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RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I just wanted to let everyone know of my great disappointment with Dominion Chevrolet of Short Pump. Last Wednesday my car would not start, I have the warranty so it was towed to Dominion. My husband had a really hard time getting them to call him back. Finally at 5:00 pm they called him and told him that the ignition switch had gone bad after only 3 years and it would be Friday before we could get it back. They called Friday to tell him it was ready and told him they would leave the keys over the visor so we could pick it up Friday evening.

When we got there Friday evening, the keys were not under the visor. My husband was really upset and went in to talk to a manager. He told him that he could not help him that we would have to come back Monday. If I had not had a spare key, that would have been 4 days without my car and the manager didn't seem to care. As I inspected my car, I noticed scratches from it being pushed in to the shop and other scratches all away around the car. If it were only two, I would have dismissed it but there were at least 10+.

I do not drive often and I never park next to anyone or near buildings. So Monday morning, instead of going to work, I went out of my way to Dominion. I stood in line for what seemed like a long time to retrieve my key. The man had me pull my car up to look at the scratches and then he brought out the service manager who never even acknowledged me. He kept telling the other guy that the scratches were old because they had wax in them. I asked how they had wax in them several times being ignored the first few times.

Finally he told me that it was from my car being washed. I know this is a lie because my car has not been washed in at least a year and said so. They said they would buff out what they could if I brought it back on Wednesday. Now the resale of my car is going to be less and I'm going to have to live with these awful scratches on my car and lose vacation time. What horrible customer service, I didn't even receive an apology for what was obviously caused by them using a motorized vehicle to push my car in the shop.

And to top it off, when I got to work this morning, I noticed a scratch on my dashboard where they obviously were trying to get it out. My husband had just test drove a Chevy V8 to replace his Blazer, now he swears that he will never buy another Chevy and is going to Ford. It's a shame that a company has to lose life long customers over poor customer service.

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