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Customer Beware: Do Not Rent a Vehicle From Them!!!
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- If I could give no stars as far as the rating goes I would. Rented a car from them in Denver, CO. I specifically asked for a four wheel drive vehicle and was lead to believe that is what I had reserved. Over the phone I reserved a Toyota Rav 4 with four wheel drive as I was traveling up into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I get into the rental counter located near the airport to pick up the vehicle I had reserved months ago with them.

I was told that they didn't have the vehicle I reserved in stock and that any other vehicle they had in that same class (mid-size SUV) that would be comparable doesn't have four wheel drive and neither did the vehicle that I had originally reserved, they only have two wheel drive which when I reserved the vehicle over the phone I was not told this.

Meanwhile any other vehicle they had in that mid-size SUV class wasn't available anyway! They charged me 250.00 to upgrade to the class of SUVs. I called immediately when we left and explained that this is their mistake and that they knew they didn't have the vehicle I reserved before I even got to the counter, and knew I would have to upgrade. So basically they falsely advertised that they had the Rav 4 in stock even though they didn't and I was lead to believe that did. They falsely advertise and it's not right and needs to be addressed and taken care of.

This is the second time that this has happened to my family and they should reimburse us for both vehicles and our aggravation. THEY ARE SNEAKY BASTARDS AND CHARGE YOU FOR EVERY LITTLE THING AND DONT SAY anything. Every customer service representative including the managers and supervisors that I have spoken with have been very rude and disrespectful. They need to be retrained and learn how to give proper customer service, and also need to adopt the policy that the customer is always and I mean always right.

Ripoff!!! Beware! Never Again I Would Use Them
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I was in Orlando for 2 days on July 14 to 15th, 2018. They told me I could pay the tolls cash if I wanted to, so I chose that option. When going through the toll stations, I would stop to pay cash, but the operators told me that it was already paid because it read the device inside the rental car for Sunpass or E-Z Pass however it's called, so they wouldn't take my cash.

I assumed I was gonna get billed for the usage of those tolls which is normal, and I am more than willing to pay for it. But 2 months after, I just got 2 statements (one per day) for $2.50 (first-day toll) + an OUTRAGEOUS $25 convenience fee for the company, and the 2nd one for $6.80 (2nd-day toll fees) + ANOTHER $25 CONVENIENCE FEE FOR THE COMPANY. A TOTAL OF $50 IN CONVENIENCE FEES!!! That's more than what I paid for the rental itself!!! So BEWARE... NEVER EVER AGAIN WITH THIS COMPANY!

Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

KAHULUI MAUI, HAWAII -- The low prices looked good, so we gave E-Z Rent A Car near the Kahului Maui airport a try. Although we had to wait a while, the customer service was slow but thorough. I was surprised they did not have a lot full of cars. In fact, they were renting the cars as they were being returned, so some people had to wait a long time, if cars were not returned on time.

We were lucky in that they gave us a new car, but the tank was bone dry. Their car return people were very busy trying to turn around the cars as quickly as possible, so the customer service person said we could fill it up ourselves and they would "wavier" the initial gas charge, normally applied to the rate when a car is deliver with a full tank.

The car gave us no problems. On returning the car two weeks later in the evening, another customer service representative, a younger man with somewhat limited language and human relations skills, refused to believe the story that the car was given to us with an empty tank, saying that "did not make sense"; even though, I gave him a copy of the gas receipt with the date on it, and the contract upon which a note was written to that effect. He did not believe a word I said and indicated he would not honor an initial gas credit of $60.

After some arguing, I took the keys and said I would not return them until he honored the credit. Finally, he went into the office and checked the computer, realized I was telling the truth, came back with a print-out showing the credit, and apologized for his behavior. He was obviously young, inexperienced, and without training. On the shuttled back to the airport, every person had a complaint involving either poor customer service, items that did not work, or hard-sell marketing. Also, we opted for the full damage wavier protection; even though, its cost was higher than what had been quoted online. I would not recommend E-Z Rent A Car to a friend and I will not use them again.

