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Unprofessional/Poor Customer Service
By -

HARVEY, LOUISIANA -- I am dissatisfied with the local Dodge Dealership Service Department, your customer service office (outsourced to India), and your warranty service office (also outsourced to India). I am the original owner of a 2004 Dodge Ram. My story is as follows:

On December 18th, 2008, I heard the front U-joint going bad. I called the local Dodge dealership, Ray Brandt Dodge in Harvey Louisiana, and spoke with ‘**', who said that he was the assistant manager of the service department. I explained that the front U-joint was going bad and asked if I could bring the truck by for him to take a look at it. ‘**' said that he could not schedule a time for me to bring the truck by before January 05th, 2009.

I asked if the possibility of the U-joint going bad and having the drive shaft fall off wasn't some kind of exigent circumstance that would allow me to be moved up for scheduling. He said only a seat belt problem was considered an emergency. I asked ‘**' if the U-joint was covered under my warranty. He said that he would not look into that issue until I brought the truck by on January 5th.

I read through the owner's manual and found that, if I was reading the warranty correctly, the U-joint was covered as part of the power train. I called the warranty number in the manual to confirm what I was reading. Apparently you outsource your warranty department to India. The man that answered the call could speak English only marginally but understood what I was saying. He said that the U-joint was NOT covered under my warranty. I read what was written in the owner's manual about the power train to the man but he again said adamantly that the U-joint was not covered.

At this point I asked to speak to a supervisor. The man's communication skills were decreasing rapidly and I believe it is because he wanted me to just go away. He placed me on hold for an extremely long period of time before a man claiming to be a supervisor came on the line. After explaining the situation to the supervisor, the supervisor said the U-joint was not part of the power train and therefore not covered under the warranty.

I read from the owner's manual that the U-joint was listed as part of the power train and was listed as being covered by the warranty. The supervisor put me on hold for an unreasonably long period of time. Again, I believe that this was a ploy to get me to just hang up and go away. The supervisor eventually came back on the line a said that the U-joint was a part of the power train and was covered under the warranty.

By this time I am perturbed. I called the customer service number to inquire if such treatment by Chrysler personnel was acceptable. Again, apparently you outsource your customer department to India. I spoke with another man with only marginally effective English speaking skills. He told me that the ONLY method to file a complaint about anything was to call the local dealer, obtain the name and contact number for the ‘District Manager', and make my complaint known to the District Manager.

I called back to Ray Brandt Dodge and the only person to whom that answering assistant would forward my call was the assistant service manager, ‘**'. Even after I explained what the customer service department told me was the proper method to lodge a complaint, ** refused to provide me with the name and contact number for the District Director. ** said to call the customer service number, which he gave to me. I told him that the number he just gave me was the number that I had just called, the number to India where they told me to call him, **, in order to lodge my complaint with the District Manager.

He laughed when I told him the customer service was outsourced to India and said, “That explains it.” He added that the only ‘emergency' repairs were for seat belts and transmissions (I don't know if I understand the part about transmissions).

This type of unprofessional conduct by and treatment of customers at the local and corporate level is unacceptable. I was not happy with the local dealer saying he could not even look at an extremely unsafe mechanical problem for almost three weeks.

I was not happy with the warranty department, the ‘experts', repeatedly telling me that the part was not covered by the warranty, apparently without even checking anything, anywhere; with their complete willingness to try to stall so I will just give up, hang up, and go away. I was not happy with the customer service department telling me to complain through the local dealer and the local dealer telling me to complain through customer service, leaving me no avenue to forward my complaint. Do you find this conduct/performance acceptable?

A U-joint failure can be an extremely dangerous occurrence. Because of the severity of the problem I went to a general mechanic in my area and paid $229 for him to repair the U-joint that same day. The mechanic confirmed my belief that a U-joint failure can be dangerous. He recited instances where U-joint failures caused wrecks and drive shafts to penetrate into the interior of the vehicle, etc.

Sir, you are failing to provide service at the local or corporate level that a professional organization would provide if they were serious about competing in today's market. I am hard pressed to say anything good about or purchase a Chrysler product after this incident.

Sales and Service
By -

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA -- When purchasing my truck from Performance Dodge in Lincoln, Nebraska we found a hole in the passenger seat. They told me at the time they would fix the hole. When I returned to get the seat fixed they tried to convince me to patch the seat. I refused. Even the man who was called in to repair the seat told me it would definitely show, and would not look new.

