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DirecTV Review

, Editor | Updated November 8, 2018
My3cents Rating: 3.75/5.0

DirecTV is a satellite television service that lets you get television delivered to your home over the air. You can choose from a wide variety of DirecTV packages to get exactly the channels and services that you need. You can also sign up for the company’s streaming service, DirecTV now, which lets you watch your favorite channels from anywhere that has an internet connection.

DirecTV reviews from sources like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau are generally positive, citing the company’s good customer service and fair prices.

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DirecTV Plans, Bundles, and Costs

What everyone cares about with their TV service is whether they’ll have the channels they want and how much they’ll pay. DirecTV’s cost varies with the bundle that you sign up for.

What are the packages offered by DirecTV?

DirecTV’s bundle options include six satellite bundles and five streaming bundles for a total of eleven packages that you can choose from.

Select Entertainment Choice Xtra Ultimate Premier
Cost per month (first year) $35 $40 $45 $55 $60 $110
Channels 155+ 160+ 185+ 235+ 250+ 330+
Premium channels None Sports (ESPN, ESPN2, FS1) Travel Channel, Game Show Network, Weather Channel Universal Kids, American Heroes Network, Oxygen Encore, Boomerang, The Movie Channel HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax

What DirecTV Package Should I Get?

The package that you should choose depends on what you’re looking for from your TV service.

Start by deciding whether you want to get satellite service to watch on your TV or a streaming service that you can watch on the go. Then, take the time to go through the DirecTV channel listings for each package to find the best cost-to-value ratio for you.

You might find that you only want to watch local channels, so a basic package is sufficient. If you want a premium channel like HBO or the NFL network, you’ll need a more expensive bundle.

Does DirecTV Have 4K Channels?

Yes, DirecTV offers 4K channels. In fact, it offers a special channel that only shows 4K content.

What is Included in DirecTV Bundles?

Different bundles offer different channels and services. For example, DirecTV Select does not offer premium sports channels. Only DirecTV Premier offers channels like HBO and ShowTime.

The DirecTV internet service, DirecTV Now, includes access to the DirecTV DVR cloud service. Every package also includes access to the DirecTV App.

You can view the DirecTV guide to see what channels are included in each package.

How Much Does DirecTV Cost?

DirecTV’s costs range from $35 per month to $110 per month in the first year. After the first year ends, your monthly bill will increase by as much as $60, so be prepared for a more expensive second year with the service.

Our Review: The Deep Dive

DirecTV provides great service for people who like to watch live TV. If you enjoy channel surfing or like having access to premium channels, it’s hard to go wrong with DirecTV’s services. People who are more interested in just basic channels might want to settle for a basic cable package or over the air antenna.

DirecTV reviews from industry partners are generally good. The Better Business Bureau gives DirecTV an A- rating, which is good for a TV provider.

Customer reviews from sources like Yelp are less complimentary. Customers complain about poor DirecTV customer service. Many customers who are going through the DirecTV cancellation process are annoyed by the steps required. One of the most common DirecTV complaints surrounds the increased rates for service in the second year.

How Does DirecTV’s Television Service Rate?

All in all, DirecTV can be a good deal for people who like TV a lot, or who want the freedom offered by DirecTV’s streaming service.


Choose your channel package and stream live TV anywhere that you have access to the internet.


Service can get expensive after the first-year discount ends.

Bottom Line:

DirecTV is a good choice if you really like TV and need access to a variety of channels. Otherwise, you’re probably better off with a different TV service.

Consumer Reviews

Posted on 09/23/2018

NEW HAVEN, MICHIGAN -- I regretted signing up for DirecTV satellite services from the very first bill I received. I was quoted a price for my services and when my first bill arrived it was $100 over what I was quoted. After talking to many people getting the run around about how it takes a few billing cycles to even out I was finally told that that would be my bill every month and there was nothing they could do. Even though they could have easily listened to my first conversation with the quote since they record all their calls. So there I was paying not only a little more than quoted but $100 more.

I decided after just over a year of the services to cancel the satellite and switch to the streaming plan. I called to cancel my services and was told that due to me staying within the company the early cancellation fee will be reduced. That was the first lie among many many lies I have been told the last few months. The early cancellation fee ended up being $40 more than I was told. I called and was repeatedly told there was nothing they could do. That seems to be their catch phrase and they say it constantly because they refuse to rectify their employees' mistakes.

I also was billed that month for the entire previous month of services that I had cancelled. I was billed for an entire month of services I not only didn't receive but had already returned the equipment weeks prior. Apparently when I called the person I spoke to did not do their job and cancel my services so when I returned the boxes they came back to them still active which is when they finally put through the cancel on my account. When I cancelled apparently the women I spoke to did not cancel my services or even put any notes in the computer. So after talking to numerous people I was told I would be awarded a credit for that month since I did in fact cancel.