Three Different Accidental Charges - Stay Away
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- On October 24, I arrived at E-Z Rent-A-Car to pick up the compact car that I had reserved at 6:15 AM over a week in advance through their website directly. I would be returning the car by 10:30 AM on October 29. Although there wasn't a single customer at the front desk, and I even had to call on a phone to speak with an employee, my car was not ready upon arrival. They informed me that since it wasn't ready they would be upgrading us to a convertible at the same price. Although the gas mileage was not as good, we decided we would accept it since we reserved the car at this time for a reason and could not wait any longer.

I made sure to thoroughly read over the policies outlined on the website so we would not run into any surprises upon picking up our rental. The website states that anyone between the ages of 21-24 will pay a $20 per day underage fee. The contract we received said $25 per day which added up to an additional $30 charge. I informed the employee of this and he continued to tell me that he has no authority over what fee I am charged and cannot make any changes to the contract. I decided that once I arrived home I would contact E-Z Rent-A-Car and have them adjust the discrepancy for me.

We made it out to the car, and I could not believe the condition of the car that we were receiving. The scratches were covering the entire car's perimeter. I couldn't even possibly begin to write down every dent or scratch on the damage liability form. I ended up marking nearly every single block of the car I could on our form. The car's interior was even peeling on the passenger side door! We were extremely embarrassed to be driving this around. Sad to say, we felt as if we had been taken advantage of by the employee saying this was an upgrade from what we actually rented.

Unfortunately for us, on our way back to our hotel, we accidentally drove through an E-Z Pass toll road. We knew that we would be charged a $25 administration fee for this plus the cost of the toll as stated in the contract and expected this to show up as a charge to our card within the next month.

When you call E-Z Rent-A-Car's customer service line it offers the suggestion of sending them an email or leaving a voicemail to get in contact with someone. I wanted to clear up the overcharge for the underage fee and discuss my negative experience with someone. I sent my first email to them on November 9 and didn't receive a response. I sent my second email to them on November 24 and received an email the following day asking for a contract number. I emailed them my info three days later On November 28. By December 8, I still had not received an email back.

I was charged $27.50 to my credit card for what I thought was my missed toll on November 23, which I fully expected and anticipated from Advantage Rent-A-Car Tolls. I then received a second charge on December 5 in the amount of $91.43. I had no idea what this could be.

On December 7, I called to receive an emailed copy of my invoice to see what my final charges were for. I noticed that I had toll charges of $16.43 and an administrative fee of $75. I was extremely confused because I only remembered going through one toll. I then called the number listed on my contract under the tolls heading to get a copy of all my toll violations, and I didn't even get my sentence out before the representative began talking over me that she could not help me and I would need to contact customer service.

Since customer service was closed, I called them the following morning. Cynthia answered the phone, and I spoke with her regarding the underage fee. She agreed that I was overcharged and said she would be processing the refund I was due. I informed her that I had some unexpected charges and would like a copy of my toll violations. She emailed them to me and informed me that there were four toll violations, and it looks like they waived one of the administrative fees for myself as well.

Once I received my email, I noticed that for two of the missed toll charges on October 29, I was no longer in possession of the vehicle. I also noticed that I had somehow accidentally missed another toll that I was not aware of. I called customer service back again to have them remove the charges that did not belong to me. I was then informed that the number I was previously told to call, does not handle toll charges. I was beginning to get extremely upset at this point and felt as if I was getting the runaround. Each time I had to call a different department I was waiting on hold for over twenty minutes.

I called the toll department and the representative researched my account for me. He informed me that they had an error in their system and I was accidentally charged for two tolls and one administrative fee that did not belong to me, and that's what some of the charge was for on December 7. I let him know this didn't add up since I was charged a total of $118.93 and my total balance due was actually $58.59. He continued to tell me that I was never charged $27.50 for any missed tolls. I let him know that there has already been so many glitches in their system, that I'm sure he's wrong.

Sure enough, he found that they had yet another error in their system and accidentally double charged me in error on November 24. He said I would be refunded the $27.50, but it would take around three weeks for this refund to process. I told him that this experience has been a nightmare from the start and asked if I could receive a $25 waived administrative fee just like they had originally done when they thought I had four missed tolls. This representative informed me to call back customer service since he cannot handle this.

I now had to call back customer service for the third time in one day and informed the representative whose name I believe may be Linda or Laura of what happened. I was beyond aggravated and upset at this point of all the “accidental” overcharges I received and the hassle I had to go through to receive the money back that I was rightfully due. She automatically told me that they are refunding the charges of what they owed me and she is refusing to do anything further. I continued to question and let her know how aggravated I was with the situation and after all of this, the company should do something as a convenience to me.