The service guy tried to get me to let the guy repair the seat, and he would fill my gas tank. I explained that this was a brand new truck with lest than 500 miles on it. That I did not want a patched seat, I wanted my new truck to LOOK new. I told him I thought that is why I was there. The service manager then told me they would have to order the seat cover. I then showed him the damage to the passenger side front door I noticed when I got the truck home. He told me that there was no way to prove that the damage was caused prior to me purchasing the truck a couple of weeks earlier (it should be noted that when I took the truck to Beatrice it was put in storage and not driven).

So at that point I was shocked and felt like he was calling me a liar. But knowing he had no idea how particular my wife and I are when it comes to our vehicles, he would have no idea how much of an insult this was to my wife and I.

I took the truck to a body shop to ask them about the damage. I was told that it appeared the damage was done while the rubber guards used during transport were still on the door edges. The body man explained that if the door would have opened into something without the door guards on, there would be some type of mark. But because the door guards were on, the door just bent, but no mark was left.

I have never owned a Dodge in the past but heard a lot of good things about Dodge, and I really like the looks of the Big Horn. So I decided to give Dodge a try. I was very upset with, and felt that I really screwed up, and was sure I would never buy another.

I have talked with my local dealer (Twin Rivers in Beatrice, Nebraska). ** was very nice to me, and his dealership will be doing all my service work. I have a free oil change at Performance Dodge, but I will not be using it. I feel there is NO reason to return to Performance Dodge… ever.

While purchasing the truck I asked the salesman about a hitch. I was told that installed it would be around $600.00. Of course I told him to forget that. I purchased and installed an after market hitch. Then I learned that the price for the Dodge hitch was no where near $600.00. This upset me because had I known the real price I would have had it installed the day I purchased the truck.

My Headache Chrysler-Dodge's Mistake
By -

AUBURN HILLS, MICHIGAN -- Okay I recently fell into some money, and the first thing I wanted to do was buy a vehicle. I was already in love with Dodge so I chose them. I bought a 2005 Dodge Durango in 2008. It was the prettiest truck I had ever see. I loved the deep red color, the space it provided and the smooth ride it gave. I bought the truck from a local dealership, and two days later my check engine light was on.

I was like okay, I called the dealership to let them know what was going on. They said that they ran an emissions test and that everything came out clean. Well long story short I came out of pocket 150 dollars because my truck kept cutting off while I was driving it. This was the first problem I had with Dodge. I let this issue go.

Now my second problem is, my truck came with only one key. Why I have no idea. I very rarely drive my and it has less than 100,000 miles on it. Well a couple of days ago I went to go and crank my truck and it crank then turned right back off. I did this three more times, after that the truck completely shut down on me. I was later told that I had a bad key. I'm like a bad key? Yes the truck did not recognize my key anymore.

Now I am not an expert or a mechanic but when a vehicle does that to me that sounds like a manufacturer's mistake. Especially when I have not done or caused any damage to the key or truck myself. So now I am looking at bill of at least 400 to 600 dollars because one key alone is 245 dollars and some change. Dodge, please tell me I did not waste my money on you all. I am tempted to get a lawyer and sue them for all that has gone wrong with this truck.

2009 Dodge Journey
By -

I have spent over $600.00 on brake repairs and replacements. Stereo has had to be replaced. Had to wait for 3 weeks to get it installed. Back passenger window has had to be repaired. Used the vehicle for a month before the part came in. Paint is coming off side mirror. I traded a 2009 Dodge van in on this Journey and have driven Dodge vans for several years. Very distressed and disappointed! I have had this journey in the Dodge repair dealership at least 6 times in these 2 years. I drive approximately 20,000 miles each year and have never had this kind of problems with a new vehicle. Please advise.

Condenser Fan Held Together With Plastic Tags
By -

My son has a 2000 Dodge Durango SUV. While driving on the interstate he heard a clunk and asked us in the car behind if we had seen anything fall from his car. Well eventually we had to pull off the road. What had happened was something had hit the fan blade and bent it. We had no idea what this could be.

We had the car towed to a repair shop and upon further investigation we were told that the truck has a condenser fan which sits in front of the engine fan and it is held together with plastic tags, much like the ones that the police use when they run out of metal handcuffs. Now he has to have the condenser fan replace, the fan shroud, the water pump and the fan blade. Why don't they tell you that the cars are put together with junk before you purchase them? I guess, you probably would think twice.

