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A Year Later!
By -

Just as a heads up. I am very disappointed in the Dynex TV that I just threw into a dumpster. I purchased it at Best Buy a year and three months ago but sadly did not get the extended warranty. My thought at the time was it will probably last three or four years before any major issue. Two weeks ago I found the screen was greenish and purple out of nowhere. I took it for a ride after the obligatory 2 Hour attempts to repair myself. Now Best Buy was not concerned as I did not buy the warranty it didn't concern them. The Dynex people were very nice I have to say, even though I will stick with a name like Panasonic or Sony going forward.

I had hoped they would say to me, "It only lasted a year what did you do to it?" To which my reply would have been, "I took really good care of it." Then ideally they would say "Please send us this unit, we can't guarantee anything but we at least might contribute to an upgrade as very few people go through this with our products!" Of course if we find you submerged this in your tub. Well all bets are off. At Dynex we at least want to see what happened. Of course that never happened.

Well I am out about $300 bucks and a bit wiser but it smarts a little. I am not happy with the product or where I purchased it at at this point! So I am taking myself somewhere else and buying an extended warranty this time around.

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