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Totally Terrible To Say The Least.
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Went to store 588915. Made an order that should've cost only $8.93 cents. Employee charges my card for $22.26. We see the mistake, then she charges the right amount of $8.93. Finally manager who had an attitude the entire time states she refunded the mistake. Still showing on my account for two charges. Went back in to show my statement, the manager, upset, says, "You have to wait 24 to 48 hours for a refund". WAIT. REALLY. You didn't wait to charge my card twice. Credit card processing doesn't take that long. That's a selfish way. The owner has the processing system set up because they don't trust their employees. I'm going Krispy Kreme for now on...

Out Of Nearly Everything!
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Rating: 2/51

NORTH SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- Ordered a large coffee, they are out of large cups. Ordered a sausage bagel, they are out of sausage. Too often they are out of lids. It is most frustrating to wait in line to then find out they don't have what you'd like to order. Their credit card machine or cash register is often broken but they don't post a sign saying "cash only". You only find out once you are at the window. Something is seriously wrong with this place. The store is a nasty mess daily around 1:30/2:00 and employees can be seen leaving (perhaps it is the end of their shift).

Terrible Customer Service, Nasty Cashier
By -

RANDOLPH, NEW JERSEY -- I am writing about my last experience at Dunkin Donuts store # 302996 in Randolph, NJ. I went there a week before today, and had a large order for the office I work at. One of the things on my list was a medium hot water. When I went back across the street to my office, I looked at the receipt and noticed that I was charged for an extra medium coffee, as opposed to a hot water.

I called the store up and spoke to the Manager, **. I identified myself as **, the girl who always comes in with an office order in a scrub top. I explained the situation and said if I come in next time, could I get a free medium coffee instead of going back there at that moment to be reimbursed? ** said yes.

I went in today, 11/10/11 at 10:17am with yet another office order. I saw ** standing next to the cashier, **, and I handed her my written down coffee-order and I said "I was here last week and got charged for a medium coffee when I had a medium hot water. ** said I can get a free coffee." ** looked at me, and nodded his head.

The cashier, **, raised her voice at me and said "Oh, no you got two hot waters last time! I charged you for two waters. And you know what? That's 50 cents. Oh no, no wait, that's 75 cents because you wanted lemon packet on the side."€ I responded "No, I only got one water." She again tried to argue with me, then asked another co-worker, and they said one.

** pushed my list back at me, and demanded that I read it to her this time. I said, "You want me to read all this to you?" She said "Yes." So as I was reading her the list, she was talking to me with a nasty condescending tone of voice the whole time. She put a total of 5 coffees in front of me and told me what they were. I pointed to one coffee and asked, "Is this the decaf one?" ** threw a pencil my way and told me, the customer, to write on them what each were. Last time I checked, it was the Dunkin Donuts employee's job to write what each coffee was, not the paying customer.

She kept mentioning about the water, and she told me I am only going to get a 50 cent discount. I said "whatever" to her. She then started shaking her head back and forth and said to me "you want lemon with this? Lemon with this I charge you more." This place doesn't even have real lemon, they have lemon packets. I will never return to this unprofessional place of business again.

I go there at minimum twice a week for the office I work at, spending an average of 10-15 dollars worth of coffees and sodas each time. I am always friendly and thanking them for their service, yet the employees are always nasty and rude.

Employee Complaints
By -

I've been a Dunkin employee for almost 4 years now. The only reason I have been there for so long is because it is the easiest job in the entire world. I started when I was 14, I applied to 10+ jobs and the only place I heard back from was Dunkin'. I am very grateful for that, but overall as an employee I am extremely disappointed in the management of the location I work at. I read a few of the complaints, most about the taste of the coffee or stale/ burnt products. That all depends on the location you go to. They are all run by different people, therefore different product quality.

It's obvious DD employees don't take their jobs seriously, well most of them anyway. A couple of the people I work with are some of the most disgusting human beings I have met in my entire life. For example, one fellow doesn't like to wash his hands. He will literally go to the bathroom (#2) (which he announces to the whole staff before he leaves...classy) and come back on the floor and make someone a bagel and not wear gloves.

He REFUSES to wash his hands. This man is a shift leader by the way, which means he is in charge of everyone on that shift when the actual manager isn't in the building. I have brought this up with the manager on several occasions. He does absolutely nothing about it. NOTHING! It is mind blowing. Usually managers would try to stop something like that from happening.

I'm not writing this review to try to prevent people from shopping at Dunkin Donuts, this is more of a warning for customers. MAKE SURE THE PEOPLE PREPARING YOUR FOOD ARE WEARING GLOVES! Like I said before, most DD employees don't take their jobs seriously whatsoever. You may be ordering a bagel from someone who just got out of the bathroom without washing their hands, you don't know! Make sure they are wearing gloves, it is required anyway, so don't feel rude by asking if your food is made by someone wearing disposable gloves.