After a week of waiting for the credit to appear on my bill I contacted them again to ask why the credit was not showing up so that I could pay the rest of my bill. I was told it takes at least a week and given an amount to pay subtracting that credit amount. Today I received my next bill with that credit amount listed as past due.

I called again to ask why the credit was still not rewarded on my bill and the representative told me they were unable to help me due to my account being inactive and that if I took the bill into a store they could manually put in the credit. That was untrue. The people at the store have even less access to my account and were also unable to help me and gave me a number to call DirecTV directly. I called them and was told that because there are no notes in the computer there is nothing they can do. I gave them the reference number on my UPS receipt for them to look up the information on when the boxes arrived and they couldn't even find that information and told me once again for the hundredth time there is nothing they can do for me.

After me telling them that I am not going to pay for a month of services I did not receive the manager finally agreed to have me email her my receipt and said she can credit me from that date but not the dates prior to that since their incompetent employee did not put any notes in my account.

I told her that she could credit me what she can but I am absolutely not going to pay for three weeks of services that I did not receive and the response I got was that she would then have to charge me for late box returns since I returned them a few days late because no one gave me direction on how to return them and I thought I was waiting for boxes to get to me to return them in. I was so upset that she had the nerve to threaten me with more charges after everything this company has put me through.

There is much more that has happened that last few months and even the last year that has made me regret my choice to switch but I feel I have rambled on enough. The moral of the story is if you are considering switching to DirecTV do not do it. I promise you will regret it. I now have the DirecTV Now streaming and have had no issues thus far so if you go with this company stick with that. But I highly advise against it unless you really enjoy hearing the phrase "there is nothing I can do for you" said repeatedly without them even listening to what you have to say. Don't make the same mistake I made and ignore all the bad reviews they get because I found out the hard way that they are all much more accurate then I anticipated.

Posted on 09/01/2018

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- After the second week of trying to get DirecTV service started, I am done. I have experienced the worst customer service in my life. I have wasted hours on the phone and in chat being transferred countless times and repeating myself over and over. I have listened to frustrating boilerplate responses to keywords, false promises made, I have been blatantly lied to, endured their pass-the-buck method of resolving an installation issue. Sorry DirecTV, you have lost a customer for life, no TV service is worth this kind of frustration. Bottom line is, you are screwed if you want the dish installed anywhere but where the installer wants to install it.

Posted on 07/21/2018

MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- Where to start. They promise you heaven and earth and you get HELL! Customer service transferred us over 3 different departments to "solve our problem" NOBODY HAD ANSWERS! We asked for a supervisor and kept us waiting for ALMOST 3 HOURS!!! We were told that somebody will contact us back shortly... We still waiting. (BTW that happened 2 months ago). No matter how aggravated you may be or how angry they make you... YOU WILL HAVE TO END THE 2 YEARS CONTRACT! YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT. But they can get away with their lies and **! I WISH THAT I COULD RATE THEM BELOW 0.

Posted on 07/18/2018

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- Whenever it starts to rain outside or there are big clouds coming by the TVs start to not work until the storm or clouds pass by and that might be a few hours and there's nothing you can do about it which sucks.

Posted on 06/07/2018

WACO, TEXAS -- Problems: 1) Since day one of our DTV experience, we have not had access to On Demand since day one of our subscription. We get the chance to record and view several days after the replay, however that is not how onDemand is advertised. 2) As of 6/6/2018 we have been getting "error 771" for 2 months, intermittently. Which translates to only local access reception- excluding all of the premium channels.

Response: 1) We have reported the onDemand issue many times and each time we are told, our 'internet does not support the service'. We signed up for DTV and the recommended internet package the same day from AT&T. We were told by AT&T that there would be "no problems" in the access- from our phones and TVs (we have a few). AT&T told us the exact opposite from what phone calls to DTV yielded. When AT&T was confronted we were told that "internet has nothing to do with onDemand". Again- both sides have an excuse and customers are the ones who still expected to pay with no solution, only excuses from both sides.

2) The #771 error message has been growing worse as time goes on. We have called and been visited by DTV tech's 3 times so far. We have asked for a new dish and been told "next time, let's see if this works"; meanwhile we do not have TV other than local reception. (Netflix is looking better and more reliable every day.)

