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Dyson V8 Lousy Warranty Service
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS, TEXAS -- Six contacts with Dyson customer service to warranty a bad battery that last 3 min. Customer service keep suggesting changes and asking numerous questions more than eight at one time. Just delay tactics to get rid of you. Check another brand unless you want a $600 vacuum that last 12 months.

Over-Rated Product, Horrible Customer Service
By -

CARLYLE, ILLINOIS -- My husband purchased my DC25 at a Lowe's store as a Christmas gift in December 2008. I immediately went on-line to register my vacuum. At first the vacuum worked great though the hose IS very stiff and awkward to use. Last month I noticed the vacuum lost suction and the button to engage the beater brush wasn't working. This means your roller brush won't work. I e-mailed the company. They e-mailed me back saying I should call them. I had my son call for me and what follows is bizarre and unsettling. The phone service tech told my son that we were not registered! He also told my son that because we did not register our warranty could not be honored.

Folks, my warranty documents which came with the vacuum specify that as long as you have your receipt verifying your purchase date (and I do) you have a five year guarantee of free parts and labor. He also told my son that repair costs could go up to $100.00, maybe more but don't worry they have a cap on those charges. My son said with costs for repair that high people would just go buy another vacuum. Get this, he said, that's the best thing to do because these vacuums are so affordable compared to ones in their class!!! Affordable!!! WTF!!! My husband paid a little over $400.00 for my vacuum and this monkey suggests we can simply go buy a new one!!!

When my son tried to call them again this week (within their suggested phone hours) no one picked up the phone. I e-mailed them again telling them this all well as the comments made by their "service rep." I have received no reply. My husband thinks this is a crooked company and I'm beginning to think so too. Bottom line folks, save your money and buy an American made, cheap vacuum. It'll work just as well and when it goes, just dump it and save yourself the hassle of dealing with customer service reps who obviously know nothing about their product or serving anyone's needs except this greedy company.

Feeling Swindled
By -

FORT WORTH -- My fiancé and I purchased a Dyson Animal for ourselves this past February as a Valentine's gift for ourselves. We have two medium sized dogs and a cat. We were initially thrilled with the Dyson for the first week and a half. We were careful to keep the canister clean so the filters would operate properly. Then this tiny little plastic part snapped off. I contacted Dyson by phone to see about repairs. They were very nice, however finding out that my online registration never took should have been my first clue. The representative told me the website wasn't working right. No big deal she set up our registration warranty.

5 years is pretty good and considering we paid almost $600.00 dollars definitely good to have. I explained what the problem was and she gave me the location of an appliance shop in our area that would fix it. We dropped the Dyson off a day later (schedule reasons). The people there told us it could be 2 weeks before repairs would be done due to their workload and having to order parts. No worries, this is understandable.

Two weeks later I called... still no parts. I was reassured they should be in shortly and they would let us know. 3 weeks and one day later I called again. STILL no parts. So I asked them what number they used to contact Dyson. I called Dyson to see what the hold up could be. The representative was professional and understood my frustration but just kept telling me backorder, backorder, backorder... not acceptable at this point. The thing I found out was that parts are coming from New York. How could parts coming from New York still be on backorder???

I explained to the representative that I was prepared at this point to return the entire machine for a refund. Spending as much as we did and only getting a week's use out of it and haven't seen the thing in a month now. Once I emailed customer service through the Dyson site and twice now I've emailed them through personal email. I have yet to get a response to either communication.

I feel like I've been swindled big time. I suppose the only way to actually get a response is to call them. I plan to call over the weekend and talk to the highest manager possible. This is ridiculous... why can't the machine simply be replaced if this "backordered" part is not available. I've paid more than enough for it. So far not thrilled with Mr. Dyson's claims of things "working properly." I'm also not impressed with shotty manufacturing and materials trying to support such "amazing engineering" Beware the cash cow!

