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, Editor | Updated October 30, 2018

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Posted on 06/03/2018

COLLINSVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I called Dish to get a new cable service because DirecTV is now charging too much. The guy I talked to was extra nice and funny. When he proceeded to tell me about the disclosure he asked if I wanted read to me fast or slow I said slow because they will throw extra stuff in there.

He still decided to read it fast but I was catching on to every word but since service was cheaper I still was going to get the service. He answered all my concerns and he was just really charming and I wanted to give him a great review but he was scared of what I might say so he pretended that he was his own supervisor but failed to realize that his voice was exactly the same... at first I wanted to give an excellent review but he ruined it and missed out on his commission and if he continues to be childish he will miss out on more.

Posted on 05/30/2018

WACO, TEXAS -- I have been a Dish Network customer since 2012 and am wanting to cancel my service. Now I can do anything online I need to with their company and if I don't pay my bill they can cut off my service automatically but if I want to cancel my service on my own I can only do it by talking to someone on the phone. I'm 32 minutes into an estimated 26 minute wait time just to talk to someone. So I have decided since they want to waste my time I'm going to spend it writing negative reviews about my experience.

Posted on 04/13/2018

VALLEY CENTER, CALIFORNIA -- The Dish Network has extremely poor communication skill and system both within their organization and with their customers. I was paying extra $25 for a TV Japan channel. Dish Network did not renew their contract with TV Japan and promised that they have new Japanese channel. Well, this so called “New Japanese Channel” played several Japanese shows (same episode of each) continuously (over & over) 24 hours a day, so far for 12 days.

I called and talk to 3 different customer service reps and chatted with 2 different customer service reps in different days. 3 out of 5 representatives insisted that they are NOT having any technical problems with the new Japanese channel and they were simply providing the customer what's being sent by the Japanese TV company. They gave me two different payment credits to my account throughout the course of me trying to get some informations regards to this problem. None of the customer reps even tried to understand my frustration and seemed to think that I will shut up if they gave me some money credit.

I just simply needed some connection to Japan and the Japanese TV shows were a big part of my sanity and mental happiness, for I've lived in outside of Japan for 40 years and have been forever homesick. They have no compassion and don't care about their customers. I will never use their service even if they are the only option to receive TV signals. I recommend strongly NOT to sign up with their service.

Posted on 04/05/2018

NEW JERSEY -- Dish is an absolute JOKE. They're liars and scam artists. They signed me up KNOWING I wouldn't get hockey games because they would be blacked out and then tried to force me to purchase the NHL Network for additional costs. The account executives are complete jerkoffs and only want to push you through the process of charging your account more without listening to you and trying to help fix the issue.

I will NEVER use Dish ever again and I will tell anyone that will listen what a GARBAGE company they are and the service they provide. Spend the extra money and go with an actual cable company or try DirecTV before going with Dish. You'll thank me for helping you Dodge a bullet.

Posted on 03/19/2018

LEESBURG, GEORGIA -- The installation went fair. The first tech was lost in what he was doing. The second tech knew his job. Got installed and signed contract. Ask about $100 gift card promise. Tech said office will contact me by e-mail about 3 weeks. 3 weeks passed and no contact. Telephone Dish customer service and said 3rd party would contact me about the card. No contact after two months. Contact Dish customer service said contact Infinity Sales Group, made the offer for the card.

I contacted them and they said the time to apply for the card had expired, also said they sent an e-mail to me two weeks after the install. One didn't get an e-mail. Two I feel that Dish should credit my account or give me the gift card. Dish hired the sales group and the chain goes back to them. BEWARE OF PROMISES NOT KEPT BY D-I-S-H or INFINITY. This scam is a disgrace to the business world. What has this country come to. Poor business practices!!! I served my country to let people like this take advantage of good Americans.

Posted on 02/21/2018

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- THE WORST... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I was a TV customer for 8 years. Paid my bill on time. 6 years into my contract, I added internet. It DID NOT WORK. I called to complain several times. They ultimately admitted that their service in my area wasn't as good as they thought it would be. When I canceled, they charged me $184.00 for 'early cancellation fee'... I had been with them for 8 years!!! I ended up switching to Comcast, and their Xfinity system is WAAAAAAAY better, and their internet speeds blow Dish away! Don't say you weren't warned.

