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Bad Service, Billing Dispute
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In my opinion, the practice at Dwayne Lane’s is to deceive customers. This is done by selling used vehicles stating all services are up-to-date and vehicles are checked before re-sale. They also deceive customers regarding repairs, particularly when an extended policy is in effect. The repairs that they make are what have been referred to by Chrysler as well as other Five Star dealers as “patching” and methods that are ‘well below industry standards.’ Customers believing that parts/service warranty are in effect at Dwayne Lane need to know that they DO NOT put records of repair into the Chrysler database. If this were done, a customer could go to any Chrysler dealer and they would immediately know the vehicles service history. By not doing this, Dwayne Lane’s has no readily available history that would obviously assist in making the right repair. This also makes it impossible for Chrysler to back parts warranties which, if there is no record in the database - you do not get the warranty.

Unfortunately, the only way this company will lose its Five Star rating is if enough people contact Chrysler. If you have had problems with Dwayne Lane, please call. I chose this dealership because I thought the Five Star rating had meaning. Dealerships such as Dwayne Lane only lose rating if there are enough complaints. Otherwise, Chrysler relies on the surveys supplied to customers via the dealers.

My experience began on 8/26/01 when I purchased a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee at 61k mileage from Dwayne Lane’s Dodge in Everett. Told the vehicle service was up to date and that they inspect all used vehicles for sale on there lots.

At an oil change 2 months later I found out that the 60k mileage service had not been performed as promised by Dwayne Lane’s Dodge. In addition, the following problems were discovered:
Oil pan gasket leaking, Front Crank Seal Leaking and Front Pinion Seal Leaking

I phoned Dwayne Lane’s Dodge and spoke to the sales manager. He said to take my vehicle to Rxxx in Service at Dwayne Lane’s Jeep. He had spoken with Rxxx and they would ‘take care of me.’ At 64054 mileage, Dwayne Lane’s repaired the Rear Main Seal, Oil Pan Gasket and the Front Pinion Seal.

Six months later during an oil change, Dwayne Lane’s technician reported the rear differential was noisy, the thermostat leaking, Right and Left CV Boots Leaking and an Oil Leak on the Front Cover. At 70373 mileage, Dwayne Lane’s completed the following ‘repair’ work: Replaced a leaking thermostat, gasket and coolant. Replaced torn Left and Right Front CV Boots. In addition, they found rear bearing failure and had to overhaul the Rear Differential. They also found and replaced a damaged 02 sensor.

Three months later, almost 1 year to the date that I purchased the car, 75306 mileage, the car was still running out of gas at 1/4 mark and the coolant was leaking again. They diagnosed the problems as a Water pump leak, failing Fuel pump and, the Front Differential had to be overhauled because the Front Axles were leaking and bearings failed. This repair included replacing again the Front Pinion Seal.

· In fact, recent circumstances made me scrutinize records. I discovered that this repair included Double Charges for the Front Pinion Seal. xxxxx Lane, a Manager for all 3 Dwayne Lane dealerships said he would look into this but doubted I was charged twice. He said it would depend on how it was written up when the car was brought in for repair. The explanation given by the service technician was the mechanic replaced the Front Pinion Seal and then realized he had to overhaul the Front Differential.

Now, 2 years after my purchase, mileage 91704, I took the car for an oil change at a place other than Dwayne Lane’s. They reported the Front Pinion Seal, Front Axle Seal and Front Differential leaking.

I phoned Dwayne Lane Jeep and stated the problems discovered at Precision Tune on 10/01/03 and made an appointment for 10/03. On 10/03 Dwayne Lane Jeep mechanic Txxxx said that yes, there was a leak on the Front Pinion Seal and that yes, the Left Front CV Boot. He further said that it appeared the CV Boot clamp was not put on correctly and that it was common, mechanics had been having problems with the new clamps. At that point, I was told their policy is the mechanic who performed the work had to look at the car. He was not there and I had to bring the vehicle back for him to take a look. I returned on 10/06 as agreed and was told that the mechanic wanted the vehicle for at least 2 hours. This was considerably longer than the 15 minutes it took the first mechanic to look, I rescheduled for 10/10. On 10/10 the 2nd Dwayne Lane ‘mechanic’ xxxxx had his 2 hours with the vehicle and came back reporting that the problem with the Front Pinion Seal was a bad Yoke which needed to be replaced. He also said the Left CV Boot had to be replaced. I was informed that they had already called my extended warranty company and discovered that it is in liquidation. I was presented a list of the parts and told I would have to pay for the repair.

