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Drag Marketing/Hudson Energy Solicitors Consumer Reviews

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Stay away from companies that use outside solicitors!
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LARGO,, FLORIDA -- NATURAL GAS AND ELECTRICITY SHOULD BE SOLD BY THE ESCO CO.ONLY! Someone needs to step up the laws concerning deregulation. Deregulation was set up so that consumers could choose an ESCO to supply their gas and electricity to them so that utility companies could not monopolize. Hudson energy services uses solicitors from Florida such as Drag Marketing to call you and tell you as of your next billing cycle, you'll be receiving benefits and discounts applied to your bill. DON'T BELIEVE THEM! Hang up after you tell them to put you on the DNC list and tell them if they call again, you will call the BBB and Public utility commission.

Hudson Energy Services gives fixed rates through solicitors and the rates are Higher in most cases than what you are paying through your own utility. Look at your bill and compare the rates. If you can't understand how to read it, please take the time to call your utility co. and ask them how much you are paying. Don't go through a voice verification, it's the same thing as a contract. Say No To Hudson Energy Services And You'll Keep Money in Your Pocket!

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