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Nasty employee 3 times in a row at my local Dunkin' Donuts.. Had to call the cops this time!
By -

Hello all. This is my first review on here. I just came across this website as I was looking for a corporate number to complain about Dunkin Donuts to. I apologize in advance for the long post but it is 3 separate incidents in the same location with the same employee.

The first of three events took place 2 weeks ago at the drive-through. I ordered a French cruller donut and a large Tropicana orange Coolatta. They asked if I wanted whipped cream and I said no. When I drove up to pay, my drink had whipped cream on it. I nicely told the employee that I didn't ask for whipped cream but he insisted that I did. Then, another employee walked over, stuck her head out the window and said "NO, I HEARD YOU SAY IT TOO!"

I told them that I had no reason to lie about what I wanted. What sense would that make? Instead of just apologizing and making it over, they battled me on whether or not I wanted whipped cream. It got to the point where I told them I wanted my money back because treating a customer this way is uncalled for. They gave me my money back and I drove away.

As I pulled away, I noticed that I also received the wrong donut. Now, I was even more annoyed. This was even further proof that they do not pay attention to their customers! I drove back around and told them. She screamed out to another employee "I'M NOT DEALING WITH THIS! YOU DO IT! I'M DONE". What kind of behavior is that? You completely messed up my order and now are attacking me for asking for it to be corrected? Someone else came to the window claiming to be the manager and asked what the problem was. Then, she completely dismissed her employee's behavior and failure to execute a very simple order! I do not appreciate that!

A few days ago, I went to the drive through again and unfortunately happened to get the same employee! As I paid for my order, she started reciting my license plate number and giggling to herself. I find that extremely creepy and inappropriate to memorize my license plate number! She was trying to provoke me. Then, as she handed me my change she knocked my quarters on the floor and said a very sarcastic "Whoops!". I decided to just let it go because I was not in the mood for another confrontation.

Today was the final straw! I dropped my niece off inside because she works next door and then went to the drive through again and guess what? Got the same rude employee again! I guess they're short on staff? I really don't know but anyway, once AGAIN she recited my license plate to me trying to antagonize me. I laughed in her face and told her to get a life.

Then, she started singing "LA LA LA LA LA YOU DON'T AFFECT MEE!!! LA LA LA".. So immature! She handed me a disgusting drink. It's supposed to be a bright orange slushy consistency but it was a veryyy light almost clear and was a watery melted mess. I feel confident that she did this deliberately. I complained and she said "Oh well, that's all we have."

Once again, I drove away and let it go with no plans to ever go to this location again. A few minutes after I left, my niece texted me telling me how she heard her carrying on and making fun of me with the other employees like it was some kind of inside joke. I was outraged and went back, walked inside, and demanded to speak to the manager. I was told that they didn't have a manager, only an owner.

The rude employee walked over, called me a psycho and said that this was strike #3 and threatened that I better never come back in there again. I immediately called the cops and filed a complaint. I have contacted the Dunkin Donuts corporate office about this and they were shocked. Unless this woman is not fired, I will have no respect for this company ever again. Thank you for reading this.

Decorative ceiling box
By -

DUNKINDONUTS.COM -- I worked hard to put a nice decorative idea for one of the most successful corporations in the world. The goal of my idea is to bring happiness to every one who sees it. I personally think Dunkin Donut is a successful corporation because it is well known in all the business aspects such as customer service, product, equipment and locations .

That is why I worked in this direction to develop my idea. Just like in football field the champion is the team who worked hard to win, to score and to pass all difficulties they may face. But it is all for one goal, to be the very best. And guess what will happen next season? Stronger teams stronger competition more excitement and it is all for our goods and better future. For these reasons I find them as a very good corporation and I want to tie my future with them. It is personal opinion.

Customer Service Hides Customer Ripoff
By -

BRUNSWICK, MAINE -- As a self-proclaimed consumer advocate, I often visit new franchises that come to town to determine whether the staff is knowledgeable as to pricing. I order a combo and ask for the price at the same time. At the new Dunkin' Donuts franchise on Pleasant Street in Brunswick, Maine, the customer service representative quotes a price that is not consistent with the combo price posted on the menu; in fact, the representative's price is always 30 to 40 cents higher.

When I ask them to check their price, their first response is always "oh, you forgot to add in the tax!"; when I tell them that I know how to figure in sales tax and they should check it again, they call a manager. The background chat at that point goes something like this; "Give her the discount", at which point the representative goes back to her register, cancels out the sale at the first price she gave me, and factors in the sale at the combo price.

Apparently "the discount" (the listed combo price) only applies to those customers who are awake enough and savvy enough to compute and deduce the "error". All others are ripped off. Since I have gone through this drive-through at least 6 times, and have experienced the same issue all 6 times, it leads one to wonder how many customers are being ripped off in the same manner.

Let's do some calculations: If every customer ordering a combo gets quoted a price that is 30 to 40 cents higher, maybe 50 customers per day, that's a total of about $20 per day, or $140 per week, going to bottom-line profit for this Dunkin' Donuts franchise. Or is it going into the Manager's pocket?? That's $7,280 per year!!! Dunkin' Donuts in Brunswick, Maine, train your staff - straighten up - and fly right!!!

Malta NY Dunkin Donuts
By -

MALTA, NEW YORK -- When I drove up to the drive through, the boy on the other end said "Yeah?" nothing else. I ordered my bagel with cream cheese and he said. "Well, drive up." Nothing else. I handed a girl my $5 bill and she said "Thank you have a nice day" I know they are expecting tips but definitely not a $2 one

After 10 minutes, yes TEN minutes, now with a line behind me, she handed me my change. She actually acted like she expected me to leave that tip and drive off. And just FYI, no napkins or a knife to spread the cream cheese was in the bag. I am from out of town but I do not recommend going there at all if you happen to be near there.

