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Before You Buy A Honda Warranty Or Go To Earnhardt Honda Read This!
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AVONDALE, ARIZONA -- I would not recommend this place at all. Very shady place IMO. Today. Do not buy a vehicle from this place or get it serviced here under any circumstances. My 07 engine failed, (it was well within the warranty period) and it was denied coverage even though it's a certified vehicle with only 27,000 miles on it. That doesn't matter to Honda Care or Earnhardt Honda. I wish I would have read rip-off reports or Yahoo complaints before I took my vehicle here. After reading the warranty in full I feel like a fool ever buying a Honda. You have to keep immaculate records and be in a school zone with nuns to ever be covered under any circumstances.

They can deny you for any reason at all, and they will deny you believe that. I don't know what caused it to burn oil so fast or whatever but I felt good I had a certified vehicle under warranty at least or so I thought. My previous vehicle was a Cadillac that I had a few issues with but they always covered my vehicle and fixed the issue every time I had a problem. I thought buying a Honda was a smart move because the Cadillac was getting up there in miles. I was very wrong. Everything I knew was wrong.

Honda does not stand by their vehicle or service at all, and believe me I thought a long time before I purchased a Honda. I am on a fixed income and it was a BIG purchase for me and now I wish I stayed with my Cadillac. It was one of the worst decisions I have ever made buying the Odyssey. I am going to ruin my credit and let them take the van now. Also keep this in mind if you ever are considering buying a certified Honda.

They sell you a vehicle and warranty stating that if you don't use it you get your money back. WRONG! This is the tricky part - Honda care is a different company than Honda finance/ and Earnhardt Honda. They all pass the blame on each other and if you really need to be covered under their warranty most likely you will have problems. I've contacted the service manager and GM with no response from either. I know that Honda has a good product because I've heard a lot of good thing and that's the reason I bought one, but whatever you do do not expect them to cover your warranty and WHATEVER YOU DO NOT COME HERE FOR SALES OR SERVICE!

I am in a wheelchair and need my car to go to dialysis and it's stuck at Earnhardt Honda with an 8500 dollar bill. Oh I almost forgot. I tried to get help from Honda customer care and a Todd ** called me back and I told him about me being paralyzed and needing the vehicle to go to dialysis and he laughed at me and would not under any circumstances transfer me to a supervisor. If anybody has any advice for me on what to do please help me.

Way Less than Safe Pre-Owned Car
By -

AVONDALE, ARIZONA -- I purchased a pre-owned, 2009 Honda Civic from Earnhardt Honda in Avondale on Sept. 12, 2009. At the time of the sale I was assured that it had passed all required pre-owned safety inspections. Within the first two weeks after I drove off the lot I noticed a shimmy. On Oct. 3, 2009, I returned to the lot stating my concerns. I was told at that time that my back tires were cupped badly but they would not fix the problem and was assured that it was not a safety hazard. As the shimmy continually got worse I took it back once again to Earnhardt on April 1, 2010 and they said it now needed new brakes as well as new tires, but still would not repair the problem.

On April 13, 2010, I took the car to Brakes Plus on 35th and Union Hills where I had the brakes replaced at the cost of $276.00. I was told by the specialist that the tires were unsafe and with the problem with the brakes in such a short amount of time that in his professional opinion “The car should have never passed a safety inspection.” So, my question is, did it ever actually have a legal safety inspection??? Although replacing the brakes and knowing I also had the expense of new tires was costly, I was more concerned with the fact that Earnhardt didn't care enough about their customers that they would actually sell a car that was deemed unsafe.

On April 13, 2010, I returned to Earnhardt again. I politely stated my concerns and disappointment in their customer service. I requested that they make it right and replace my tires with safe ones, not necessarily new ones and they refused stating that it had been too long since the purchase. Even though it was on record that the safety hazard was brought to their attention in plenty of time for them to have made it right. They would like to recoup the $276.00 it cost me for new brakes and the $329.00 for tires, but most of all I want to warn any other potential customers of Earnhardt's lack of concern for their customers and their refusal to work with you once they have made their sale.

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