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Best Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

FESTUS, MISSOURI -- I have been struggling with my finances for years due to some personal situations and multiple surgeries. My credit was hit hard when I was out of work for a couple months after my last surgery and I ran out of savings to keep making payments. It took me forever to find a credit card that would accept me, but once I found one that would I had to put down a $400 deposit. I ended up building my credit up enough to apply for Discover a few months later. I went with the Discover Cash Back Rewards card, had to put down a $200 deposit, and I received my card a week later.

Now let's get to the part that made me want to go out of my way to write this review. I have had this card for roughly 6 months. I've made every payment on time and I kept my credit usage way below 30% (I'd say on average 15%). I checked my balance today only to notice that they increased my credit line from $200 to $2000 dollars!!! I was in shock to say the least.

I've been working so hard to build my credit, pay off my medical debt, and finally have a little more financial security. Seeing that made me feel like all that work was worth it. And to top it off, shortly after seeing the increase I received an e-mail from them congratulating me on my responsible account management and the credit line increase, along with stating that they are sending back my original $200 deposit.

This is the best customer service I have ever had from any financial institution, especially when it comes to credit cards. If you are looking to build your credit, I highly recommend this company. I'm unsure of what credit score is needed, you may have to first get a secured card with a high deposit like I did. But after you build up your score and show you're capable of making payments on time with low credit usage, then this is the primary card you want to go for. 10/10 for customer service and restoring credit.

Credit Card Dealings
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I was fortunate. Approximately 3 years ago when my ex-wife was divorcing me, Discover Card at that time put a freeze on my account with no interest or late fees. As soon as the divorce was over I contacted Discover Card and told them I would like to start making payments. This was a little over 2 years ago. I also asked them if I could one day start using my card in case of an emergency. I was told by them that as I continued to keep up the payments I stood a good chance of reinstating my account.

THEY LIED! I just got an email stating they were closing my account. I have been faithful in paying them between $160.00 to $167.00 a month. And this is how they reward my loyalty. The system of banks and credit cards comes to economic slavery! I realize it is a choice to apply, but greed ends up being the master.

It Does Not Pay To Discover - Discover Card Sucks
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- If you (for some retarded reason, i.e. you are just a contrary person, or you work for one of these financial institutions) do not agree with what I say about the devious practices of Discover Card below. Go read what this organizations says, about what are seemingly illegal practices, done in broad daylight... My name is ** and I want to start out by saying no matter what your personal opinion, Discover Financial Services is essentially a white collar terrorist organization, and they are committing acts of financial terrorism against millions of decent, responsible, hardworking, respectful, reasonable American citizens everyday in broad daylight.

These are much more than acts of financial terrorism though as they force people to lose their homes, to go without food, to not provide for their children, to postpone basic and/or urgent medical care, because Discover Financial Services has devised a system (and it is not very complicated to do what they do, and see how they do it) whereby they saddle a consumer with a debt that they cannot pay off. Some people will read this and respond as a minority of people have responded to my many other post all over the internet and say stuff like: "You should be more responsible", "You shouldn't have gotten the card", "You borrowed the money, just pay your bill".

I do not know if these people are just being contrary, playing devils advocate or actually work for financial institutions and are out there representing the other side. To people who say I should be responsible, I have paid every other bill I have ever had, in life, in full and on time, with NO ISSUES - so why not Discover? I have always paid my rent, my car insurance, my car payment, my utilities, my phone bill, my Internet bill, and all other bills on time and in full. Why not Discover, curious isn't it?

The answer is that I actually have paid my Discover Card bill. I have a credit limit of approximately $5,000 dollars, granted, I have borrowed this money from Discover over the 10 years I have held the card, but I have also paid the amount back in full at least 6 times (yes, $30,000 FOR AN INITIAL $5,000 LOAN, and they're not done yet). But that is not good enough for Discover Card - you see with Discover you don't simply borrow money and pay it back at a reasonable rate, this companies gets its claws in you and will not let go, until you have paid at least $50,000 for a $5,000 loan.

They'll get you with late fees, they'll raise your interest rate, and they'll get you with late fees by Moving your payment due date around (without notification), and then adjusting your minimum payment due (without notification). To the people who say, "You shouldn't have got the card", that would be like telling the 99% of Americans in debt to financial institutions, "You shouldn't have got a college loan, it's your fault", or "You shouldn't have got sick and got that medical debt" or "You shouldn't have got upside down in your mortgage", but No One got into debt on their own, or by playing by reasonable rules.