I know I am ranting but I am like seriously scarred from working with the people I do. I went to a sandwich restaurant and this man was making my sandwich without gloves and I had to say never mind because all I could think about was the people I work with. It just makes me sick to my stomach thinking of customers eating food prepared by dirty hands. And it pisses me off that I tried to stop something like that from happening and absolutely nothing was done.

Oh and another thing! If you would like to make a complaint about an employee or a bad experience, don't email the Dunkin Donuts website, they will most likely not do a damn thing. Even talking to the manager of the store probably isn't going to do anything. Figure out the OWNER (NOT manager, shift leader, or shift manager) you can probably find their number by calling the store you visited, which you'd have to ask for or look up online/ in the phone book. Give him/her a call, the employee's name, and approx what time the incident happened. Thank you for your time :)

Complaint - 182 Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford NY
By -

ELMSFORD, NEW YORK -- Went into this location, Dunkin Donuts, at, 182 Saw Mill River Rd, Elmsford, NY on Friday, October 9th at around 6PM. I had a valid Dunkin Donuts coupon offering me a dozen (12) donuts for $6.00. I noticed 2 things. One was that the regular price of a dozen donuts was $6.99. Secondly, there was a small sign on the counter by the register that said that only one coupon can be used and they can't be combined. I informed the clerk that I had a coupon. This coupon was in the Sunday paper ad section where many companies place cut-out coupons. The clerk indicated that this location does not accept any coupons, effective "2 days ago."

I have never had a problem using a coupon at a Dunkin Donuts location, no matter where located. The clerk indicated that his manager ** told him no longer to accept coupons. I wondered, if they are no longer accepting coupons why did they need to have the small sign by the register. I asked to speak to a manager. The clerk indicated that there was no manager on site at the time and that the manager will be in the next day. So the clerk let a customer leave your store pissed and annoyed as I went out of my way to get donuts.

Let's look at this further. Firstly, I bet the founder Rosenberg would be spinning in his grave if he knew that a clerk let a customer leave a location dissatisfied. Remember, on the Dunkin Donut website they have his business principles. Maybe it's time for the manager, the clerk, and the franchise owner to review them over and over. Of course there is the possibility that the franchise owner, who is expected to led by example rather take the risk of losing one customer as they seek out the mighty buck.

With economic problems throughout the country one would expect that a franchise owner would not want to alienate any customers. But then again, a coupon cuts into his profit margin and maybe the amount he lost by accepting them would result in something he cannot accept. However, he failed to realize that the loss of a customer will hurt his financial bottom line many hundred times more than the value of the coupon.

I intend to post the information about what happened all over the web. Over the next few days corporate Dunkin Donuts can read about it on the various consumer websites such as Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, and others as I intend to pass this negative experience to all I know and then some. I even took the time to call other locations in the area and all would accept the coupon.

Oh, by the way, the coupon would have yielded me a total saving of a whopping, get this, 99 CENTS. It's now become a matter of principle, and not the 99 Cents that matters. For as far as I am concerned, Dunkin Donuts has lost a long time customer who will not enter any of your locations again. But then again, do you care? We shall see if you take the time to respond to this complaint.

Unethical Management
By -

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I worked at a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins in Naperville, IL. It was a brand new beautiful store which offered free WiFi, a comfortable leather couch, a leather massage chair and a 42" flat screen plasma TV. We would always receive compliments on our unique store.

I was employed there for a year and a half and in the middle of that time frame we were handed over to new management. The owners of course were Indian and I never had problems with them. They are wonderful people. The store manager was also Indian and our new district manager was Hispanic. Now, at the time I was the only Hispanic employed at that facility so I thought this is great they must be starting to broaden their horizons since they were open minded enough to trust a Hispanic district manager with all of their 12 stores.

Since I was there for the time that I was I had gotten close with a lot of the customers. I knew most of them by name and they always looked forward to my service. They would tell me about how the other shifts didn't provide the same service and quality of product as my shift did.

There came the time when we were all required to take online training classes and be certified in what we do. It took me about six months to finally finish the training, and it wasn't until then that I was able to receive my first raise and up till then I had already been with the company for about a year. It always seemed that management couldn't get the employees to do the online training.

So, they decided to pay a sixteen year old who worked there to do everyone's training. I was shocked when I heard this from the kid himself. I was shift leader so I felt that I had the power to say "no, you're going home". After that I called the store manager and confronted her with what I had just heard and she told me not to get in management's business and to let them handle it. As soon as I finished talking to her, I called the district manager because I felt that I could trust him. I asked him if he was aware of that and he said that he was not and that he would look into it. I later found that he was in it all along and he knew what was going on.

I felt like there was a murder going on and I couldn't do anything about it because the authority themselves were the ones committing the crime. I felt really angry that I had to work hard for those certificates and I actually tried hard to give the customers a good experience since I am aware of all the complaints and bad experiences that people have had at Dunkin Donuts restaurants.

