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The Best and Most Comfortable Bed Sheets... EVER!
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OK, so it isn't everyday someone writes a review about bed sheets. But, I felt it is my duty to inform everyone of the bestest bed sheet set I've ever bought. Duke Stevens offers these sets made of fleece. At first, I just tossed them back on the shelf at the store, thinking they'd be itchy or just too heavy. I thought it would be like sleeping in fleece pants and sweatshirt which to me is UNTHINKABLE!

Then after I got home I thought about it. Remembering the label stated 'New Alternative to Flannel' which is what I used before. Then I thought, if it's only $14.99 for a Queen Size set and being sold at Marc's then it can't be that good. Oh well, what the heck! So, I went back and bought a set. Ran it through the wash. Put the set on my bed.
As soon as I slipped between those sheets it was like slipping between two clouds! I couldn't believe how soft, warm and comfortable they were. And the matching pillowcases that comes with the set were also the best cases I've ever laid my head on.

I noticed during the night, there were not 'cold spots' as there are with regular cotton sheets. You know that feeling, when you roll over and the sheets are cold until you lay there for a few minutes. That same feeling of not WANTING to move in bed because you know the sheets are cold! Getting up to go to the bathroom and returning to a cold bed... Well, those days are over! There were no cold spots. I could lay on one side then the other and it was just as warm. They are extremely soft and once you're in bed, you just don't want to get out!

Yeah, I'm surprised I'm really writing this about bedsheets, but I just had to share with everyone and highly recommend these sets if you're lucky enough to find them in a store in your area. I went back and bought my Dad a set of these yesterday and I'm going to buy a few extra sets before they are sold out.

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