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, Editor | Updated November 8, 2018

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Posted on 10/20/2018

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Called in July to transfer services. Was moving across the street to my new home. Sales told me that they did not service that address and that I could not move my account. AT&T/DirecTV have their incoming communication towers in my backyard. So I knew I was not given the right information. Made additional calls about moving my account and received a different excuse each time. Finally my son called AT&T/DirecTV and they agreed to move my services but didn't tell us that they would move TV only and leave internet at the old address. So, to used the internet I had to run across the street to my old address. Three weeks later AT&T agreed to move internet but only if I opened a new account.

The middle of August I had DirecTV and AT&T services both at one address but lost my bundle, started receiving two separate bills both at a higher rate. The end of September the rate for DirecTV doubled plus so I called. The sales representative informed me that I was no longer in a bundled and my DirecTV rate was now $102.49 from previous $40.00. This rate didn't include AT&T internet which was now $52.00 a month. The new total bill for moving across the street was now $154.49 from the bundled price of $98.82. This was outrageous so I decided to cancel my services.

Well, immediately the sales representative transferred my call to the cancellation department. The person I spoke with was very understanding and courteous but not honest. The representative offered to extend my DirecTV /AT&T services in a bundles for one year if I agreed to keep services. So I agreed. The representative gave me a price which was about a dollar ($1.00) cheaper. So I agreed to the price since nothing else was changing, so I thought. However, I was wrong. The representative downgraded my DirecTV plan without telling me.

So now I am really paying more and getting less. What a way to do business. Their stock should bottom out and we will be done with cheating and lying companies. I can not wait for this contract to end which will be a good thing. To cancel my contract now will cost me $200.00. If cheating and lying is the only way for DirecTV and AT&T to stay in business, then they really need to go fast. My next step is Roku and a digital antenna. At least it's a one time charge and I will only pay for internet services. Also heard that Amazon Firestick was very good, again, another one time charge.

Posted on 10/17/2018

TENNESSEE -- I recently found that they were billing me for 5 receivers. They had failed to remove a receiver which was upgraded for HD. This went on for a several years but they said they could only go back 3 years and they gave me a credit for a couple of years and we went on. Then I found out they did not fix the problem and I was still being overcharged. I called again and they again told me they could only give me back less than half of what they took because the person I was talking to had a limit she could give back. Her supervisor was no help also so I decided to find a new service.

When I called to cancel is when they got serious about fixing the problem. They gave me a credit for all that they took but it was too late as I had put in a new service. It is now 35 days later and I still do not have the money they owe me. They claimed I would get a prepaid charge card within 30 days of cancellation but I am still waiting. When I asked about why they were late they did not give me a late fee which they would more than likely charged me if I was late. Looks like I will need to file a small claims court case to get the money back.

Posted on 10/10/2018

There's DirecTV in my apt complex. The package they offer is the one with commercials. It is so stressful not to say annoying to watch more commercials than the shows. They put commercials all the time. They advertise other shows so repetitively that I don't even feel like watching that show because I saw its commercials several times already. I really dislike the disrespect they have towards their customers. I'm sick of seeing so many damn commercials. Also that channel TLC has the most dumb shows ever. Who wants to know about teenagers that get pregnant or see people over 300 lbs on TV? There's a lot of trashy people on their shows. Without mentioning that there's a bunch of trashy people on those shows. 0 Stars to DirecTV and TLC.

Posted on 10/09/2018

MOSS POINT, MISSISSIPPI -- I had DirectTV for one year after I switched my phone provider to AT&T. Didn't have any issues with them until I bought a new house and moved. I scheduled the install at the new place and took the day off work so I would be present on the set day. The tech was supposed to show up between 8 and 12 in the morning. At about 12:45 no one showed and I didn't receive any phone calls so I called the number on the confirmation email. After about 15 minutes of working my way through the automated phone maze I finally able to speak with a rep, who was in another country of course. I explained to her that no technician showed and needed the install done today. She was very nice and said she contact dispatch and get someone out there ASAP and to expect a call from them within 15 to 20 minutes. I thanked her and ended the call. Another 45 minutes went by with no phone calls so I called that same number again, worked my way through the telephone maze to another representative They told me the same thing as the previous representative but said they will my appointment marked urgent and to expect a call 15 to 20 minutes. So I patiently waited another 30 minutes still no phone call. Called the 800 number again this time the representative seen all calls I've made in the computer and he recommended waiting another 30 minutes for the tech to call. I told him I would give them the 30 minutes but if I didn't hear back from them I would be canceling my service. Waited the 30 minutes, nothing. Called the 800 number told what had happened and that I wanted to cancel. After she tried to offer me many deals to keep me a customer she finally said I transfer you over to the cancellation department and put me on hold. After about 30 minutes of being on hold, I thought this shouldn't take this long and picked another and called the 800 number again while still on hold on the other phone. Five minutes after getting through the automated maze I was talking to someone in the cancellation department. So they put me on hold just hoping for me to hang up. So cancelled a year early so instead of going to work and making $200 I ended having to pay $250 in cancellation fees. I would not recommend DIRECTV to anyone. This is how they treat there customers.