Wow, That Was Fast!
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Rating: 5/51

A couple of weeks ago, I got the crazy idea to clean my house. I managed to get my room cleaned and vacuumed, then I started on Baby **'s room. I started the vacuum up, but I noticed that the roller brush wasn't rolling. I pressed the on and off button and got no response. I checked the brush for obstructions, broken belt, etc. and everything was fine. So I called the customer service line. After some over the phone troubleshooting, the representative decided it needed to be taken in for repair. Fortunately Dyson gives all of its vacuums a 5 year warranty and mine is only 2 years old.

I had two options. The first was to take it to the local Sears to see if they could fix it (insert blood-curdling scream here) or take it to the Dyson store about 45 minutes from my house. Fearing that I would never see my poor Animal again if I took it to Sears (and I told the representative so), I dropped it off at the Dyson store approximately 10 days after my phone call. At the store, the salesperson asked if Friday was soon enough to get it back to me (this was Wednesday, mind you). I told him that was fine and the girls and I left (it actually took me longer to get them out of the car and situated than it did to drop off the vacuum.

The following day, as I was driving home from work, my phone rang. It was the Dyson store calling to tell me that my vacuum was ready to be picked up at my earliest convenience. Wow, a less than 24 hour turnaround for a repair? Since I was already 2/3 of the way home, I stopped off the following day and picked it up. As it turned out, the on/off switch for the roller brush went bad, so it was fixed. Now my vacuum will hopefully work great for many more years.

Expensive Vacuum That Doesn't Work as Good as One for 60.00
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Rating: 1/51

Dyson customer service really isn't there to deal with your cares or concerns at all. They know you spend a lot of money for a vacuum that just keeps breaking down and their attitude is you didn't buy it directly from us so who cares.

I have had the first piece of junk finally replaced as it kept breaking down constantly and ripping hoses this is a really poorly made vacuum the Animal as it is called. Second vacuum does the same thing breaks the hoses all the time they are just a plastic hose not strong or rigid plastic but very thin see through something like a hose for a commercial hair dryer it is clear with metal coils and it doesn't stretch as far as they claim it does no not at all it just rips at the end of the plastic collar. This is not a cheap replacement hose either it costs over 50.00 for a new one.

If you don't keep coverage on the unit you are really in trouble to have to pay for the hoses up front. I have a Hoover and never ever have I had to replace the hose in all of the years that I own it and paid 60.00 for it not 600.00 like a Dyson Animal. Not a good experience firstly buying the unit and secondly trying to keep it in hoses and thirdly dealing with rude women at the customer service department not one couldn't care less about my concerns and I have spoken to plenty over the years. I do not recommend this vacuum to anyone and will not ever.

Dyson DC 41 Vacuum Does Is Not Recommended for Use on Many of Shaw and Karastan's (Mohawk) Carpets
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- We heard the advertisements addressing the Dyson DC 41. We donated our Hoover and bought the Dyson. It is lighter and seemed relatively effective on pet hair on my 20 year old carpeting (Cabin Craft Nylon) Today I went and picked out new carpeting. To my surprise both Karastan and Shaw said not to use the Dyson on their soft carpets. Unfortunately it is these two carpet series that I like.

I feel cheated in that nothing in the Dyson brochure or user's manual or in your advertisement said that Dyson vacuums are not approved by two of the largest carpet manufacturers. I would like a full refund for the Dyson (purchased at Target) so that I can purchase an "approved" vacuum sweeper from the list below:

  1. Standard Upright Vacuum Models.
  2. Hoover UH70120 ($100-$150)
  3. Hoover UH70205 ($150-$200)
  4. Hoover U5780-950 ($150-$200)
  5. Dirt Devil UD70115 ($50-$100)
  6. Eureka AS5203A ($50-$100)
  7. Lightweight/No Depth Adjustment.
  8. Oreck Magnesium ($250-$300)
  9. Oreck Magnesium RS ($450-$500)
  10. Hoover Nano UH20020W ($50-$100)
  11. Canister Vacuum Models.
  12. Hoover Canister S3865 ($300-$350)
  13. Oreck Quest Pro ($350-$400)

The issue is:

  1. Dyson is NOT SAFE to use on all flooring since it is not approved by the leading carpet manufacturers and does not have the seal of approval from CRI (Carpet Rug Institute)
  2. The vacuum in question is a year old, not thirty days old.
  3. CRI states that an unapproved vacuum will damage the carpet (and void the warranty?)

