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Rating: 1/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- If I could give Dollar Movers/A Dollar Movers, LLC/A+ Dollar Movers, LLC a zero rating, I would. This company is a rip off!!! After conversing in detail with Jim (the owner) through text and several times over the phone leading up to the day before the move he gave me a quote to move a 1 bedroom apartment and den.

On the day of the move Jim and his crew of 5 showed up 1.5 hours late and appeared to be under the influence. He proceeded as if we'd never communicated items needing to be moved in detail and began to ask if he was to move items previously sent and agreed upon. I understand the need to do an assessment to identify things but to go through a 1 bedroom apartment and ask the obvious for previously agreed upon items was crazy if a list was sent and received of the items.

While I found it odd that he was inquiring about my bed, couch, and dressers, I went with reconfirming the items. I'd further followed Jim's instructions with packing which was to pack everything in large boxes or containers and bags stating that the bags would too count as a box.

Upon his arrival he switched things up!!! He stated that he was charging me double for the large boxes and containers and that he wouldn't move any of the bags. At that point I felt a bit agitated but played along by asking him to identify what he would take etc. so we could be on the same page and I could determine where he was going with the craziness.

He literally turned to me 2 min later and said, “I have to charge you double for the large containers!!!" In my mind I was like **!!! He went on to say, "You think I'm stupid? You packed books in those containers (he did not open or lift any of the containers to see what was in them)... You all are stupid if you think we are lifting containers with books." I responded that there are no books, the containers have clothes. He said, "Well I have to charge you triple for the large containers..." 3 minutes later!!!

At that point I called him out by calling to his attention that he said double and now it's triple!!! He then went on to tell me that he would move everything for an additional $200 more. At that point I had enough and I asked him to leave my home as his services were no longer needed!!! As he walked to my front door he said, “You are not going to get anyone to move you this late with all this stuff so good luck with everything" and was laughing. I told him to GET OUT!!

I go down to meet my husband and Jim turns to me and says, "I don't live in an apartment so I'm good and I drive a Mustang so I'm not sweating anything. I don't need your money.” So I said to him, "What does where I live and what kind of car you drive have to do with anything.” He then proceeded to curse and threaten me. Jim Dixon the owner is disrespectful and unprofessional. He is a scam artists... This experience is what I call the classic bait and switch technique. Do not get ripped off by this company.

Terrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- If I could give them a zero I would. This company is a ripoff and just outright terrible. I had many items damaged during the move. They showed up over 2 hours late. When I confronted them about the damages the owner wanted me to just sign the form stating the items were delivered in good condition and when I would not he became hostile, disrespectful and unprofessional. He told the movers to just get in the truck and leave. Try to threaten me with calling the police and when I welcomed him to call the police he wouldn't.

Do not use this company. I repeat DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. The owner stated I needed to seek help for my behavior because I was ticked on the care they gave of my own property. They do not care about your property and don't care if they damage it. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

Movers a "No Show"
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Rating: 1/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Had an appointment for a move on Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 9:30. I received a call at 9:35 that they would not arrive until 12:30. A little after 12:30 I called and left a message. Received a call back that they would not arrive until 4:30 but would honor their commitment.

At 5:00 they had still not arrived so, I called and left another message. No surprise... no call back until 6:00 PM to say that they would not be coming. I was understandably upset and told them. The man from the company was extremely rude and indicated that I should not be upset. He stated that he would not deal with an "irate customer" and hung up. Since I cannot meet my obligation to exit at settlement, it is costing me money and the scramble to try and find a mover. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! THEY ARE RUDE AND UNRELIABLE!

Terrible Bel Air moving company
By -

BEL AIR, MARYLAND -- I called and made appointment with Dollar Moving to move my furniture on July 17, 2010. The sales or office lady asked what the furniture I had, I gave her the list based on my best knowledge. She told me the price will be $316. On July 17 2010, the moving crew came to my house and told me the quote will be more than $1200. I am shocked. Make it clear, there are two types of extra cost for the new quote. The first one is my bad memory, I forgot the some items in the garage and patio.

The second one is their bad ethnic practice. For example, I have to pay $60 extra each for the bed because the bed has the head and foot boards. I have to pay $15 extra because of the glass top etc. The crew lead offered me $900 for the full truck load. I didn't agree since I was not sure how much furniture will be loaded into their truck and how to deal with the left over so we went through the each item and decided the cost. He stopped because of the time consumed process and called his boss. His boss offered me $550 for the full truck load and I mentioned my concern about the left over if we couldn't load everything and we agreed $600 for everything.

The crew lead and his boss talked 10 minutes and decided to cancel my moving. I told them I had to move and asked them move everything on the original list with the initial quote. They don't listen and just left. Left me in bad situation and I had to talk to next occupant and arranged the short notice moving on Monday. Two issues I want to complaint:

  1. The sales practice. Since the lady has more experience than the regular customer, she can help customer to get the complete list and explain the price during the initial estimate. Don't surprise the customer on moving day. Give the low initial quote and charge (4 times) more on moving day. I don't think my case is very special because of this practice.

  2. The moving crew. They came my house at 8:55 and leave at 10:10. 10-15 minutes for the initial walk through, 15 minutes for the new quote, talked with boss twice about 20 minutes, worked with me only 20 minutes and complaint spend too much time with me and leave us in helpless situation. Don't honor two agreements, the initial quote and later $600 new price.

Update 03/07/2016:

The company finally put this Self-admiration response here after more than five years later, but it doesn't change any fact I experienced long time ago.
In fact, the boss (I forgot his name) asked me to remove my comment on this site with the money compensation right after my post, I declined.
Although the company may have many satisfied customers, just imaging what you would get through when this moving company bully you and leave you helpless on the scheduled moving day.
Be cautious, there are other much more responsible moving company you can use, that is only what I want say to you.

Company Response 03/07/2016:

We have been rated A + by the BBB OF GREATER BALTIMORE. WE have been in business for 15 years, the 2 complaints above are not anyone we can locate in out customer data base. They are 7 years old and 3. , we encourage anyone to contact the highly rated company so we can verify the actual move and correct any problems.We have moved 9000 customers and feel this does not have and indication of the fantastic service that is being provided and is a dis service to honest hard working customers on a budget, that deserve the A + Company rating , with no way to verify through my 3 cents. It forced us to clearify the company and its service. Thank you

Thank you to all our wonderful customers.

Dollar Movers Is the Worst Moving Company in Maryland.
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Rating: 1/51

BEL AIR, MARYLAND -- The movers were suppose to arrive at 9am, they arrived at 3:30pm. The service was horrible. My furniture was scratched up. The head crew leader had a terrible attitude, he even disrespected my family. Dollar movers' name is what it stands for. One dollar that is the service you will receive. Remember cheap is not the best way to go, QUALITY IS!!!

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