Posted on 09/29/2018

GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN -- The adds claim #1 in the industry but I can't watch 1 show without getting service interruption. Customer service calls couldn't care less for my issues.

Posted on 09/17/2018

CALIFORNIA -- Last year I contacted them to discontinue service. They offered a discount in services, Visa gift card and NFL Sunday ticket for free for 2018. The card NEVER arrived. This is the second time they promises a card that has never arrived, but their bill does every month. They asked I called them in Feb 2018 to confirm 2018 NFL Sunday ticket free subscription. I called and they confirmed. Now after nearly a year of monthly payments, I do not have a subscription. I called to request correction to my account and they claim they conveniently have no record and asked if I had the EXACT words of the promise. I guess I need to record calls to get them to honor their agreements. Since I do not have Sunday ticket I lose nothing by changing to Comcast. Comcast made me a better offer and appear to appreciate my business. If direcTV has cheated you, definitely check out Comcast.

Posted on 08/29/2018

W, PENNSYLVANIA -- What happened to this company? We have been a loyal customer of DirecTV for MANY years and have ALWAYS bragged to our friends how great they were to deal with. Always friendly, positive and American and English speaking. They were always punctual and arrived on time when scheduled. I never had anything bad to talk about.

Well, that has all changed and gone completely in the reverse. It seems to have happened when they were bought out by AT&T. They are terrible now. Too many items to talk about but let's start with the fact that now you cannot get an American or English speaking person on the phone. They are all outsourced now. I AM NOT prejudice but would like to speak with someone I can understand and who understands me. I don't feel that is too much to ask, is it? They are horrible to deal with period.

Posted on 08/17/2018

KENTUCKY -- I purchased a internet and TV bundle. I never received internet. I was told TV was $44 a month and internet for $60 a month. They billed me $57 for TV and after calling them 6 times they say that AT&T doesn't provide internet at my location and they were selling through a third party internet company and had made a mistake on the price. Now they say I owe them for early cancelation fees when they never provided the services and prices they offered to me.

Posted on 08/15/2018

They refused to listen to what I was telling them. Made me go thru unnecessary steps to try and solve the problem because they can't think outside their scripts. Over 3 hours and I still can't log in. Now they are saying the “System” is down. When I inquire about which system, they say the computers are all down. I asked how they were taking notes - he said on the computer. I asked for a supervisor. I'm told her name is “Kim” and the Her “boss” named “jam”. SERIOUSLY??? Cancelling my account now.

Posted on 08/05/2018

MAGNOLIA, DELAWARE -- From the beginning I was told what I would get (DirecTV and AT&T) and the price I would be paying. When they came to install my system I was then told that I would not be getting AT&T. I was told after the fact that AT&T didn't service this area. I found out then my internet would be a third party (HughesNet). When I called to find out what was going on they seem to know AT&T wasn't available in this area. So from then I felt lied to. After that I waited for a week and still no internet. Called them again and found that a work order hadn't been put in.

Two days later the tech for HughesNet came, installed the system. Finally internet. But wait more changes. My bill now was higher. (Another lie?) And yes it was. After everything was installed I tried to get movies on demand and you guessed it, not working. Called again. Was told it was a system problem in the area and I would receive a email when it was resolved. Yet another lie. Haven't received a email yet and yes I called to find out and was told the same thing again.

It's been a few months. Lo and behold my bill rises again. They added 2 charges to my account I didn't ask for. Called again was told it would be taken off. Well one was but not the other. Called again. Was told again it would be taken off, but when I was given the total for my bill it still wasn't right. I told them I did the math and it didn't add up. Now my bill was the amount I paid the previous month. But if I hadn't said anything it would have been what they said. This company is sneaky and should be investigated by the (BBB).

Oh also I've been receiving emails for the tech department about needing help, if so send a message to them. Nothing else worked so I tried it. Guess what? Still no reply. If I could throw this whole system back in their faces I would but they get you on a contract you can't get out of without paying. The price you pay is so steep that you have to keep them until you can buy yourself out. That is the biggest rip off yet. They advertise cut the cable but don't tell you when you do they will cut your throat. Consumers beware. This is one of the worst TV providers out there. I don't feel as though they deserve 1 star. So I rate them -0 stars.

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