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, Editor | Updated November 8, 2018

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Posted on 08/29/2018

W, PENNSYLVANIA -- What happened to this company? We have been a loyal customer of DirecTV for MANY years and have ALWAYS bragged to our friends how great they were to deal with. Always friendly, positive and American and English speaking. They were always punctual and arrived on time when scheduled. I never had anything bad to talk about.

Well, that has all changed and gone completely in the reverse. It seems to have happened when they were bought out by AT&T. They are terrible now. Too many items to talk about but let's start with the fact that now you cannot get an American or English speaking person on the phone. They are all outsourced now. I AM NOT prejudice but would like to speak with someone I can understand and who understands me. I don't feel that is too much to ask, is it? They are horrible to deal with period.

Posted on 08/17/2018

KENTUCKY -- I purchased a internet and TV bundle. I never received internet. I was told TV was $44 a month and internet for $60 a month. They billed me $57 for TV and after calling them 6 times they say that AT&T doesn't provide internet at my location and they were selling through a third party internet company and had made a mistake on the price. Now they say I owe them for early cancelation fees when they never provided the services and prices they offered to me.

Posted on 08/15/2018

They refused to listen to what I was telling them. Made me go thru unnecessary steps to try and solve the problem because they can't think outside their scripts. Over 3 hours and I still can't log in. Now they are saying the “System” is down. When I inquire about which system, they say the computers are all down. I asked how they were taking notes - he said on the computer. I asked for a supervisor. I'm told her name is “Kim” and the Her “boss” named “jam”. SERIOUSLY??? Cancelling my account now.

Posted on 08/05/2018

MAGNOLIA, DELAWARE -- From the beginning I was told what I would get (DirecTV and AT&T) and the price I would be paying. When they came to install my system I was then told that I would not be getting AT&T. I was told after the fact that AT&T didn't service this area. I found out then my internet would be a third party (HughesNet). When I called to find out what was going on they seem to know AT&T wasn't available in this area. So from then I felt lied to. After that I waited for a week and still no internet. Called them again and found that a work order hadn't been put in.

Two days later the tech for HughesNet came, installed the system. Finally internet. But wait more changes. My bill now was higher. (Another lie?) And yes it was. After everything was installed I tried to get movies on demand and you guessed it, not working. Called again. Was told it was a system problem in the area and I would receive a email when it was resolved. Yet another lie. Haven't received a email yet and yes I called to find out and was told the same thing again.

It's been a few months. Lo and behold my bill rises again. They added 2 charges to my account I didn't ask for. Called again was told it would be taken off. Well one was but not the other. Called again. Was told again it would be taken off, but when I was given the total for my bill it still wasn't right. I told them I did the math and it didn't add up. Now my bill was the amount I paid the previous month. But if I hadn't said anything it would have been what they said. This company is sneaky and should be investigated by the (BBB).

Oh also I've been receiving emails for the tech department about needing help, if so send a message to them. Nothing else worked so I tried it. Guess what? Still no reply. If I could throw this whole system back in their faces I would but they get you on a contract you can't get out of without paying. The price you pay is so steep that you have to keep them until you can buy yourself out. That is the biggest rip off yet. They advertise cut the cable but don't tell you when you do they will cut your throat. Consumers beware. This is one of the worst TV providers out there. I don't feel as though they deserve 1 star. So I rate them -0 stars.

Posted on 07/29/2018

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLORADO -- Poor installation, installed satellite on deck railing and caused $500 worth of damage, first installation agent told us he could not install in a room which already had a previous cable running, installed the dish on top of the patio against HOA regulations, hence a second agent and another day off of work for myself. Returning to move the dish to a proper place, he stated himself the first installation man was lazy, he also did not know how to connect the room which already had a cord, hence a 3rd installation agent who was accompanied by a "DirecTV" representative, yet another day of work, the installation in the previous wired room was a breeze for this man.

However the representative from DIRECTV "Gerardo" who I foolishly let into my home made many false promises including a lessened bill, which was actually a much greater bill. I'm just grateful I didn't let him smooth talk me into changing my cell phone service as I would never ever go with AT&T now. Currently I've been hold for 36 minutes. The original price was $104, yet our bill came to $208, I will never use ATT, DirecTV or CenturyLink again, Xfinity is the only way to go.