I finally quit after a year and a half because I couldn't take the B.S. anymore and the unethical people that the place was being run by. They never took my Shift leader position seriously because I was only 18 at the time. My feedback and suggestions never mattered.

I would love to own my own Dunkin Donuts and let it be the one that guests actually receive what they ask for and get treated the way they deserve, and it would be the one that people would go out of their way just to get a great high quality cup of coffee with excellent service.

Everyone Ordering Combos Are Overcharged!
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Rating: 2/51

STERLING, VIRGINIA -- I was overcharged for a combo and the server, a female, clearly NOT named ** as indicated on my receipt could only say "It's taxes" and look at me like I'm stupid. I asked if they had a "button" they push for the combo so it calculates the correct price. She charged me for each one separate $1.99 for "Single Muffin", $1.99 for MED coffee, NOT as a combo and she rang up my orange juice in between the two $2.09 subtotal $6.07 with sales tax .30 for a total of $6.37. This woman continued to ring people up at the "individual" prices of the items rather than the discounted rates.

My question is "What do they do with the extra funds?" It is only a matter of $.79, but I am being taxed off that extra as well. It's the principle of wanting the cashier to know her job and not cheat the customer. This can be remedied by providing proper training with EXPLANATION of how the taxes work to this cashier. I am irritated with Dunkin Donuts... there was no napkin in the bag either.

Thermos Made In Malaysia-Best Thermos I Have Ever Used-Can't Locate More
By -

MORRISVILLE, VERMONT -- I bought several thermos made in malaysia but would love more! I left my thermos outside in -20 degrees here in vermont and co-worker were amazed it was still hot next day when I returned. I bragged about this thermos for years and others must have found they were the best cause I can't locate more of them. I have tried many different thermos and none has met up to these standard except this specific thermos made in malaysia.

Dimensions are 12" h x 3" width with maroon cover. These are patented thermos. Sure wish dunkin donuts would order more for that are the best well made thermos. Should anyone come across another thermos they feel meets these standards please feel free to let me know! Or if anyone knows where I can purchase more please let me know! This was the best thermos ever.

Worst Bagel I've Ever Had
By -

MARLBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS -- Sunday morning, before work I decided to get a bagel with cream cheese and an ice coffee. The place was NOT busy at all, maybe like one person behind me in the drive through. (This is at 6:30 am) I get to work, open my bagel and it literally looked like the most disgusting thing ever. It was completely smashed on the sides and had virtually no cream cheese on it!!! There wasn't enough cream cheese to thinly cover one slice. I have never, ever seen something like that.

If I could have left work I would've certainty gone back to complain, but obviously that wasn't an option. I took a picture of it but there's no way to send it to Dunkin Donuts online (yes, I've sent them an e-mail as well). I've had a few gross coffees at DD, and poorly put together food items and I would never complain, because I really just don't do things like that.

But this was really bad, and I'm pissed I paid money for something like that. I don't understand why anyone would think that was an acceptable thing to give a customer??? A person actually prepared it, saw it like that, wrapped it up and sold it. There's really no excuse. That's the last time I'm buying something there, and I'm not going to hesitate to tell others of my experience.

She talked about oral sex infront of my 5yr. old
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I had always been satisfied with this particular branch, until they started hiring rude young kids. On one occasion a young girl by the name of ** threatened under her breath to "spit in my coffee" because she had gotten my order wrong and I asked her politely to change it. That was the first time. Since this particular location is close to my home I kept going on the hours to avoid the girl.

This last time however was by far the worst experience I've ever had in the many years I've been a customer. They had gotten my very simple order wrong again and when I asked for it to be changed, a different girl gave me an attitude about the whole thing. It wasn't a busy time of day at all but she made it obvious that I was taking her away from her duties of talking with her coworker about some guy she gave oral sex to.

My five year old daughter was with me so when I asked her to please not talk that way she told me "LEAVE ** IF Y'ALL DON'T LIKE OUR FRIENDLY SERVICE." I was completely taken aback and when I told her there was no need to get that way and that I'd like to speak with the manager she said "I'm the ** manager! And you ain't right!" She made a point to take her name tag off as I consoled my daughter who at this point was crying.

Like any mother would do when their child was exposed to something as vulgar and disgusting as the attitude and words this girl showed I walked out and told the girl she had an attitude and that I will be sure to tell all of my colleagues (I'm a teacher) to not go there if she was going to treat people that way. Her final quote was "I don't give a **! A lot of cops come in here and know me so don't think about ** with me!"

The 20 teachers that I know (who normally ordered large boxes of donuts for our classes of 30+ students for our after school clubs) will be aware that although we like Dunkin Donuts, this location we'll have to pass up since there seems to be NO ONE to instill in this staff of young teens just how to treat people.

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