They were willing to waive a single fee when they were charging me for another customer's bill, but not for my own. I could not remember the person's name I spoke with at the time, which I now know is Cynthia based on the email she sent me. Since I couldn't recall the name she said rudely, “Then, I don't know what to tell you.” I let her know I now have money tied up for over a month from an error on their part. She said this is not the company's fault, as this is a third party. I did not give my credit card information to anybody except E-Z Rent-A-Car and the toll violation department had previously stated it was an error in E-Z's system.

I let her know this, and she just told me again that she's not refunding anything and that's the way it will stay. She attempted to say that I was also already given a discount of $8.50, however, that was a promotion that I received online when booking that anyone is entitled to. I did ask to speak to a manager, however, she did say that she was the manager. She said this is in my contract, and that's how it will stay.

After a bit more back and forth, she said very rudely that she'd send me a 10% off coupon. I let her know that I will never be doing business with this company again. She rudely stated, “Then this conversation is finished,” and promptly hung the phone up on me. Not once did anyone acknowledge all the mistakes that the company made, offer to do anything for me as a customer for this horrendous experience, or even utter the words, “I'm sorry.”

I have now been overcharged $30 for the underage fee and $60.34 for tolls that belonged to another customer. This comes out to $90.34 of supposed accidental errors in the system and the company is refusing to waive any fees at all as a courtesy and was stated that had already been waived.

Beware -- Your Insurance Does Not Fully Cover You
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Our rental was hit by a thrown tire that cracked the bumper. Our insurers, USAA and American Express, paid the full cost of all repairs. Then E-Z's hired guns came after us to collect equivalent rental fees for the 11 days it says the car was out of service (Can't believe it takes 11 days to replace a Camry bumper in Phoenix).

American Express offered to cover the fees if E-Z would provide service logs proving the car was out of service. E-Z refused to provide the logs (my bet is it was fixed in a day or two) but their hired guns still threatened our credit rating if we refused to pay. We finally decided it wasn't worth the risk and paid. So, don't think your insurance will cover you with E-Z if you have an accident. They'll scam you for loss of service fees and refuse to back it up.

Do Not Rent From EZ Rent a Car
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Rating: 1/51

LAX, CALIFORNIA -- This company regularly has lines to pick up reserved cars of 2.5 hours- totally unexpected and unacceptable- especially after flying across country. The shuttle bus driver returning us to LAX is a dangerous and scary driver - jack rabbit starts, sudden stops, corners taken too fast. Very dangerous on a bus with nothing to hold onto. He wouldn't announce terminals and passengers bypassed their stops.

I hope the company reaches out to me for his photo (he keeps his ID hidden in a pocket). Never again will I rent from them - just like I haven't rented from Alamo for past 20 years after arriving in Florida to a room of 50 people and no cars with agents telling customers they reserved a price, not a car.

I Was Scammed by This Car Rental Company
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Rating: 1/51

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO -- Expedia is advertising Mexico car rentals with EZ Car Rental also known as America Car Rental. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH EZ CAR RENTAL. When I returned my rental vehicle the attendants inspected the car with a magnifying glass to find ANY possible scratches or dents of any size to charge me for. They INSPECTED INSIDE WHEEL WELLS, HUBCAPS and UNDER THE CAR for scratches. They found a 1/2" scratch on the bottom side of the bumper and charged me for repairs.

I've been renting cars for over 40 years and NEVER saw any rental company scam their customers for tiny scratches - especially ones like this that could be hand buffed with compound in a minute. The company is EZ Rental, sponsored by Expedia. The company is also America Car Rental which was bought by EZ Rental.

Reserved a Car, but No Shuttle to Pick Up
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I flew into San Francisco airport. I had a delay and had tried to call the local San Francisco office, but it kept just going to voicemail. Talked with the main call center and they said if I got there it should be okay. I arrived to the shuttle stop before the last shuttle was suppose to go and they never showed up. I tried to call them from the phone at the stop before the shuttle was suppose to arrive as did others in the group.

Tried to call and cancel the reservation and they said it would auto cancel. It is not worth the hassle to try and work with a group that does not even answer its phone or follow what they have told you in the instructions. I will not be renting from E-Z or Advantage rentals ever again.

