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Never Hire as a General Contractor, Construction Manager, or Millworker
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PURCELLVILLE, VIRGINIA -- Note: Contractor is referred to as “DV” in this complaint. We hired DV to renovate our basement beginning in May 2010. His business is located in Purcellville, Virginia. He said the project would take 6-8 weeks. It took nearly 7 months, and was worst contractor experience we ever had.

Among the problems, DV was apparently in serious financial trouble when he took the job and did not tell us. About 3 weeks into the job, he said that because he had been underbidding his jobs, he had to get a full time job, but would complete ours and another job first. A week later, he admitted he had already started the job. A week after that, he said that he decided to finish the other job first, because it was further along. We had absolutely no say in any of these decisions, and believe that withholding information about his situation and need to get a full time job was an omission of a material fact on which we relied when we agreed to the job.

He hired an inexperienced labor man whose work resulted in having to re-do significant parts of the job. When DV inspected the subpar work, he said nothing, but left it up to us to find the mistakes. Even the experienced workers (electrician, painter, carpenter, second tiler) made numerous mistakes that we had to point out to DV because he would not identify them himself. He visited the project very rarely and left the subcontractors to work without supervision, except sometimes by another subcontractor who was doing his own work at the same time and who we did not hire to be an overseer.

Almost all of the workers were incredibly inconsiderate of our home and landscaping, and rarely cleaned up after themselves. Although we have no proof of theft, a number of our tools have gone missing about the time the workers were here from cabinets in a room to which they had access. He repeatedly made promises to meet deadlines, and usually missed them. Even one of his subcontractors told us that because of the way DV treated him and us on this job, he never wanted to work with DV again.

Finally, we asked DV to pick a definite date that it would be finished and he agreed to put it in writing. Even then, the project went 13 days past the deadline until it was completed. Within a month after the job was finished, some of the millwork began to fail. He refused to even come by to look at the problem or fix it without a significant extra charge. He does not stand by his work.

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