The 99% of Americans who have been victimized by financial institutions have been just that, victimized, terrorized, lied to, cheated, robbed, swindled. A crime, many crimes have been committed, in broad day light but nothing is done because it is white collar crime, and many, if not all of these companies have bought political protection, like people used to buy protection from the mafia. No, I got a Discover Card with an initial contract at a low interest rate, and like many consumers, Discover Card found a way to more than double my interest rate once I charged money on the card.

I was one of the unfortunate, innocent, naive people who was solicited by Discover Card as a college student. This practice (of soliciting to college students) was recently banned, unfortunately I cannot be grandfathered into the ban.

I was a college student, it was over 10 years ago, and like many college students I needed a little help making ends meet. I did not (AS SOME COLDHEARTED PEOPLE OUT THERE LIKE TO SAY) splurge on frivolous items, like a big screen TV, or a game system, or a ping-pong table. I, like many Americans saddled with credit card debt, used my card to simply buy food, to eat. I do not buy frivolous things. I am a very responsible consumer.

Actual Complaints: Discover Financial Services - offers consumers one thing and then when they have you out there holding one of their cards and using it, they alter your contract. And this is something THAT HAS TO BE ILLEGAL, and I have only seen this with Discover Card. With any other contract I have ever been a part of I not only had to read and agree to terms, but I had to sign and initial the contract and if changes were made they had to be read and initialed.

With Discover Financial Services they have created their own laws, they have decided that if they bury contract changes in a letter, they supposedly mailed to you (where is the proof I actually received the letter?) and mind you they will bombard you with letters, and NO ONE reads those letters and all the small print. But this is the important point, whether you got the letter or not, YOU AGREE TO CHANGES IN YOUR CONTRACT - BY SIMPLY CONTINUING TO USE THE CARD. So you don't sign anything, you don't acknowledge anything, you agree by buying gas, or some groceries at the store.

Apparently the Credit Card companies have invented their own contract law rules. Who needs lawyers? When Discover Financial Services penalizes you, it is never a 1 penalty situation. Let's say I am late with my phone, insurance, or electric bill - I pay the bill and a late fee (1 reasonable penalty for one transgression). With Discover, not so simple, they are in the "Double Jeopardy" business. You will be assessed a late fee (Penalty 1).

This late fee will be added to your balance, which will cause your monthly minimum payment to increase (Penalty 2) and then they will, of course, double your interest rate (Penalty 3 - if your rate was 13%, now it will be 26%) and Discover Card makes a killing, literally and figuratively, white collar terrorism, greed, how much is too much.

In fact I wonder how many people Discover has directly led to suicide because they put them in a debt that was impossible to escape, and the people saw no way out, which is exactly how Discover Financial Services, constructs their contracts. It's part of their business strategy - get a hardworking, respectful, responsible middle or lower class American in debt and keep them there at any cost, even when it means their daily practice of breaking (and apparently creating) the law.

Most recently Discover Financial Services decided to change (without notice) all of their customers payment due dates. Again I have to think this is inherently against the law, as Verizon doesn't randomly change my payment due date, my electric bill is always due on a certain day as is my car payment, my rent, my car insurance, my internet bill, etcetera... but Discover decided to change my payment due date. This led to me (as I am sure millions of other Americans) being late on my payment. (Oh Wow! LOOK, instant revenue for Discover Financial Services.)

As soon as I, and I assume millions of other Americans, went late on our payments via Discover's latest scheme, they generated 100's of millions of dollars in late fees. They hit me with late fees, and but, here is the genius of it, I have always paid well above the minimum monthly payment due. Say my minimum monthly payment due is $70 I was consistently paying $100 - unfortunately (Guess who else knew this?! Discover - THIS IS HOW WE ARE ALL PLAYING A RIGGED GAME!!!).

So I went late on my payment, because Discover decided to change my payment due date, without notifying me of the change, then they hit me with late fees (keep paying attention this gets amusing). They folded the late fees into my balance, which increased my monthly minimum payment due - and here is the kicker - my monthly minimum payment didn't go up $10, it didn't go up $20, it didn't even go up $30 (to $100 from $70) it went up $43, because Discover has my payment history right in front of them. And if it only went up $30, they wouldn't be able to catch me with late fees again.

When I went in to pay my monthly minimum payment and like most responsible consumers paid over the minimum ($70 and I was paying a $100), but it wasn't $70, and CONVENIENTLY it was OVER $100, because they KNEW I would pay $100, and they knew they DO NOT, and DID NOT adequately inform me or any consumer of these changes in payment due dates, raises in interest rates, raises in monthly minimum payments, etcetera. So they got me again... late fee, after late fee, because I was not adequately notified, and they raised my monthly minimum payment to just over what they knew I had a history of paying.