After phoning Chrysler, they suggested I take the car to Towne & Country, another 5 Star dealer in Seattle who could look at the computer and review the vehicle repair history. This is when it was discovered that Dwayne Lane’s only puts recall repairs in the computer, interesting standard for a 5 Star Dealer. In order for Towne & Country to see the repair history, I had to provide copies of the receipts. Additionally, Chrysler could not warranty any of the parts because they had no information, nor could they check on the double charged Front Pinion seal which at the time of Dwayne Lane’s 2nd repair fell under the Mopar warranty from the 11/01 repair.

On 10/13, 3 days after Dwayne Lane’s diagnosis, Towne & Country diagnosed the following:
Front Pinion seal was leaking, cause was not the Yoke, rather ‘tool gauges’ in the Axle Housing. They said that basically when the Front Pinion seal had been removed the person had damaged the housing. The only repair option was to replace the Housing which necessitated replacing the Yoke.
The Left Front CV Boot was leaking and the Right Front CV Boot. The damage to the Right Front CV Boot was described as a ‘puncture hole, the size of a screwdriver’. I realize that things can fly off the road and tear the CV Boots but the likelihood of that happening within 3 days after the Dwayne Lane’s mechanic xxxxx looked at the vehicle seems highly suspicious.

At this point I attempted to reach the General Manager for Dwayne Lane Jeep, Pxxxxx. I left 3 messages and had a Chrysler rep phone asking him to contact me. After additional attempts, I finally reached him and was told that ‘he gets over 400 calls a day, does not return his calls and did I say what it was about.’ Well, obviously I did say what my call concerned. So, the rude and hostile Dwayne Lane GM said he would look into it and get back to me but that the damage I described was probably done by someone else who previously repaired the vehicle. This statement by the Dwayne Lane General Manager was uninformed and grossly negligent. They had done all the work to the vehicle, sold it new and then took a trade-in and sold it to me. After hearing nothing, I phoned Towne & Country so they would not tie up a bay waiting for my decision on how to handle the re-repairs. They informed me that the Dwayne Lane mechanic xxxxx had come down to look at the housing. The Dwayne Lane mechanic suggested that silicone be used in the Housing. This was a repair that Towne & Country refused to make because they could not warranty a repair that they considered to be a ‘patch’. If that was what I wanted done the car would have to go back to Dwayne Lane’s.

Later I received a call from Dwayne Lane service manager Jxxxxx. Dwayne Lane’s wanted the vehicle back and they would take care of the problems at no charge. I asked about the repair they would do on the Housing. He said they would grind the housing and use silicone. That possibly it would work but if it started leaking again then they would replace the housing.

I told Jxxxxx that was not acceptable. After the terrible repair history with their mechanics, I did not want them to work on the vehicle and, more importantly, I wanted it repaired right. I heard back nothing and the next day left a message for the Dwayne Lane GM xxxxx stating that they should cover the repairs to be done by Towne & Country. Having heard nothing, the next day I phoned xxxxx Lane and reached his assistant. Shortly thereafter, GM xxxxx did call and proceeded to tell me that he spoke with the service manager at Towne & Country and was told that I was insisting on replacing the Housing even though it could be ground.

I immediately phoned the service manager at Towne & Country. Rxxxxx said he never told Dwayne Lane’s I insisted on changing the housing. He was adamant that changing the housing was the only way to correctly repair my vehicle. I asked him to phone owner Txxx’s assistant and relay this because different stories were being told.

At the end of the day, Dwayne Lane manager Mxxxxx phoned to say that they would pay $400 toward the Housing/Front Pinion seal repair because that is what it would cost them to do their silicone repair and what was recommended by their mechanic xxxxx. I asked what they were going to do about the CV Boots. He said that it was not their fault, I then relayed what his own mechanic had said about the clamp. He said it was Friday 5pm and he would look into it on Monday. I also asked about the double charge during their second repair attempt of my Front Pinion Seal and received the answer noted earlier.

On Monday I heard nothing and contacted owner Txxxxx’s office. Shortly thereafter, Manager Mxxxxx left a message stating that they would pay for the Left Front CV Boot ($256.21) and $400 toward the housing. The total repair cost at Towne & Country was $3545.98. It is amazing that, the previous Wednesday they would fix everything at no cost to me - makes me wonder what exactly they would be fixing and how they could now offer less. The double billing and Right CV Boot were not addressed and I left a message to this effect. My call was never returned.

This vehicle was purchased 8/01 and within 2 years, the repairs have cost over 1/2 of the purchase price.

