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All for some coffee
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I walked in, second time in my day, to order a medium hot coffee. My order was being taken care of from another employee whom I don't remember her name **, was in the side room yelling and complaining about how she could only depend on another employee to not "** things up" (pardon the foul language.) She was going on about how if she could leave the store, that she could depend on this employee to not mess things up and that another employee is very undependable. I don't recall the name of the employees she mentioned.

Back to my order, once I received my coffee and my receipt, paid by my debit card, I noticed when I was leaving the store that the receipt was marked incorrect. I was charged for a small iced coffee priced 2.33 (?) when the medium hot coffee itself is just 1.98. The price difference didn't matter to me, it was just a couple of cents. However, I still wanted a correct receipt for my records, so I went back to the cashier who gave me my order (again not sure what her name was, might have been **). She didn't know how to refund the money back to my debit card so she called over **.

When ** came to the cashier after seeming quite upset, she looked at me and asked me "okay so what's the problem?" I told her the order on the receipt was wrong, and she responded something like 'my god these people' or 'I'm not going to be able to even leave today,' very loud and totally inappropriate. She took the receipt and started subtracting from what the iced coffee was priced, to the medium hot coffee that I ordered. She looked like she was having trouble also putting the money back on the card, so I simply said just give it back to me in cash. When she was planning on giving me back cents, I told her about her store's policy.

When I showed her the store policy which was stamped all over the store (which stated if your order is incorrect on the receipt your order is free) she flipped. She yelled at me, asking me if I was "busting her balls" and if I was "** serious." I asked her to calm down, that its your store's policy to do what is required. She continued to yell and say "your ** kidding me", and asked me what is it that I wanted for free. I told her that again, that her policy was that my order was free, so I would just take my coffee. And again, she yelled and responded back that if I was "** with [her]" I told her she needs to calm down, and asked her for her name.

She wrote it on the receipt and practically threw it at me, saying **. She then yells at me saying shes having a "Great day" so I responded when I received the receipt "Yea I'm having a great day too, and its about to be wonderful once I make this complaint." She told me that I can do a complaint online (which I know is not true, and if it was, I would rather speak to someone directly in charge.)

So she continued to yell, and stated that she was going to call her boss. I told her that's great, because I can talk to him as well. She told me "Oh well, that's your problem now isn't it. Your not going to speak to my boss." And I told her, so let me speak to your manager. She snapped back at me telling me that she is the manager. I told her "that's great, your showing your employees how real customer service works." She started to call her boss saying out loud that she doesn't "need this." While she was speaking to her boss, she asked him "do you want to speak with this sir, because hes just standing here and wants to speak with you."

Seconds after talking to him about the incident, ** was yelling in the background saying that "Don't lie sir, don't lie." I simply told her "I'm lying? Sorry, but lying isn't something I do." Then she was screaming to get her cellphone back, which I did shortly after I asked her boss for his cellphone number. I called him on his cellular phone and he told me he will send me an email and try to deal with this incident.

I called him the next day and asked him as a reminder on what was the manager's name. He said **. I asked for a last name and he simply said he didn't know. I then asked him for his full name which I didn't get when I first spoke to him. He said **. I asked for a last name and he refused to give it. I reminded him that he hasn't send me the email, and email that I thought was to report the incident. The email he said, was only just to receive a complimentary meal at his establishment. That's not what I wanted however, I wanted a professional email to receive my complaint and save it on file.

A Great Place to Receive Poor Customer Service and the Wrong Order.
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Rating: 1/51

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been a regular customer at Dunkin Donuts for a few months now. I go by and grab a coffee on my way to work. Everyday the employees (especially the morning manager) have a terrible attitude and become upset if you ask them to repeat the order back to you or to check your order after you give it. On several occasions I have also been given the wrong order or incorrect coffee.

During my most recent experience I actually decided to call and let them know that they had indeed given me the wrong product (I have never called to complain before, this was my first time; although I continuously have been given the wrong order) I was assured by the manager they would replace it upon my next visit.

As I went this morning to get my free replacement coffee after explaining that it was I who had called; I was REFUSED service by the manager since he "recognized me as being a regular customer". I didn't realize giving consistent business to a company was perceived as a bad thing, when I was working in customer service jobs I always took it as a positive connotation.

I must say that besides the terrible customer service, the coffee quality here is iffy as well. Even when it isn't busy and you're the only person in line there is a 5-10 minute wait. After this incident I will no longer be a customer of this Dunkin Donuts, I will be taking my business to Starbucks from now on...

Customer Service Doesn't Exist!
By -

WELLSVILLE, NEW YORK -- I am getting beyond furious with Dunkin Donuts. I visited their store in Wellsville, NY and had to deal with a snobby little teen who was the only one working the counter. She acted as though doing her job was a huge burden. Due to a lack of options for a latte, I decided to place an order, anyway. I ordered a large latte and a donut. My latte was only filled 1/2 way full... quite literally. So by this point, my blood was starting to boil. I couldn't believe she had the nerve to had me a large cup that was filled only halfway full! The donut was disgusting and stale. I'm NOT the type to gripe about hot coffee... I expect it hot.