An employee removed all the donut racks and was laying down inside of the shelf. UNSANITARY!
By -

I am appalled and disturbed by what I witnessed in one of Dunkin Donuts' locations recently. I walked inside to place an order and two teenagers were working in there. As he was taking my order, 5 of his friends walked in. He cut me off while I was speaking to give them a high five. Then, he kept asking me to repeat my order because he was busy laughing & chatting with them.

After I finally placed my order and paid for it, I used the restroom while I waited. When I returned, there were no employees behind the counter and my order was not ready. I walked outside and saw the 2 employees outside with their friends. I said "Excuse me, where's my order?" He responded saying that they didn't make it because they thought I left...??? What the hell?

He came inside, made my order, and I left... A few minutes later, I walked back inside to get something else and I witnessed something disturbing. Behind the counter, all of the racks on the shelves were the donuts, bagels, muffins, etc are supposed to be were removed. They were stacked on top of each other in a corner. One of the employees was lying down inside of the shelf. That is disgusting and unsanitary. I feel very uncomfortable going here again and will seek out other places for my coffee.

Never available
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I would like to thank My3cents for any help that can be done. Anytime I would go to DD (Dunkin Donuts) I would get the Chocolate Cream Filled Powdered Donut. They are to die for. BUT: I have been stopping by DD to get even just 1 donut and they tell me they are out of them, even if I ask for 3 or 6 donuts. Even if I come in at 9am they are out. They open at 6am I have stopped in at 8am and still no donuts. I have stopped every week and they never have them. To me that is a little crazy. I have asked them to give me a dozen donuts of any kind then I will get 1 chocolate cream but they wouldn't sell them one by one.

Now if I go in to the store I can get one but not though the drive though. I really think the employees are told not to sell them at the drive though because of the way they heehaw around to tell me there are none. Mumm I will check to see if we have any and they ALWAYS come back and say they don't have any. I finally stopped going to DD because of this issue. It's probably a good thing because of the calories but sometimes it's nice just to get something you really crave for. Someday I will stop again but probably won't get one!!!

Dunkin Donuts no more
By -

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- I remember when I was growing up in Kalamazoo MI.. I used to love to go to Dunkin Donuts, sit down on a stool and get a fresh donut. If they did not have the one I wanted they would not say sorry sir we don't make our donuts here they're now mass produced in a factory. They would make the one that I wanted. I stayed in Nashville TN. for a while and defended D&D to the death of me over Krispy Kreme donuts.

Unfortunately, there're no Dunkin Donuts in Nashville to prove that I was right. Finally, I am now in Sarasota FL. and there are a couple of Dunkin Donuts here. Every time I go they are hard as rocks or just look like they were thrown out there to be sold. Definitely not worried about the quality of the product or what people would like. So now I have joined the Krispy Kreme clan and would rather get a Krispy Kreme at a gas station than go to a Dunkin Donuts. Thanks for your time. And if things ever change I will definitely switch back.

My 8 year old was BURNED at Dunkin Donuts
By -

My family stopped at the Dunkin Donuts in Triangle, Virginia. After using the restroom my 8 year old turned on the water and scalded her hand and lower wrist from the hot water. She screamed while I tried to get an employee's attention. The employee handed me a napkin. When I put it on my daughter's arm and pulled it off, skin came with it! I asked for ice, the woman kept selling her donuts. I asked for the manager, she left me standing there 10 minutes.

I walked behind the counter to get her attention. The manager said "Can you see I am busy here (her name is **). I showed her my daughter's hand and she said "She should have tested the water before sticking her hand under it". I became upset and she told me to "Go call an attorney that Dunkin Donuts won't mind if I do". I told her she was a terrible manager and she said "Just take your kid to the ER. I've got work to do." The manager never apologized but several customers did. A few left the line and walked out when she talked to me like that. Appalling to say the least! My poor daughter asked why the woman was mean to her. She couldn't help that she burned her hand.

Dunkin Donut scam in Philadelphia
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I visited this store in Philly, Suburban Station again (near the Hallmark store) last Monday. I ordered a bagel and large coffee, gave the cashier a $20, she rang up my order and $16 and some change appeared on the register as my change. She handed me $6 and some change, I asked where the rest of my change was and she stated she hit the wrong button.

Immediately I doubted my self but yesterday I visited the store again. I only go here if I could be late for work. I ordered the same thing, gave the cashier a $5 bill. The change should have been apx $1.75. He gave me 75 cents. I asked about the dollar and he said “I already gave it to you.” I looked at him and said “no you didn't” and he immediately opened the register and gave me the dollar. Corporate should look into this immediately. Be careful at this store.

Dunkin Donuts in Standish Maine (ME)
By -

STANDISH, MAINE -- Why it is so difficult to pour a cup of coffee and throw a sausage and biscuit in the oven is beyond me. The service at Dunkin Donuts in Standish is the worst I have even seen. If you have 3 cars in front of you, average wait time is over 30 minutes, more cars than that, forget it. People are seen driving off after they order without collecting their order because it takes so long, someone from corporate either needs to shut this place down, or get somebody to train the incredibly slow staff... I once sat at the window for 20 minutes waiting for 2 ice coffees, and 1 sausage biscuit, yes 20 minutes. They are terrible. Go to your local stores to get your coffee, at least there you do not have to wait...

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