Another cute problem here, I continued to make a monthly payment, on time to Discover Card, of $100, having not been informed of the change in minimum payment. But it is not enough to make a payment to Discover, if you do not make the minimum payment, you are once again penalized for - Not making a payment, Ah! But I did make a payment, and shouldn't it even be my choice, as a consumer, to make a smaller payment, as long as I am paying on my bill every month?!

Finally, I have informed Discover Card that I am launching an all out campaign against them, via the BBB (which I am starting to think has been bought off by big business), the FTC, The American Civil Liberties (because I think the financial institutions inherently violate civil liberties, and generally a person's pursuit of liberty, freedom and happiness), my States Attorney General's office (in Georgia where I live and was the initial crime took place), and also with The States Attorney General's Office in Utah and Delaware where this company runs its criminal Enterprise.

(I am also going to talk to an attorney about bringing charges against Discover Financial Services under the RICO statute, as this is a criminal, racketeering, organization operating across state lines.) I am also out here filing complaints all over the internet at the many internet complaint boards, via Facebook and Twitter. I informed Discover of these intentions and now they are harassing me.

Specifically, now they will not correctly receive a payment from me. I just paid my October payment, over the monthly minimum, of course, on time, of course. REMEMBER I AM OTHERWISE A 100% RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER (except, apparently in my interactions with this illegal, fraudulent company) but Discover promptly sent me an e-mail on Monday saying I missed my payment again. When I contacted them, they said the e-mail was incorrect, and that I had made my payment in time and in full.

So I asked them to send me an apology and an e-mail containing the correction (correct info) and was informed that they could not send that via e-mail, they would have to send that via conventional mail. THAT'S RIGHT they will send you incorrect info through e-mail, but the correct info, can't do it. One more interesting/amusing thing - Discover Financial Services informs me that they do not have a complaint department?! What decent sized business doesn't have a complaint department?

I assume the Discover Card complaint department was so overwhelmed the company gave up trying to operate one, and they certainly do not care about customer complaints and this is one glaring sign of their disregard for customer service.

My Desired Outcome: I have said this to Discover Card numerous times. I simply want Discover to recognize that they have an extremely dissatisfied, angry, disgruntled, activist customer out here, that is much more of a liability to them than I could ever be an asset. And I want them to forgive my remaining balance (approximately $3,500) and send me a letter officially ending my relationship with their company.

Problem: I am extremely dissatisfied with this company. Solution: We both go our separate ways. That simple. It is like how every now and then a restaurant has to comp a meal. Well Discover Financial Services are going to have to comp my bill. I must reiterate that I am not trying to weasel out of paying my bill. The fact I have already paid my bill 10 times over. While Discover Financial Services tried to ignore this situation I will be out here fighting via every avenue imaginable until I find satisfaction and justice.

In closing Discover Financial Services is a White Collar Terrorist organization operating with impunity in the United States. History will look back on them as the criminals they are, and see the acts they have committed for the depravity, greed, ruthlessness, lawlessness, and as the treason that they are.

Discover's "New Voice Enabled Phone System"
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- This year, Discover must have hired a non-English speaking contractor to program what they call a "voice enabled phone system". It has set back the ability to pay bills via phone at least 10 years. The recognition logic is as bad as any I've encountered anywhere, whether in banking, airlines, telecommunications, etc. Not only is it incredibly unable to recognize verbal input, but it is agonizingly patronizing and SLOW. It's unfortunate that what used to be a leading-edge credit card company has taken such a dramatic step back.

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Rating: 1/51

SALT LKE CITY, UTAH -- An agreement was reached in a telephone negotiation for debt settlement on the account of myself (the client). In that agreement I (the client) agreed to direct electronic payment which has been in effect for at over a period of years to this point. In addition several additional payments have been made outside of the agreement to assist in a rapid settlement of account.

Upon receiving statements with an interest rate of 28.99%, I (the client) phoned several times to negotiate a no interest applied rate to decrease the payoff time of the debt. I (the client) was informed this would be only possible based on past good faith practices (PRACTICE PROVIDED) and as myself (the client) would be receiving an adjustment to interest on further statements. This was stated in conversation with two separate reps at Discover and presumably approved. This was a proposal offered in original agreement, if good faith payments were applied, a no interest payment plan would be considered.

I (the client) find these practices to be unclear to either your staff or organizational levels of understanding as to authority, to grant conditions or modifications of agreements, all while offering assurances to clients actions are duly noted and applied to account. FRAUDULENT and/or IN-APPROPRIATE. For a considerable amount of time I (the client) am receiving an interest rate posted at 28.99%. I (the client) request or demand by clients rights, that the account be researched for participating reps, recorded conversations, call communication logs, notations to account, etc. seeking proof of conversations and actions as promised.

