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1st and Last Visit
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Rating: 1/51

ST JOSEPH, MICHIGAN -- Visited the Dollar Tree store in St Joseph, Michigan for the first time and purchased four items. ALL four of the items that I purchased were defective. I went back to the Dollar Tree store a couple of hours later for a refund and was told by an associate (didn't catch her name or title) that Dollar Tree only does an exchange for more things... which might not work.

Obviously I wasn't very happy with my first, and last, visit. Was told that it says on my receipt that only an exchange for other items is possible from Dollar Tree... However, telling me this AFTER my purchase (on the receipt) is yet another sign of horrible customer service. If ANYTHING, the Dollar Tree should be warning everyone as they come in that the Dollar Tree quality is horrible and no matter how bad it is, you'll never receive a refund.

Asst. Manager Has a Problem
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Rating: 2/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I have shopped at this particular store many times in 10+ years if not longer. I have never had a problem until this so called manager. This has been going on for months now but not to the extent it has come to. I have noticed on many occasions that once she realizes I am in the store she begins to follow me.

Now at first I understood working in customer service myself and I figured she would see that her suspicions were wrong and she would back off. In this case not so. In fact it seems to have angered her because she can't accept she was wrong because then the mean looking direct stare started and side looks from other employees. Even a out of line cashier had the nerve to ask to see the inside of my purse with questions about the size of it and what do I carry in my purse.

At first I thought he was just making conversation and then it got weird. I had nothing to hide so I opened it up. It has still not put it to a stop. On 2 occasions now she has decided to actually follow me out of the store and continue as I go to the grocery store just down from this one.

The last time it has greatly disturbed me and I am hoping that she has not said something to the grocery store about me because I will then seriously consider a lawsuit against her and/or the store. She has no training in loss prevention obviously and that store tends to be on the messier side quite often. Maybe she should focus on work instead of wasting time to insult a customer. I wonder if it has ever occurred to her if she hasn't caught me shoplifting in all these months that maybe I'm not! Duh!

Unprofessional Management And Staff!!
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Rating: 2/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- This particular Dollar Tree Store # 5134 it is a pretty new location. It opened up sometime this past spring. During my 1st shopping experience the store unfortunately had a person shoplifting. As I was on the line to purchase my items the so called manager called in a very loud voice "CALL THE POLICE".

Now first when she yelled this there was an older woman in her late sixties or early seventy's with to what I assume her younger grandson, who had become very startled, and pretty much became frightened but she tried to stay calm due to her grandson. Now along with this there was another customer who was very pregnant and had also become alarmed with concern, but at this point we all became very concerned because the store was very quiet and all you saw was the cashier trying to make the phone call from her register and this so called manager trying to make the perpetrator stay from leaving the store.

During this time she had indicated loudly that he stole food. He stood still in the middle of the store's lane that leads to the exit and did not move not even an inch and still holding on to his so-called stolen food in his bag. Now at this time I decided to leave from the lane and leave the store. As I was leaving I noticed she was holding the front door from opening, while I look back the man was very humble and still with his stolen food in his bag waiting on the police. As I was leaving I had asked the manager if she was fine and she rudely and in a very unprofessional body language vibe along with her rude mannerisms indicated to me "NO".

What I am so saddened by as I left this store is not only was this older gentleman needing food but he was fine with being held accountable for what he did. You would think she could have made less of a show and obviously help the man in some other management and professional way. This woman is less than capable of having this position. Especially when it is concerning a situation as sensitive as this. She needs a serious coaching or she should be terminated since she obviously could not handle the pressure.

Now the other day I returned for a second time and basically asked a simple question to another sales associate. This time this particular associate was crass, rude and very short with me. Unfortunately I will no longer shop at this location. I am very disappointed with my customer service experience. Thank you for your concern to this matter and hoping your company will rectify this problem since Dollar Tree Store is a very worthwhile brand especially during these very hard economic times.

Will Not Return While Under Current Management
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- Re: Dollar Tree at 5190 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO - Store # 3188. Very poor treatment by store manager. I'd never been addressed and treated as if I was a tried criminal and trouble-maker for walking in and asking to borrow the bathroom - and before taking a basket and shopping at that.

On this occasion I was addressed as if I was in need of being set straight and given some 'tough love'. I was talked down to, educated on how things were and would be, and offered permission to take my business elsewhere - All prior to making it past the checkout stands and into the main store area, and because I refused to leave my personal belongings (a backpack w/ laptop, chargers, and library book, a transparent store bag w/ 2 bed pillows, and a purse) up front, where I was told they'd not be taken responsibility for but had to be left if I wanted to use the store bathroom.

'No Merchandise' means, universally, no unpaid-for store merchandise - not personal belongings or merchandise bought and paid for from other businesses. No Dollar Tree, including this one prior to this occasion, had ever been so arrogant and apparently assumptive of intentions. This manager, after making sure I knew how it would be and that I was "welcome to take your [my] business elsewhere" seemed to me to be quite proud of his sense of authority and power.

He even made a point, when I looked to get his name, to tell me it was Nick and pointed to it on his name tag. Not as if to accommodate, but as if challenging me to dare to think I might have any right to expect customer service by a provider hoping to get and retain customer business.

The whole event felt like an opportunity taken by a less than confident company employee to pump himself up by pushing someone else down. Especially when considering that customers walk in with backpacks, purses, and other merchandise, toss it all in their baskets, and then go up and down aisles of merchandise - much greater opportunity for questionable motives (should any exist to begin with) than simply taking your own possessions, with no basket or store merchandise, into a bathroom.