3) Today I called to cancel. I was asked to give them another chance. If the new dish does not work, then they are supposed to release us from the contract. Side Note: I was told by AT&T that they had "never heard" of #771 and no OnDemand. We have been told by DTV that it must be "something else". Then the DTV tech today told me that after they had received a number of complaints about the #771, DTV engineers have "opened a ticket" on the issue and once this happens, the item usually gets resolved.

The takeaway/lesson from this is that both AT&T and DTV are under the impression that they are always right and do not really listen to their customers, that is until enough of them have an effect on the bottom line. AT&T still has the old 'utilities' perspective of, “Where else can you go? We do not need you”, when it comes down to it. DTV has adopted the same attitude. Customer service in the modern age is lost on them, why? Because they can get away with it. That is American business, get over wherever you can, forget listening and doing what is right for the ones paying your salaries. Am I right?

Posted on 05/10/2018

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Signed up for DirecTV again (my mistake) and have had nothing but problems since the beginning. Since I had my credit frozen, I had to pay a $199 fee that was to be reimbursed $ 5 a month. Good thing I kept the dialogue because they tried to deny I and it took 6 month for them to start the refund process. Secondly, I called because the channels keep disappearing when the wind blows.

As an engineer I suspect dish alignment was never correct. DirecTV NO SERVICE said $100 to look at it with a technician. I think they should have installed it correctly from the beginning, but apparently they did not. Everyone says no service in a rain well I can add that I have little or no service on a windy day as well. Next time I will try DISH Network because I can assure you they can't be any worse than DirecTV

Posted on 04/06/2018

GEORGIA -- I have had AT&T U-verse sine 2014 and I considered them to be great until this last move. I called and set up a movers date that was NEVER put into the system!! I've waited since March 26 to have my service installed and here it is today I just got it actually installed. Here's the kicker. I'm still receiving local channels from my previous location 😠. I even have confirmation emails that my install date is set tech is on the way and no one shows. They call me the next day saying I canceled my appointment when I did no such thing. They sent a tech to my old service location.

I also even received an email saying that I need to return my equipment and they are sad to see me go. SMH. Wait times are unbelievable 2 hours. I was on the phone being transferred and transferred so they could find the issue. Once they did they still entered my address wrong AGAIN. The tech called and asked was it an apartment when it is a house. SOOO UNHAPPY WITH THE WHOLE MERGE! The internet was installed yesterday and TV today. If you guys merged why not do it on the same day. Thinking about going to COX.

Posted on 03/08/2018

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK -- When the guy came to install my antenna he was late and in a big hurry. He put it up very quickly on the lower roof where snow drifts. My neighbors all have theirs much higher (but, of course that would take more time). When it snows, (New York, what a surprise!) I have no TV until the snow in the drift in front of the antenna melts, usually several days.

I called customer service and got no satisfaction. “Are you telling me I should climb out on the roof and shovel the snow away? I am 80 years old”, I asked. “We don't recommend that”. And that's the end of their interest and help. I even asked if I not be charged for the days of no reception. Sure, but of course, DirecTV did charge. Naturally I have requested that someone come and move the antenna to a better location like my neighbors. That was last year. Still waiting. If you're looking for service, better try somewhere else.

Posted on 01/31/2018

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I was a DirecTV customer from 2004-2018. I loved the service and customer service until AT&T merged with them. After that, my invoices steadily increased year after year and hold times for customer service went from a couple minutes to at time over 30 minutes.

In Jan of 2018, they increased my invoice by $90 per month and when I called to ask for a reduction, they offered me a $20 credit. I decided to cancel the service and was slapped with a $240 cancellation fee (after nearly 14 years as a client) and required to drive to a UPS store to return the receivers. Once they were returned, I received another charge for $45 on a receiver that I was told to throw away. They refused to honor the original instructions and fortunately I was able to find it and now have to make another trip to hopefully be finished with them.

As a slap in the face, every time I have called to try to fix this, I have been offered great deals and free months to come back. Had they done this when I was still a customer, I would still be with them. The bottom line is they will lure you in with a sweet deal then jack up your rates and punish you financially and with hours of your time when you cancel.

Posted on 12/27/2017

LEXINGTON, TENNESSEE -- Agreement to taking cable from these folks after being promised a discount with ATT. Went over the math 3 times and even asked to have his supervisor get on the line to confirm the offer. Was promised a $15 break on each line for "bundling" with them.

Called after receiving first bill and was encouraged to wait for the discount to appear on my next bill (this ran me out of time with canceling the cable). No discount and the cable company says I gotta pay $400 now to cancel. This was a bold faced lie. Once you agree, you're then in a endless circle between the 2 companies who claim to be together and all one big happy family. Well, I'm out. Penalties or not. Typical. Just expected more from ATT.

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