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PONCE -- WARNING WARNING WARNING! Headline News… Several months ago I had some issues arise pertaining to the Department of Veterans Affairs, so, I figured I would go to the Disabled American Veterans association to seek some advice on how to go about developing my case and if they the D.A.V. would represent me.

At the time of my initial contact with a D.A.V. representative Mr. Alex ** he stated with much exuberance that he was highly qualified to represent veterans on issues pertaining to cases involving the Department of Veterans Affairs, he also went on stating from his pedestal on how well they are trained in the anatomy of the body and he furthermore kept on boasting about how long their training takes place etc, etc, etc. Whew, so I said to myself, well by golly this is the man and the organization that is going to get results for me, so, I without hesitation said to Mr. ** "when can you start", he said "right now".

He than preceded with filling out the necessary documents and that he would be in charge of developing my case. As accustomed I like to do follow ups just to make sure that things are moving along, so, I call his office to verify on how things might be moving along, to my amaze he couldn't even find a file on me. I then made an effort to go ahead and meet with him in person, this time I had to travel 60 miles one way so that I can personally speak with him for the second time and place all the ducks in order. ONCE again, it appeared things were going to proceed flawlessly (HA HA HA). No way in hell.

I once again called Mr. ** and not to my surprise he once again had an instant case of amnesia, papers weren't filed which in turn if not filed don't exist. So, I got tired of the usual charades from this individual who represents a well recognized organization (D. A.V.). Therefore, I contacted his supervisor in the U.S. (beware I live in Puerto Rico).

The supervisor stated to me that he would have Mr. ** contact me and rectify the situation, which he did call me, but, get a load of this, he said I needed to fill out a release form so they could represent me, now, take into mind I filled out this form three times, so, guess what. I refused to have Mr. ** represent me because if this is the type of professional the D.A.V. has to represent me in my cases before the Department of Veterans Affairs, I would have better luck being stranded on a deserted island with the Swedish Bikini Team.

Mr. ** is a disgrace to the front line professionals who are supposed to be the people assisting those people who have issues pertaining to cases before the Department of Veterans Affairs, we depend upon these individual who boast so much about their professionalism to be highly qualified and prepared to help us develop our cases before the Department of Veterans Affairs.

We and our families depend upon it. It's a DISHONOR to myself and all those veterans who served our country to have Mr. ** a D.A.V. representative and by the way he is the supervisor and he fails in his duty to protect our rights before the Department of Veterans Affairs, it is veterans like myself and all other veterans who have kept the torch of freedom and independence lit so the rest of society can enjoy their Justices and liberties.

BEWARE! Veteran when choosing the D.A.V. or as a matter of fact any other organization to represent you in your cases before the Department of Veterans Affairs, you GAVE it all and now YOU deserve to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect, choose your ORGANIZATIONS wisely.

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