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Worst service on the planet
By -

EVANSTON, WYOMING -- A customer for 30 days and I could not take it anymore. There has been "Outages" that has gone as long as 8 hours! I call Tech Support, they start off professional and give the impression that they are going to help until they put me on hold for 43 minutes and when they return they tell me what I already know "There is a problem on our end, we don't know when it will be fixed", well hell I could have told them that! So now I want to cancel my service, they transfer me to billing, another hold time of 29 minutes listening to the same 30 seconds of depressing music, oh and by the way, the music they torture me with while on hold makes me want to cancel every service I have!

Overall; the service is garbage, not at all what they advertise, High Speed??? The only thing "High Speed" is the withdrawal from your checking's account! Always on??? The only thing that is always on is that depressing "hold music"! Unlimited internet??? The only thing unlimited is the wait time! I'll do better with cell phone internet! Better yet, utilizing the US Postal Service would be more stable and faster than relaying on DirecWay's Satellites! I'm paying $100 a month I should have my own personal customer service rep. that follows me around all day!

For $100 a month I should think of a website, look up and have my order already in my "Shopping Cart"! For $100 a month my Tech Support Rep should be... oh lets say... IN AMERICA!!! For $100 a month my internet should not only work during a small rain storm but should produce it's on rain for my wife's garden! Basically I'll pay the early cancellation fee; this is not good customer service at all. This company should really take all of these suggestions (complaints) to heart and re-think the way they do business. But honestly I think that they make more money on their cancellations!!! And that's for real! Sad, but for real!

Satellite Dish Service
By -

GERMANTOWN, MARYLAND -- I ordered Direcway for my computer internet use. I was told that it was faster than dial up and just as good or better than DSL service. They totally lied. I had the service for a total of 6 days before cancelling. Out of the 6 days I had actual service about 3 of them. Out of the 3 days I kept getting booted off line. This happened because of light snow or the wind blowing. When I would call the service department for help, I would be on hold for up to 2 hours before speaking with an actual person.

By then the wind would quit blowing and I would be back on line. They said to call them back the next time I got knocked off line. What a joke. I am now fighting with them to get my $696.27 they charged my credit card. I spoke with 3 different people from DirecWay and was told 3 different amounts of credit I would be receiving. The first guy ** said I would receive a full credit with no charges. ** told me I would be charged $199.00 for installation fees. The manager ** said I would get a credit of $422.00.

I have filed a complaint with the BBB and RipOff Report. I am also disputing the charges on my credit card. Don't buy internet service from them unless you have all the time in the world to sit and wait for your online service to work and plenty of money to throw away.

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2 reviews & complaints.
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11717 Exploration Lane
Germantown, MD 20876
301-428-5500 (ph)
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