This store may be walking distance from the house, and it may have been a source for both personal and work supplies, but, as was suggested to me by this manager, I will take my business elsewhere.

Out-of-Stocks and the Laziest Retail Manager I Have Ever Come in Contact With!
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Rating: 1/51

TALLMADGE, OHIO -- Continuous out-of stock of very good selling items! Went there on a Tuesday to buy 5 items and ALL 5 WERE OUT OF STOCK! Was told they would be on Friday's Truck. Went back the very next Tuesday and 4 out of those 5 very same items were out of stock again. Asked the store manager about this and her response was, once it's here on Friday, I have no control of how long they'll last.

My response was if you order 1 case of an item and run out, order 2. If you order 2 cases and run out, order 3, and so on and so on! I also sarcastically remarked the store should be open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, only because she was unwilling to bump up orders and on the other 4 days the store usually was out of stock on key items! She gave me such a rude, arrogant response, I walked out and never returned to that store. Wrote a letter to the District Manager and addressed it to another Akron location explaining my experiences at that store! Never got any response.

All I can say is no matter how much business that unit is doing (and I hear that store is busy), they could do much much more if run properly. The store conditions in that unit are terrible. Many empty spaces on the shelves, very poor shelf conditioning, and the store is dirty! Dollar Tree is sitting on a "BIGGER" Goldmine than they can ever imagine. All they need is a manager that cares and puts in a little effort. Seriously, all I ever see this manager doing is leaning up against a gondola doing nothing and/or BS-ing with people. She was very annoyed at me for questioning the way she was running the store. Very annoyed!

It Won't Work, Will It?
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NILES, ILLINOIS -- Last Friday, I stopped off at the Dollar Tree near my job to pick up some cheap wrapping paper and a few stocking stuffers. I'm not a fan of this particular store simply because it's darker and so darn crowded compared to the one nearer to my house, but I needed to pick up Baby Clutzy from my MIL's house before I went home and I didn't feel like hauling her out of the car once we got back to our town.

Anyway, I found what I was looking for and went to the register, the cashier rang me up and I went to swipe my debit card. Then we waited, and waited, and waited. I swiped at least one more time. Then the cashier asks me, "is that a Mastercard?" I inform her that it is indeed a Mastercard. She tells me that they only take Visa or American Express.

I tell her that's baloney because I have been in that particular store several times in the last year, most recently just two weeks prior to this visit (not to mention I've used this exact card at my DT without a hitch at least two dozen times in the year it's been open) so unless the store's policy has changed in the last two weeks (and I doubted that because I was sure there would have been signs posted), I was sure it would go through. I asked her to reset the payment and we would try this again. She did, I swiped, typed in my PIN, and LO AND BEHOLD, IT WORKED!

I probably gave her one of my copyrighted "not so stupid, now, am I?" looks, but hey, I deserved it after that little incident. The receipt printed and she handed it to me without a thank you, a sorry, or even looking me in the eye. I told her that she was welcome and I left with my purchases. On my way out, I looked for the little signs that indicated what payment options were accepted in the store. Indeed, Mastercard was not displayed, but several debit card networks (including a few that pertained to my debit card) were displayed. Perhaps she should ask for all the details before she automatically rejects a payment.

Did You Know You Can Order From Them Online?
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Rating: 4/51

ALGONQUIN, ILLINOIS -- So, my co-workers and I were looking for a way to cheer up our office a little bit. A few weeks ago, one of them brought in a solar-powered dancing daisy she had gotten from her local Dollar Tree. It made you smile to see that thing wiggling under the fluorescent lights. We decided we each wanted one. Unfortunately, all the local DTs were sold out of them. So, I took to the Internet in an attempt to find some that weren't too outrageously expensive. Wouldn't you know it, I was pointed to the Dollar Tree website where I could order them to be shipped directly to me (for a fee) or to my local DT (for free).

The cost was the same as in the store, plus a small handling fee. I wasn't 100% trusting that this was legitimately DT, even if it did have the correct logo and gave the actual address of my local DT. But, I paid with my credit card, figuring I could always dispute the charge later if it came to that. Nearly a week went by with no word and I was starting to grow suspicious.

Finally, last night, I received an email saying that my order had shipped! This afternoon, I got another one saying that my order was in! Baby Clutzy and I headed for the store and lo and behold, they really were there! Holy Cow! I don't know if it'll be a place I go to terribly often, but if there's a hot item that can't be found in the stores again, I just might head there.

Careless Safety Procedures And A Danger To Customers
By -

EL MONTE, CALIFORNIA -- This store named "Dollar Tree Store" Store# 2017 In El Monte, CA is very careless in safety policies and the employees there are very rude. The incident I am speaking about is about one employee that had put a stepping ladder against a shopping cart and right in front of the shopping cart was myself and my 2 year old daughter. Well by doing this hazardous act the ladder fall to the ground pushing the shopping cart towards my daughter almost injuring her but wasn't that serious. And when the employee had seen what she had done she just turned away and did not even apologize for her careless act that she had just done, instead she avoided it like nothing had happen.

So when I had called to make a complaint about the employee to the store manager, she said she would give me a call back but never received a call back from her. So now even the management is horrible about responsibility. This store is like lawsuit waiting to happen. They need to learn how to be more careful and train for their safety procedures cause it is only common sense not to lean a ladder against a shopping cart.

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