Posted on 07/27/2018

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- We have been with DirecTV since 2012. The equipment started having glitches and they send someone out who speaks no English! They switch out the equipment and in broken English he tells me to sign for the new equipment. We are still having the same problems and I call in to complain. They say I am on a new contract because I sign some iPhone which I was lied to about what I was signing!

DirecTV is a scam to take your money! Now they want to a cancellation fee for equipment that doesn't work and for a contract that I was lied to and conned into signing! This absolute **!!! DirecTV should be wiped off the face of the earth. If you enjoy getting ** up the **, then DirecTV is for you! If like have your show disappear and not recorded after you program it to record. Then this ** company is for you! I would give them a negative rating if the website would allow me! I hope DirecTV gets its ** kicked by AT&T or Dish TV. I will never tell anyone anything good about this crappy company! Eat ** and die DirecTV!!!

Posted on 07/24/2018

LIMON, COLORADO -- Problems from the start! Stuck in two year contract. Two months ago, another satellite came by knocking. I took the deal. I cancelled my DirecTV. I was told there would be a $120.00 early termination fee. Whatever, bill me. I was told there was a $45.00 credit as well. I paid my bill in June $171 and some change. When I received the last bill it was for $35.43. I thought, "Bonus!" Then I get 2 additional emails "friendly reminder" to pay balance of $76.85. I call and no one can tell me where my $35.43 payment went, and I can dispute it with my bank.

My bank did not take the money, DIRECTV did! Then I start getting collection calls. I call today and the girl in collections tells me that even if DirecTV could find the $35.43 I would be in collections for the remainder. I was pissed! I HAVE NEVER PAID LATE! In two years, you would think that as a customer you would like to have back, you would take better care. They have no problem asking me if I want to re-connect my service. Bahahaha. And because DirecTV still runs this way even after AT&T bought it, I will be leaving AT&T as well!

Posted on 07/16/2018

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I have been a DirecTV customer for the past 20 years. Before they were taken over by AT&T. DirecTV has the best customer service, quick to respond to issues, knowledgeable representatives and solid web support. After AT&T took over that has all changed. They has outsource customer service to overseas with individuals that speak English as a second language. Very slow response times. Representative are unable to help with issue and will eventually forward your call on. This process can last 25 to 45 minutes. I don't know if DISH is any better but I am getting ready to switch service.

Posted on 07/14/2018

HOWELL, NEW JERSEY -- Without going into all the details. We had wasted hours on the phone and got nowhere. They refused to remove the satellite dish from our roof and said it is now considered a permanent structure and not their responsibility. So, in order to move, our buyer wanted it removed, so we had to hire someone. They also needed to repair the roof as there was damage. The company is not upfront about this. I would never recommend DirecTV to anyone and will tell people to stay away from this company.

Posted on 07/11/2018

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- Had been with DirecTV for a while. The service was ok then they said I had been with the company for years and never had an upgrade so I did the free upgrade and that where my trouble begin. The DVR they put in was old and had been in repair because it had it on the back. The tech put it in and left after a week or so the thing started going out no shows (husband was disable at the time). I called. They sent tech out about 2 days later. He suppose to have fixed the problem. He stayed about 25 to 30 minutes and got it to show. Next day same thing happen. Called again all this time still paying my bill.

Well after 2 or 3 tech couldn't fix the problem they sent out what they call their pro tech. He came out and the first thing he said was that the receiver was bad so he call and told DirecTV (I had been paying equipment insurance all this time). They told him to just fix it best as he could. I call and ask why they won't sent another receiver. They said there was no need. The tech would have us back up and going. He got it somewhat working and left it didn't last the say.

I called DirecTV and told them I was not going to pay another bill until they give me and better receiver or the old one back. They cut services off and ask for their equipment back. I boxed it up. Sent it back. And that was back before 2005 and they still sending me a bill from collection company for 211 dollars for a month and something bill. You always pay a month in advance. Trying to figure out how I owe that much. Wasn't under a contract. The contract had expired years before this happen and I was just on month to month service back then. Just got another letter from them last week.

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