Don't Ever Rent A Car From This Company
By -

On Monday March 21st I rented a car from a small location at 7975 San Fernando road. Sun Valley, Ca, 91352. Their phone number is (818) 767-8816. The rate was $36/day and I had a 200 mile a day deal. I rented the car for 3 days.

I was scheduled to go to San Francisco from Monday 3/21 through Tuesday 3/22, it was a short trip so I had a tight schedule to complete all my tasks on very little time. On the Morning of Tuesday March 22 I was on my way to my first scheduled stop and on the way the car started to make a very loud and frightening grinding sound. I started to become alarmed but was trying to remain calm as the sound kept coming and going. After 10 minutes of this my concerns became greater and greater as the car continued to make the sound and it increasingly got worse very quickly.

I stopped and immediately called EZ rental hoping for assistance as my whole trip would be a waste if I did not resolve the problem in a timely manner. I was told by the man on the phone that the noise was pre-existing and to continue driving the car. I got back in the car hoping that what he had said was true and I could continue my trip uninterrupted but as I started driving the car again the noise had become severely worse and consistent with no break and the car began to jerk to the right. We had planned many things for that day and there was a 4 month old baby in the car and at that point I knew that it was unsafe to continue driving under those conditions.

I had no choice but to turn around and drive all the way back to our hotel to plan other arrangements. I was told by E-Z rental to take the car to Firestone. I called Firestone and they were booked for the next 3 days and referred me to another mechanic. I took the car there and after a brief inspection they told me that the car was not safe to drive due to a damaged wheel barrel. I called E-Z rental again and the employee said that he refused to pay for repairs and insisted that we drive the unsafe car back to Los Angeles. I refused to endanger myself and my passengers especially since I was warned by a mechanic not to attempt to drive the car and took the car to Firestone for repair.

** store Manager of Firestone contacted E-Z rental and the agreement was that we would leave the car there for repair and pick up. I had to cancel my trip and purchase 2 train tickets back to Los Angeles for a 7 hour detour and a very unpleasant experience all together. My trip was ruined. I spent much more money than I had planned. The car ended up taking over any time I could have used to complete my scheduled plans.

Your company was very unhelpful in assisting me with alternatives and basically left me stranded to figure out how I would return home. The car was used for 1 day and the rest of the trip was running around trying to figure out how to resolve this disaster.

I expect a full refund on the car rental expenses and to be reimbursed for the alternative train tickets that I was forced to purchase in order to get back home. I believe this is the least your company can do for me after endangering me and my passengers, ruining a very long anticipated trip and leaving me stranded miles away from home.

Extra Charges
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Rating: 1/51

DFW, TEXAS -- I booked the vehicle to be picked up at the DFW airport rental area. I am a local resident of DFW and I needed the car for a Quick Trip out of town. I got to the counter and handed the attendant my Drivers license and he asked, "Are you okay with a 150 mile daily limit? Since you live locally we put a limit of 150 a day to the car. Anything over that will be $0.39 cents a mile."

I told him "I didn't see that in the terms of the rental bc I actually read the terms" and he said "If you look at your term, at the bottom there is a link that says additional terms and you have to go to the additional terms and find it somewhere at the bottom." He said because this is the ONLY E-Z Rental in Tx they don't want local residents renting the car. So they put a 150 mile limit unless you have an airline ticket. Then only do they waive it.

Well trust me when I say I will NEVER rent from you guys again. Guess what "E-Z rental" company management? When local residents rent a car, we pay we real money too! So real money gets added to your account just like when a airline traveler rents you cars. Hard to believe huh?

We're not stupid, your rule is there to limit miles encountered on your vehicles. It's rare that an out of towner puts 150 miles per day on a car and drives out of town. So less use of your cars. I had to run around for an hour and finally find Enterprise to rent a car from that morning. It was a major issue and it wasn't cheap that morning of.

If this was such an important piece of your rental program it SHOULD have been mentioned on the main terms page and not somewhere else at the bottom. Your name in itself is false advertising. "E-Z rental"? Yeah right, it should be called "If you rent, don't drive it Rental!" No wonder you only have ONE location in TX, I'm surprised it stays open! Never again! Trust me I'm telling everyone your little secret additional terms.

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