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, Editor | Updated November 8, 2018

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Posted on 07/11/2018

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- Had been with DirecTV for a while. The service was ok then they said I had been with the company for years and never had an upgrade so I did the free upgrade and that where my trouble begin. The DVR they put in was old and had been in repair because it had it on the back. The tech put it in and left after a week or so the thing started going out no shows (husband was disable at the time). I called. They sent tech out about 2 days later. He suppose to have fixed the problem. He stayed about 25 to 30 minutes and got it to show. Next day same thing happen. Called again all this time still paying my bill.

Well after 2 or 3 tech couldn't fix the problem they sent out what they call their pro tech. He came out and the first thing he said was that the receiver was bad so he call and told DirecTV (I had been paying equipment insurance all this time). They told him to just fix it best as he could. I call and ask why they won't sent another receiver. They said there was no need. The tech would have us back up and going. He got it somewhat working and left it didn't last the say.

I called DirecTV and told them I was not going to pay another bill until they give me and better receiver or the old one back. They cut services off and ask for their equipment back. I boxed it up. Sent it back. And that was back before 2005 and they still sending me a bill from collection company for 211 dollars for a month and something bill. You always pay a month in advance. Trying to figure out how I owe that much. Wasn't under a contract. The contract had expired years before this happen and I was just on month to month service back then. Just got another letter from them last week.

Posted on 07/10/2018

VIRGINIA -- The worst service I ever receive. They told me someone would be at my home between 8 am to noon. No call. No show. NOTHING. Unbelievable. I had to reach out throughout the day if someone coming to install. Poor service. Not true to their word. Didn't feel value as a customer even when escalated to a manager.

Posted on 07/08/2018

MY DORA, FLORIDA -- We recently changed to DirecTV. What a disappointment. We have no premium channels because we wanted to keep the price down but no problem we click on the free movies and guess what they're only free if you buy them. What a bunch of bull!!!

Posted on 06/27/2018

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- Awful service, was promised a $200 gift card that NEVER was issued and told $59 month promo, which was always well above 100$ monthly. When asked about the gift card I was told it expired, hmm even though I never got it. Also found they had been charging per room (was told it will be all included) and also charged for hallmark movie channel 5$ a month, seriously?!

Managers are rude, incompetent, and this is this biggest rip off company out there!!! I was promised a $200 credit that never was applied for the gift card that didn't arrive, and we canceled our service a few days ago. Yes. They want to bill us $380 to cancel, I'll see them in court for breach of contract on their end before they get another penny from us. Stay away from this sham.

Posted on 06/21/2018

CALIFORNIA -- The service really sucks. My internet was out for 4 days before someone came to fix it. Now my cable is out. No one could help me... so cable is still out. WILL I BE COMPENSATED FOR THIS DOWN TIME OR BILLED WRONGFULLY??? SERVICE SUCKS!!!

Posted on 06/13/2018

MERIDEN, CONNECTICUT -- For year and a half ago I was talked into purchasing DIRECTV services because I was a AT&T customer. I was promised unlimited data by AT&T and I was also promised a $200 gift card which I absolutely never received. When I called and questioned about the gift card I was told that they had run out. Because I was receiving unlimited data I was told that I did not require Internet service in my home, so I did not purchase any. I was told that my devices would be able to draw off the data from our phones. Well my house has four smart TVs and in the year and a half not one of our TVs was able to connect to our smartphones to pull off of our free data.

I have paid my service every month for the year and a half that I have been a customer, this month money is a little bit tight and I asked for an extension. Today June 13 is my due date and I asked for two more days. I was told no. And that my services should already be turned off even though my TV is still on, I should expect my services to be turned off sometime tonight. I have been an AT&T customer for over 10 years and the only reason why I chose DirecTV was because of the wonderful plan, that I would be receiving by combining my AT&T and DIRECTV accounts.

After a year and a half paying every month my services will be shut off in a few minutes even though I asked for two more days to make the payment. They don't uphold their promises, when they run promotions make sure you get your promised product ASAP before they run out. Throughout the season we continuously lost service due to snow rain or storms, and the boxes are temperamental meaning even if you touch it while passing by the screen freezes and the box has to reset. Take my advice. Don't fall for The traffic and stay away from DIRECTV.