However, there is hot, then there is the point of scalding where it is ridiculous. When I took my first drink of coffee, it scalded my mouth to the point where the roof of my mouth literally peeled off, and it burnt my throat the whole way down. That coffee sat in the car in cold weather and was undrinkably hot for over 15 minutes. Trying to get my money's worth, I let the drink cool and decided to give it another try. Not only was it ENTIRELY too hot, but it tasted like CRAP!!! That is by far one of the worst tasting excuses for a latte I've ever put in my mouth.

I wrote to Dunkin Donuts through their website's customer service and received the generic "I'm sorry you had a problem" ** where they told me they were going to forward the message on to the district manager. After two weeks of not hearing a WORD, I was pissed and decided to write them YET AGAIN. I'm now going on ONE MONTH after the incident and have YET to be contacted regarding the matter! I will NEVER AGAIN buy so much as a pack of sugar from this piece of crap establishment. I think that in an economy as bad as this one, businesses can't afford to have such crappy customer service.

I will SMILE when this company falls under for their crappy business plan and complete and utter lack of customer service. They lost me as a customer for life, and I will do my best to pass on the word of just how crappy they are.
Word of mouth advertising is one of the most effective... guess they never learned that, or they just don't give a crap. Either way, I'm DONE. Give me Starbucks!!!

I worked at Disney World and received numerous guest applause-o-grams for outstanding customer service. I understand the need to please the customer, and I expect to be welcomed with a smile when I enter an establishment.

Employee Errors, Customer Mistreatment, Mismanagement
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- Dunkin' Donuts on Taft Road, North Syracuse NY... All the employees and managers there know that my coffee is made wrong nearly every day. Yesterday, it was made wrong and the manager Briana told me to go somewhere else to get my coffee. I was dumbfounded and told her "I cannot believe you are turning a customer away because you can't get my order right" (simple - medium iced coffee extra cream, extra sugar, light ice).

I asked for contact information for someone above her, which she refused - telling me that there is no one above her. I insisted that since she doesn't own the store, there is higher management. She advised me that this was coming from upper management. I found the number for the exec offices and attempted to contact one of the franchisees (owners) and they weren't in.

I reported the incident to the DD 800#, and then I found a cell number to Roy ** (franchisee). I spoke with him and he referred this to Marcia, a district manager. She called me and told me that Briana, the store manager, said that I show up there WITHOUT the coffee that was made wrong all in an attempt to get free coffee. This is NOT the case!

I went there today and Briana is on vacation, but a manager in training is there as was Marcia. I spoke to the manager in training first, and he acknowledged that "we screw up your coffee almost every day" as well as "you circle back around to the drive-through with the coffee that is wrong to have it replaced". I even have this on tape now. He brought Marcia over to talk to me, and repeated for her what he had said- that I am not trying to get free coffee out of nowhere, that I drive back around WITH the coffee that needs to be replaced.

I ask that you call Roy ** and let him know how disgusting it is that the manager Briana is treating a customer this way and that she should indeed be fired for doing so. To tell a customer to shop somewhere else because they can't get an order right, and subsequently lie about the customer is simply unacceptable.

Overcharging of 23 cents loses 40 year customer.
By -

DORCHESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- Hello, I am a long time DD customer (over 40 years) and I frequent the DD's on Morrissey Blvd in Dorchester Ma. every single day of the year and order the same thing every day - a medium hot coffee, dark no sugar, and a bagel with cream cheese which is a # 3 combo. This past Saturday, June 19th, 2010 at 12:17 pm I entered DD's on Morrissey Blvd. I ordered my usual # 3 combo from a gentleman who was then interrupted by the manager to reconcile the cash drawer, so he passed my order to the next register, where a woman (**) submitted my order into the computer.

When she entered the order the total came to $4.12, and I said that it should be $3.69 for the combo plus tax for a total of $3.89, which happens quite frequently if they enter it as separate items. "Well", ** said "well that's what it comes to, and there is nothing I can do". Mind you, I come in every day, and they all know me, I've never had a problem, and I always leave a $1.00 tip. I'm always very courteous, and was this day as well. So I asked Linda if I could speak with the manager. She kindly obliged. The manager, **, came over and I explained the situation.

** stated that "we have a new computer system, and there is nothing she can do" continued on next additional email... Continued from earlier post... When ** informed me there is nothing she could do to adjust the cost to $3.89, I informed her the I've been coming in here every single day for over 20 years, never had a problem, and you're over charging me, which is also very illegal. She repeated that she was sorry but there was nothing she could do. I said well I'm sorry, but you will never see me in here again, for 23 cents, you're going to lose a long time customer. She shrugged her shoulders, and I left, very very upset.