Why Will They Not Back Up Their Product or Make Improvements
By -

You look all over the web and see complaints against the way Chrysler makes their vehicles. Then you hear about people you know having problems and trying to get their vehicle fixed. Most dealerships will not help out when there is a problem. Most people get told to get a hold of a lawyer because the dealership will not stand behind their product. All these years and the transmissions in Chrysler vehicles have not been fixed. People rely on their cars and trucks to get to work and instead they have to take time from work and then be harassed by dealerships.

Toyota had a problem, sent out a recall and then made a commercial to publicly make an apology. Chrysler just keeps making faulty vehicles because they don't care what happens to the people that buy their product. If you ask me either you make a good product and stand behind it or shut your doors so people don't get suckered into a terrible product.

Dodge 1500 Front-end Shaking While Braking
By -

The front end of the truck shook violently when braking. This started after the dealership fixed the bearing recall at 30k miles. I had the rotors turned then replaced with new ones. I then replaced the tires. I had a front-end alignment done. The problem remained. The dealership told me several times all 4 rotors were warped due to driving through high water. Needed to be replaced and my back brakes are gone and need to be replaced. Hellooooo.

We have had no rain. We are in a drought. My grass crunches under my feet. My husband took the original rotors that came with the truck, to be turned. He then re-installed the rotors. Still shook when braking. The brake pads are good. After removing the rotors again, took a wire grinding wheel attached to a cordless drill and cleaned the hub, rotor on both sides and inside the wheel where everything attaches. Put the wheel back on and the problem is gone.

The Dodge dealership told me the cost to fix the repairs needed were going to be around $1500.00 to $2000.00. My cost with my do-it-yourself hubby - $2.15 for the wire wheel to hook to the drill.... Yeah we splurged and bought the top of the line wire wheel. By the way... The rotors were not warped in the front or the back. And the back brakes are fine. The dealership is giving false information on the needed repairs and charging excessive amounts.

Misleading Deal Stuck in Lease Not Purchase Vehicle
By -

WHITE MARSH, MARYLAND -- On July 30, 2007 I went into New Carrolton Darcars Dodge in MD. I sat down with my sales agent "**" and we look at about 3 different model cars that day. I finally saw the one I really wanted. It was a 07 Dodge Nitro. They had just came out. Everything was going well until we went into the finance department. The director of finance had taken over the sale and was throwing all different suggestions to us on how to "Purchase" our vehicle.

I didn't like the deal too much or the price quotes. Due to a few glitches in my credit, I wasn't able to have the truck in my name alone (things happen) so my co-signer helped me out. We we're told to make strong payments of 595.00 for 6 months straight and we can bring the truck back and refinance. I didn't like what he was saying so he went into his computer and calculated everything on their finance page review for us. I sat there and watched him. He told us that it would be a 5 years contract and for the first 6 months of strong payments it would be a lease.

After we brought it back to refinance after the 6 month period then I could put the truck into my name alone and the payments would come down 100.00. I was told this deal was called "Special financing". So things sound great. We went along with the plan.

Just recently we went back to Dodge Darcars and tried to refinance or trade it in for a smaller vehicle (gas prices and all). The sales agent came back to us and said "Did you know your truck is leased and does not belong to you". I look puzzled and said "No.. it's not leased, we we're told that after 6 months of strong payments we could bring it back and trade it in or refinance the truck for lower payments and that's why we're here".

So the dodge agent told us the full "TRUE" review of the situation. The truck wasn't a purchase. It didn't belong to me, it was leased contract for 39 months. I cannot refinance, there is no such thing as a "special financing", and the Director of finance in New Carrolton, MD was fired a week after I so called "Purchased" my vehicle.

He also told me that Chrysler Financial will start counting the mileage and charging me per MILE after a certain point and after 31 more payments of 595.30 they will take the truck back and my payments will be for nothing. He also said any damage on the vehicle I would be responsible for and I would have to pay Dodge back. He said "you're stuck in this vehicle and there is nothing you can do." The deal was never a purchase. I was LIED to and sucked into a fake deal that was told to me in Fake Dealer terms.

I need to get out of this situation or I will sue. I'm not asking for money. All I want is to get out of this truck, clear my name and start fresh. If the vehicle could be purchased and re-do the contract so that it is a "purchase" not some fake deal just to make a sale then I would keep it. I'm paying for a truck that does not belong to me and so much baggage with it. This is not fair. IF anyone has any ideas and can help me, please help me get out of this or tell me what I can do...

Dash and Transmission
By -

Dodge knew they had a problem with the transmission and dashes on 1999 trucks. They did nothing to help customers.

By -

My dash cracked then it fell apart. Had truck about 4 years when started having problems. Dodge would not do anything.

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