Posted on 02/02/2018

LAREDO, TEXAS -- I hate using services with contracts and try to avoid them, but against my better judgment my husband and I went ahead and signed a 2 year contract with Dish in Sept/Oct of 2015. After a few months I started receiving multiple phone calls a week from a Dish representative letting me know that I was having issues with my receiver. I wasn't, so I ignored all those calls and never called back. I actually liked the product and we rarely had issues with it. I didn't see any sense in having a technician come out to fix something that wasn't broke - you know the saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

I had read multiple times on review sites that unbeknownst to the consumer, Dish would issue a new contract every time they sent someone out to fix an issue. In December of 2016 we ran into real signal issues and had to have someone come out to fix it. I was very wary and warned my husband not to enter into any contract and to be very specific with the Dish representative. The receiver needed fixing though, so they came out and did their thing. My husband was very adamant that we were NOT entering into a new contract and he was assured that indeed we were not.

He even had the technician sign on the form that we were not entering into a new contract, that we were simply having our satellite issues fixed. Some equipment was changed out, our satellite was working again and that was that. Until now. In October of 2017 our bill jumped $40 in one month, which made sense since that was at the end of our initial 2 year "special price" contract. We had a lot of personal things we were dealing with at that time, so didn't really deal with that price issue until things kind of settled down in January, and then I received a notice that there would be another price increase starting in February.

We said "that's it". We've decided to go back to streaming and Netflix/Hulu, etc. We called to cancel Dish and after getting the normal runaround that all these companies do, they gave us our final total, which - Guess what? Included a cancellation fee because we were "under contract" for another 9 months. Sure enough, when we had the service done they tacked another contract onto the one we already had, even though they said they wouldn't. My husband even has it in writing. They said it's because we have the Hopper 3 and we used to have the Hopper 2.

Well, so what? We NEVER asked for the 3, we have what the technician swapped out for so that our receiver would work again. Sneaky Sneaky, and it's just like what I read in other reviews. Lesson learned. Of course they tried to get us to stay until the end so we wouldn't lose money, but we said no way. We'll just pay the penalty and be done with it.

It's still a LOT cheaper than paying for almost another year, and who knows what shenanigans they'll pull by then. They also require a 30 day notice, so we have to pay for one more month as well. No more satellite companies for us. They're all crooks. Oh, and I gave 2 stars only because we did like the product. The service is always good until you have an issue, and then that is when a company shows their true colors.

Posted on 01/26/2018

BOULDER CREEK, CALIFORNIA -- Don't trust this company. The best thing you can do when calling them is to record the call. They make all kinds of promises but rarely keep them. That was my experience and they just don't care because to get the service you have to agree to keep the service no matter how bad or pay penalties. Poor signal, intermittent video, exorbitant price hikes, broken promises are not a good reason to cancel. So record the discussion so you have proof.

Make sure they know you are recording them or you can't use it in court. I got tired of their shenanigans and canceled the service. The amazing part about that was I have found all kinds of resources that show series and current release movies for FREE. Don't need to take their bull anymore.

Posted on 01/21/2018

GLENDALE AZ, ARIZONA -- I live in Glendale AZ... Dish Network is the worst company I have ever had. I am really upset. I can't get movies to download, I get other people's movie and it cuts off all different times of night to update. Unable to rewind the finishing if any show you are watching at the time the hard drive burned out and I lost all six month of DVR. All my movies and series everything.

And now it will not DRV or pause rewind or fastward anything. Waiting for new one to arrive in the mail. To make up for the inconveniences they offer me to add movie channels. The same promo everyone has. They close their support and customer service at 1120 pm when they are open at midnight. They have an attitude when you call with issues.

And if you are thinking about Dish in AZ don't. I am really not going for the crap. I Understand it may be tempting for the low price for the channels but watch your account. They pull money out without permission and it is not worth the cheap machine and the headaches. It is better to pay a little more and have a better company. I am learning this. Do NOT GO WITH DISH. I MISS COX...

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