It is expected this matter will be researched and resolved immediately. I (the client) await your immediate findings as I (the client) believe Finance Center reps have violated the truth, of individual authority to negotiate, approve, rectify or modify agreements on these matters. Letter submitted three times, NO RESPONSES. This letter forwarded to CA State AT&T Gen Offices and FDIC. NO HELP, NO ANSWERS. They only back Banks, not consumers.

Awful Service! Don't Do Business With Them!
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- This company and its employees are plain awful! First, the notifications for payments don't always go through then they charge you for a late payment and call you non stop (even if you have made payments throughout the month that equal up to or more than the min payment due). Then they con you into making a bigger payment than you really need to by saying that that is the minimum payment due when in reality it is not. When you call to get this worked out the banking services department's employees are incredibly rude. They talk over you and insist that you have been talking over them (and in order to insult you they had to talk over you...).

Also they talk as if they are lawyers and know your rights better than you know your own (I did my research and my father is a lawyer). Then when you insist to talk to a supervisor they insist that they don't have one, so they are either lying or poorly run. Also they cash back only works once you have $50 worth of cash back. Until then you are required to use it at Amazon (this is a stipulation they don't make clear when signing up). All in all this is one of the absolute worst companies I have ever had to deal with! I would suggest that you DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER FOR ANY REASON seeing as though their main issue is customer service and stealing money.

Discover Charged My Account Without Permission
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Rating: 1/51

I had a auto ship set up with a company, that's another complaint, but Discover had my account set up for an auto ship. So I'm having trouble cancelling the auto ship. So, I canceled the card number and have a new acct. number set with Discover. This is at least six before the next $277. Auto ship is to be sent out, all good right, no acct. number, no auto ship.

I heard from Discover in about 10 days of getting my new number, with a letter in the mail saying that I will need to contact any companies that I my have automatic payments or companies that I may have an auto ship set up with. It said, so as long as I do not give this company (Visalus) my new account number there will be no more $277 auto ship because they're not going to send it out without being paid first. But Discover let them charge to my new acct. number without my permission.

So, the product comes, Discover charges me, I send this product back the next day un-opened. But after three months of investigation by brilliant people at Discover, they say the shipment was justified and I owe the Visalus company $277 for something that should never have been charged to my acct. Plus, I sent the product back un-opened, and yes I will cancel my Discover card, as much as these people say they care, they really don't.

Misplaced My Trust
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- Absolute crap. I was told after my application was approved that I needed a "deposit" sent it for 500$ - this was AFTER I had the card and credit line approved. When I said no because that was not what I had applied for agreed to they closed the card and demanded payment for all charges immediately. Luckily I had that available and paid them right away but the customer 'service' so called was completely inept and gave me the hand-off treatment every single time I called. Gross mismanagement of customer trust. Never will ever have anything to do with them again!

Ruined My "Golden" Credit History
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I recently received three items in the mail from Discovery. 1 was a letter informing me that they were cancelling my Identity Theft Protection monitoring with no reasons other than to call the 800-number. The other two items I received in the mail were CREDIT REPORT ACTIVITY ALERTS for my Discover account. Both of these indicated a balance due of $22.00.

I called, inquired & was informed that they had to cancel my protection plan because my account was delinquent. I did my best to explain that I never received a bill and did not know I was late with a payment. I was informed that my bill was returned by the US POSTAL SERVICE so they had no way of contacting me. I reminded them that they mailed me three documents that I was holding in my hand through the mail so why didn't they resend the bill? Which they replied they can't since they needed to verify my address first. So of course I informed them that they sent me the three documents to my address that I have resided in for almost 20 years.

I attempted to explain that they are ruining my stellar credit history because they CLAIM that a bill was returned to them that couldn't be delivered??? Discover is ruining my credit history for an unpaid balance of $22.00, again when asked why didn't they simply send me another bill they said they couldn't because the original bill was returned! I have been steadily raising my credit score for the past 5 years and on my last report I was over 810.

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Rating: 1/51

NORTH CAROLINA -- I feel cheated on how my payments are applied. I have 3 different loans and they applied all my payments to the balance that will be expired on 08/2017 (over 1 year to expired) leaving me to pay off the entire balance of $9700 before August 4, 2016 (one month to expired). This NOT what I was told when I requested the loans.

They make everything possible for customers to pay interest and that is BS. I talked Janet, a Discover supervisor on July 11, 2016 with ID ** but she didn't want to do anything to fix the problem. She rather close my accounts before she do anything for a customer like me who is being with Discover for YEARS. What Discover is doing is unethical and should be changed. They should applied the an equal payment to all different loans or to the oldest one. After I pay all my balances I will close my personal and business accounts and I NEVER want to receive anything in my mail box from Discover!

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