Dyson does not mention this in any of their publications. They have misled me as a consumer and I want a refund of 4/5 of purchased price (since the vacuum is warranted for 5 years)...

Company refuses to repair/respond
By -

My vacuum gathers debris around the belt. I brought it in to be repaired and the repairman refused to look at it and belittled me. I then emailed the company and received no response. I'm stuck with an expensive vacuum that doesn't work - I'm forced to pick debris out of the belt every time before I vacuum.

I've bought cheaper vacuums that worked better. Don't get sucked into the hype - just because some guy goes on the television and brags about how awesome his product is doesn't mean that it works. Bottom line, if you want a good vacuum, it's best to buy one from a company that values its customers and charges a reasonable amount for its product. I'll never buy Dyson again.

Dyson, Shame on You Dyson Inc
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Got a DC24 Animal in Mar 2012, it broke in May and I still don't have it back. Called Dyson and they walked me through their "easy fix" It did not fix it. I sent pics as requested, and the same day I sent extra pics to ** at Dyson, I got a letter in San Diego saying the engineers said there was nothing wrong with it. It is broken, the beater bar doesn't work, suction is bad. WHAT DO THEY THINK, CONSUMERS ARE DUMB??? How did I get a letter from Chicago to San Diego the same day? I didn't, it was posted 5 days before they asked for pics of the broken beater bar... So they lied again.

I had to threaten lawsuits against them to take the vacuum for service... Sent it in Dec 16th 2012, today Jan 24th, 2013 and still no vacuum back. They won't return calls, all the supervisors never return calls. I have this documented by recordings and videos also. This broken beater bar damaged my carpet in May 2012, and no resolve to this issue either still to this date. Now they won't call or email back, and I have had a non-working vacuum since May 2012, and no vacuum since Dec 2012 as it has disappeared in the shop somewhere. SHAME ON YOU DYSON INC.

Customer Service is the Worst
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, WASHINGTON -- Don't buy anything from Dyson. I needed to exchange a part and tried calling numerous times with waits longer than 30 minutes and I'd have to hang up. I then e-mailed and a week later got a response that I had to call to get an RA. Finally I called and waited 40 minutes to talk to someone and they told me it was past 30 days and there was nothing they could do. I then sent letter to them and was told 2 weeks later, it was my fault for not contacting them within 30 days.

I am returning the part, with receipt confirmation, disputing the charge on my CC and filing a complaint with the BBB. I'm tired of these companies thinking they can just rip off consumers without repercussion. I know fighting for your rights is a hassle and seems easier to just forget about it, but on principle I am not letting this go.

Incredibly Poor Service
By -

My wife and I recently purchased a Dyson Ball DC25 vacuum from BJ's in Richmond, Va for $500. Works OK on hardwood floors but not very well on carpets. My wife called the customer service number printed on the vacuum cleaner to request service to resolve the low vacuum issue. She received incredibly rude and unacceptable response from two different representatives. The first representative hung up on her when she asked to be connected to her supervisor.

My wife called back and the second person she talked to was also rude and refused to give her the name of her supervisor. My wife has worked in banking for 30 years and knows the importance of quality customer service. She intends to pursue this issue tomorrow. At this point in time I am not the least bit impressed with Dyson. We have owned Electrolux vacuums for many years and have always been satisfied. The Electrolux model BJ's had was $100 less expensive. Looks like we made a poor purchase decision. More expensive doesn't mean better quality.

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