I've since posted the story on Facebook and Twitter and everyone cannot believe what happened. The common consensus is that ** should have done something to make the customer happy. I will be forwarding this on to the Massachusetts Attorney General's office in the hopes that illegal overcharging by Dunkin Donuts comes to an end. Thank you.

Disrespect of My Wife by Employee
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Rating: 1/51

LYNDHURST, NEW JERSEY -- On the afternoon of 08/26/12 my wife had stopped with my mother-in-law for a coffee and a little time together to talk. When they were on their way out, my wife had decided to purchase a pound of coffee. My mother-in-law had mentioned "why don't you purchase the one at 10% off?" My wife decided to do just that and mentioned to the employee behind the counter that it said the product was 10% off. The employee went on to say sarcastically, "That's not 10% off! Where did you go to school? Can't you read!"

My wife was shocked and immediately left the establishment, as the employee sarcastically yelled, "Pick it up! Put it back." When I was told about this needless to say I was infuriated, but knew what could I do, but tell her, never go back there again. They don't know how to treat their customers.

Cappuccino Horror!
By -

ELMHURST, ILLINOIS -- Can't make cappuccino to save their soul! Called corporate who was supposed to have the owner call me, manager of store did instead. She told me to come back in and they would make it correctly. I did, they didn't! When the cappuccino came out as a major latte again, I refused it and was told by the cashier, "They are the same thing." I explained that perhaps they should read their own cup sleeve which tells them how to make the drink, she got the manager who also couldn't get it.

Her fix to making the cappuccino over the latte was to pour out some of the liquid and return the lid. Hello, possibly you should read the directions or Dunkin Donuts should stick to what they do, coffee and donuts, not specialty coffees! Called corporate AGAIN who said she would have the owner call me and not the manager. The phone has just rung, guess who, manager again! Really, don't bother, if you want coffee go elsewhere!

Dunkin Larceny
By -

GROTON, CONNECTICUT -- I have been a DD customer for over thirty years - my local shops in Groton, CT are all owned by the same family... and you know what that means. First they took away our senior discount which amounts to approx. 25 cents a day if you buy 2 cups every day (which I almost always do). Multiply that out for a year and see what the customer's loss comes out to! And now they charge you for a medium coffee if you request a small coffee in a medium cup. The reason I make this request - and I have for years and years - is because the small cardboard cup is super-hot and comes with an insecure lid.

A number of times I've had hot coffee spilled all over me because the window server did not see that the lid was securely in place. But that's too bad - if you want to order a small coffee in a medium cup you have to pay the medium price - although the owners will deny this and claim they are charging you for the cup only. What does it matter - you are buying a medium coffee and getting a small... whichever way you look at it. These people are capitalist thieves - they do not care about the wishes of customers who frequented DD back when they were in diapers.

All DD Corporate did was to agree with me that I shouldn't have to pay the additional money for a different cup and sent me a few freebie coupons. Whoopee-do! DD-Corporate is the same operation as many of these locals -indifferent and always trying to buy your complaint off. I'm just plain disgusted. The next thing you know they'll be charging us for the donut hole.

Decaf coffee
By -

DANBURY, CONNECTICUT -- I go to Dunkin Donuts all the time in my town. I go to several different locations. At each location at one time or another I ask for decaf coffee. I cannot have caffeine. When I get to the window (drive through) I ask the person working if it is decaf. Sometimes they just say yes, sometimes they say they don't know. I can't tell if its decaf until I drink it and then my heart starts beating fast and I start shaking. One incident was when I ordered a decaf coffee. I went back to work and drank it. I started to shake and my heart was pounding. I went back to Dunkin Donuts and went inside. I asked for a decaf coffee which the girl behind the counter made but she made it with regular coffee.

I asked to talk to the manager and explained it to her. "Oh my people would not do that" she said. I told her that I just watched her make it and it was not decaf coffee. She was not helpful at all. When people ask for decaf there probably is a good reason for doing so. If I say something to any of the employees they usually laugh. Or one time a girl made me a regular coffee which I watched her do, and when she gave it to me I asked her if it was decaf and she said "oh you wanted decaf didn't you", and started laughing. Well I am not laughing and one day this could end me up in the hospital. Will they be laughing then?

The Best Coffee, I'm Wired
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I've been a coffee addict since the mid '50s, the first Dunkin I saw was in '63 in Morton Grove I'll, from that day their coffee has been the top choice. Now being a resident of the Tampa, FL area My local Dunkin shop at W, Fletcher and Ola is almost a second home. They take great care of me, have the best bagels in town and a fast Wi-fi hotspot. No matter what kind of day it's been, it's always better after a visit to my Dunkin Doughnuts. My favorite place to hang out with the laptop, converse with my fellow patrons, drink way too much coffee and get a hookup to an irrigation system prior to hitting the road.

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