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Foundation Repair
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Du-West Foundation in Houston, TX advertises free estimates for foundation repairs. I set up an appointment to have them do an estimate on a house I am trying to purchase. I also had my realtor call the person (Lettie) at Du-West who set up the appointment. My realtor provided Lettie with the information required to access to the property.
Everything was set or so we were told. Lettie assured my realtor and me that they would be there at the scheduled time to do the inspection and provide an estimate.

The appointment time (02/06/2008 @ 11:00 A.M.) passed and I did not hear from anyone regarding the outcome of their inspection. I called yesterday evening to get an update and was forwarded to Lettie's voice mail. I left a message asking for information and a return phone call. I got no call or email or any kind of response, so I called and finally spoke to Lettie a short time ago. She informed me that nobody had kept the appointment. She said there was a $75 travel fee to come to Angleton to do an estimate, and that since nobody had collected the fee they didn't show up.

Nobody ever mentioned any travel fees. It says nothing in their advertising or on their website about any fees for estimates. In fact they advertise free estimates. Not only did they neglect to mention, much less request payment of, any such fees, but they didn't bother to notify me, my realtor, or anybody that they had no intentions of keeping the appointment.

A week's time transpired between the time I made the appointment and the actual date of the appointment. I feel that was more than adequate time to contact us and request payment of any fees or, at the very least, cancel the appointment so we could make other arrangements. Neither did they call me after the fact to inform me they hadn't been to the property, nor did they even bother to return my phone call. I had to call them back, and then - and only then - was this Travel Fee brought up.

I spoke to somebody named Kenny who is supposed to be in charge and he made no effort to apologize or remedy the situation. I was extremely upset and made him aware of it. I could (and would) have gotten someone else to provide the estimate long before now if I had known Du-West would not honor their commitment.

They say they are the best. I say "B.S." A responsible company would have provided truth in advertising, accurate, up-front information regarding fees and policies, and would have definitely informed the client that they wouldn't keep the appointment. I am appalled that a business owner would be so irresponsible and nonchalant toward any past, present, or even potential client. Du-West? ANYTHING BUT the best!!!

Company Response 11/24/2009:

Dear Charles,

First and foremost, we would like to apologize for the long-awaited response. Our company has recently begun tracking reviews and is slowly, but surely, beginning to answer feedback. Needless to say, your feedback to our company is much appreciated. I am a strong believer that criticism can only help our local, family company become better at what we do.

Due to the reason that the appointment was made in 2008, I have tried to back track our system and look for details into this job. However, I wasn't able to find a reason to why we cancelled your estimate request. Therefore, I sincerely apologize for the miscommunication that happened on our end. Furthermore, my staff and I should have been clear in regards to the travel fee to Angleton. Again, this was a miscommunication error on our part.

Once again, I understand that this appointment was made in 2008 and we hope that your foundation or plumbing problem has been resolved by this point. However, if it still causing a problem for you, please personally give me a call at our Houston office at (713) 473-7156 and ask for Jim Dutton.


Jim Dutton
Owner of Du-West

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