Posted on 06/10/2018

CARRIERE, MISSISSIPPI -- We switched from cable TV to DirecTV several months ago because of a great promotional package. Promised a Visa gift card valued at $200, we never received it. After countless attempts, chat messages, phone calls in which we were left on hold forever and the promises always to "review the circumstances" we have given up. I hope this has not or will not happen to anyone else. Very disappointed in a promised service! Mad in Mississippi

Posted on 06/07/2018

ARIZONA -- I subscribed to DirecTV when they first went live back in 1994. Let me say that when everything works as planned It is the best. But customer service and tech support continues to decline. Now that AT&T has control, it is even worse. First level tech support would probably have a difficult time connecting a coaxial cable into the box. They do not understand how their system works either.

Last year, it took 3 shipments and over 2 hours of phone calls to get a remote control replacement as they kept sending a basic model instead of the model RC71 (the model number stamped on the remote that I ordered) that controls the DVR.

Calling technical support yesterday and after holding 10 minutes I was told that even though they verified my account by the phone (landline) I was calling from, they would have to call me back on this number for verification purposes. I asked how long and the reply was "shortly." I said that is not a measure of time and asked for an estimate and was told "soon." I then asked what if I don't receive a call. She replied, "Then you haven't provided a correct call back number". WHAT?

So I hung up and waited and waited and waited. No call came. I called back and held for many more minutes due to high call volume only to be told that I should have been asked to establish a 4-digit pin for account verification and apologized for their new "system" now part of AT&T.

So after all that, he still could not correct the technical issue - after 5 minutes the screen goes into a screen saver mode but can still hear the audio portion. He had no idea other than rest the receiver, that didn't work. So he offered to send a technician to my home to correct but a $99 fee would apply TO CORRECT THEIR PROBLEM!!! I declined and my next call was to DISH Network and cable carrier to see what offers they have. Sorry to go but had enough. Maybe some year in the future when AT&T sells thesis division off and things are better. I will come back.

Posted on 06/01/2018

VISALIA, CALIFORNIA -- An old box needed to be replaced. My parents have two, one was replaced last year, no problem. Now the downstairs TV is not watchable due to faulty equipment. My parents have paid the additional $11/mo. for technical services. My father is now recovering from a 6 month illness at home in a hospital bed which sits in front of the TV that the dead box is attached to. Unable to walk, the technician came today, called my parents rude when he tried to sell them more channels, refused to replace the box and wrote a fraudulent report saying they denied service.

I called on their behalf and after talking for an hour, to 3 people, the best DirecTV can do is make another appointment for 4 days from today. Rewarding dishonest and rude technicians while leaving an invalid with nothing to do for several days is not only pitiful, but shameful as well.

Posted on 05/26/2018

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- I have never dealt with a company that so relentlessly either plays dumb or lacks basic comprehension skills. In April I requested to upgrade our internet and cable boxes. Instead of just taking our existing accounts and upgrading them, AT&T started a new account, combining the internet and DirecTV together, but keeping the old accounts open. So now I have three accounts, one from DirecTV, one from AT&T for internet, and one account with both internet and DirecTV.

I received my first bill for the new account which was $486!!! They charged the entire cost of NFL Sunday ticket on this first bill so I paid it thinking well at least the bill won't go up later. A few days after that I received a bill for the old internet account for $114. I figure ok, I guess that's for the past month. About two weeks after that I receive a bill for the old DirecTV account, $195. Again I figured that was for the past month so I pay it.

The following month, I receive a bill for the new account plus bills for both old accounts, altogether totaling about $400. I called to get the old accounts closed, which customer service was happy to do but "Oh sorry we can't credit you for the bill." Mind you I never authorized the new account to be open, I just wanted to upgrade my existing accounts.

So now I'm on the hook for $200 for service I didn't even use. Fine whatever just make sure the accounts are closed so I don't get another bill next month. Next day my DirecTV service is not working, they deactivated the wrong account. I spend 3 hours on the phone trying to get it resolved only to be told I need to have a tech come out to trouble shoot. Tech comes out fixes the TVs, great!

Two days later I receive a bill, $387 early cancellation fee for the account I had to close in order to not be double charged. Another hour on the phone with multiple departments that don't know how to fix it, can't waive the cancellation fee, or just plain don't know what the heck they're doing, before I finally get through to someone that can fix my issue. For now the issues been resolved but now I have an email saying if I don't return the equipment from the canceled account I'll be charged $45 per box. JFC! I guess I'll waste another hour on the phone explaining that I'm still using the equipment on the new account.

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