014

DESTIN, FLORIDA -- I've had DirecTV for over a year. My bill is setup on automatic payments and I've never been late. They are constantly adding on movie channels and NFL packages that we do not watch and then charge us for them after the trial period is up. We are moving in a few weeks and they want to charge me $200 including all the add on charges to move my DirecTV equipment ACROSS THE STREET! They actually told me they were discounting the service and it was "worth" $500.

I don't know what the average technician looks like, but the one that installed my equipment spent ten minutes installing and twenty minutes chain smoking beside his truck. He wasn't wasting my time, but to say his time was worth $500 is insulting. I have no problem paying a transfer fee, I'm paying one with every service I have, but $200 is a little ridiculous since the second most expensive for me is $50. The customer service representative was very rude when I questioned why it was so expensive, she was argumentative... I actually had to tell her that I was not going to argue with her about it.

Bottom line -- if you have any intention of moving, I would research other options. I definitely wish I would have. The good news is it is only $260 to cancel, so I will be calling them again before our move and switching to another company. I will not be moving again for three years, but I would rather pay more with someone else than continue giving my money to a company that will screw you every chance they get.

Posted on 02/15/2014

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I called to cancel my service with DirecTV after 18 days. I was never informed about a 24 hrs to cancel service with penalties of $480.00 or be locked into a 2 yr contract. When I called about the installation the customer service agent told me I had 30 days to cancel and no penalty and ship the equipment back.

The agent told me they will put the charge on my credit report history and then take the money from my credit card without my authorization. They gave me misinformation with my billing and the services with AT&T they bundle the internet service was horrible, always working offline. They also had my order incomplete for home phone service.

I would like for them to waive the $480.00. And I will be willing to pay for the 18 days of usage. I feel they used unlawful and deceitful practices to get new customers to sign up for their product. I will also notify the Better Business Bureau for further actions. Overall my experience with DirecTV was horrible and I would not recommend their service to any other consumers!

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