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Chinese Fine Dining Has Finally Reached UT County!
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Rating: 3/51

OREM -- Today caps two days of return dining experience at the Dragon House near Harmon's in North Orem. Having enjoyed real Chinese food all my life, I have been waiting for a chef to come to UT with a menu which highlighted the quintessence of traditional Chinese Cuisine like I have known from native Chinese friends. Kit is the owner/Chef and his cooking highlights recipes from his ancestor who cooked for the Imperial Court as a young man. Having tried 5 recipes... I am a fan of this establishment. Many dishes I have never seen on menus before, some are local favorites by name but uniquely Dragon House's by taste and eye candy appeal.

I have found even the Chinese Mustard to be addictive and I consumed it where in some establishments, I left it alone. Monday we had tried Shrimp with Vegetables, Cashew Shrimp, Szechwan Three Delights, Hot Sour Soup, Won Ton Soup, Shrimp Appetizers, egg rolls. It was a treat to have distinctly cut fresh vegetables, ethereal sauces not thick but deliciously enrobing each morsel perfectly. Leftovers were as good as fresh served which is not the case elsewhere.

I returned today at 2 PM hoping to find Kit less busy so I could order a softer cooked vegetable/shrimp dish for a friend on Hospice. He fixed me a special variation of Imperial Shrimp so my friend could eat it w/o struggling with her sore mouth. She was so excited to have such a treat!

Meals on Wheels is a convenience but no taste! Kit also included Won Ton Soup with heavy filled dumplings which showed he made them and didn't skimp on the filling. I couldn't resist asking him to make me a specialty he thought I would enjoy... anything. The waitress came back and said he was fixing Fish in Black bean sauce. I have no fond memories of black bean sauce in UT. Was I amazed at the beautiful dish from his Specialty list I received... it was incredible, succulent, delicately flavored with green and red bell peppers, mushroom, onions, and much more.

I wished I had a spoon for it pained me to leave behind the leftover sauce. I could be happy with this one dish alone, but I am planning on trying the menu one dish at a time. I would like to be with friends so we can sample more sooner, but Dragon House is so warm and welcoming that one can eat there and not feel out of place.

I did not mean to ramble, but everyone who loves Chinese food as much as I MUST come out and taste Kit's recipes. Take time to notice the centuries old antiques he has around the room while you have the taste experience of your life! Your eating experience will be enhance as well by the great service he has trained overseen by his wife. They both recognize that their success will be based as much on excellent food as with a trained staff to cater to the clients out front.

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