In addition, the mirror mechanism ‘repaired’ by Dwayne Lane’s just over 1 year ago, is not working. Based on the previous charge to repair the mirror assembly 14 months ago, I am looking at a minimum of $662.46 to re-repair another failing Dwayne Lane repair. Naturally I am concerned about the repairs they supposedly did to the rear differential, the cooling system - not once but twice, did they really replace my water pump, oxygen sensor, fuel pump and fuel gasket...the list goes on... If they did do the work, then the next question is given the faulty workmanship proven so far, how much of the rest will prove to be faulty... Dwayne Lane’s habitually poor repairs and absolute lack of accountability seem to indicate an operation based on deceptive policies, deceptive repairs and deceptive management.

Cost of Repairs since purchase from Dwayne Lane Dodge 8/26/01
Dwayne Lane ‘repairs’ $5788.03
Towne n Country re- repair of D.L. 3545.98
60k Service supposedly done before purchase 693.69
TOTAL $10,027.70

I have proceeded to file complaints with the Department of Licensing, the Better Business Bureau, AAA (though it turns out Dwayne Lane’s is not AAA rated - what a surprise) and the Attorney General. Having spoken with an attorney, I am told my recoverable cost is around $7,000 but that by the time attorney fees are paid, small claims court is a better option. That is my next step.

So if you are thinking that well this person is probably a woman and they probably took advantage - yes, you are right and I do not know which is worse, having a ‘reputable 5 Star’ dealer rip me off or that people explain it away (as if that is justification) by the fact that I am a woman.

Questioned Service Managers at local 5 Star Jeep Dealers and could not resist calling Dwayne Lane’s Arlington to ask: What should be done for a car that had 2 separate repairs to Front Pinion Seal within 2 years and that the housing was found to have ‘tool gauge’ marks.

Was it appropriate to A} Grind housing and use silicone or B} Replace housing

Lithia Chrysler Jeep 425-226-0066
Sxxx T xxxxx - said if the housing had a scratch with little depth the silicone would possibly work. As far as grinding the housing, he said you would have to find a bigger seal and that would be tough to get. Grinding the housing was not a good idea.

Huling Brothers 206-938-6146
J xxxxx S xxxxx - recommended replacement, said the safe repair was to replace the housing and not chance something that would probably not work.

Kirkland Chrysler Jeep 425-821-1777
Bxxxxx Bxxxxx - said silicone is a patch and not something a 5 Star dealer would do. When asked about the double Front Pinion charge on 8/02, he said should not have happened, especially on the labor.

Chrysler Corporate - to update complaint and seek assistance
xxxxx said that the only way to fix a damaged housing without purchasing new or finding a junkyard part with low mileage would be having the part welded. He said that could be done but the labor was intensive and would likely have to be sent out. This option does not require silicone. Chris said the problem with silicone is that combined with the oil lubricating that part it would break apart. It would not be a permanent repair to use silicone.

Dwayne Lane’s Arlington Chevrolet 360-435-2125
Rxxxxx Bxxx - ‘Never heard of grinding the housing and using silicone’. He then asked a technician who said the same. They said best repair would be to replace housing and for less cost to find a used housing. He then suggested calling their Jeep store and gave the number!

I am pursuing claims for the following:
60k mile service , told done at purchase of vehicle, NOT 646.30
Additional fluids related to 60k mile service 47.39
Extended Warranty purchased from dealer, canceled within 30 days, purchased different warranty
& refund was not Full Refund, as per documentation 50.53
Dwayne Lane’s Dodge $744.22
Double Charge 8/02 Front Pinion 302.81
part under 12k/12mo Warranty, should have been No Charge
+ Total out of pocket balance on repair 618.52
Major Repair Coupons refused because Dwayne Lane’s Dodge not Dwayne Lane Jeep -
though they will accept oil change coupons, and advertise together!
Maintenance Tune-Up: Coupon @104.95 difference=$21.90 135.58
8/02 Told Warranty Company to cover all except coolant cost yet,
they charged the following at time of payment saying ‘necessary’
with the other ‘repairs’ and my extended warranty refused to cover
Cooling System Flush: Paid $99.95+tx,Coupon@74.95 diff=26.02 108.15
MotorVac Service 133.73
Throttle Body Service 132.04
Towne & Country repairs not covered by Dwayne Lane $2,889.77
Consulted Atty. said recoverable around 7k, better to go small claims 100.00
Dwayne Lane’s Jeep $3911.10
TOTAL $4,655.32

Any opinions, questions or assistance are welcome. My e-mail is

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