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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- On March 28,2009 I went to East Charlotte Nissan to look at and possibly purchase a car. I spoke with a Salesperson concerning a Majestic Blue 2006 Nissan Altima. I looked at the car, test drove it and decided not to purchase that day because I had another deal pending with Carmax that I wanted to consider. After several calls from the salesperson and finance manager, concerning coming in and closing the deal, I decided to return to the Nissan Dealership on March 6, 2009 and purchase a car. Same make, model and color but with more "bells and whistles" as stated by salesperson.

I was asked to sign a statement stating that if they (the dealership) can "get numbers right" will I buy the vehicle? I signed the statement because I did like the vehicle I was shown. After agreeing to buy the car I was sent to "finance" where I spoke with another finance manager. I proceeded to sign the papers and give a check for my down payment. The check was for $1000 and was deposited on the March 27, 2009. I was later asked to come in again to the dealership to "rework" the deal. I would have to pay an additional $500 but my payment per month would be cheaper than I was initially quoted. The payments went from $370.39 to $347.12.

The second check of $500 was not cashed before I was asked to come in and return the vehicle. I was also asked to return to the dealership on another occasion to get the title to my trade in vehicle in order to get a title in my name only from NCDMV. I got the title in my name which cost $107. I received the title in the mail on Thur. April 9,2009. I took the title to the dealership and handed it to the second finance manager the same day, on April 9, 2009 or before there was nothing said to me about a financing issue.

I was called at work on April 13,2009 by the customer service manager asking if I had received the title yet. I informed her that I turned the title in on April 9th to the second finance manager. She stated she would speak with him. About 20 minutes after the conversation with the CSM, the finance manager called and stated he needed to me to return to the dealership for additional paperwork again. When I arrived there and spoke with him, he informed me that I would need to return the car and they would give me my original car back. I let him know how upset I was and asked who could I speak to about my dissatisfaction with this situation.

He said he was the finance manager and there was nothing else that could be done and nobody else to speak to. I was also told that I would have to pay a $4000 down payment to keep the vehicle and I stated based on previous information he knew that was not possible and I reiterated that a deal was approved by Wachovia a month ago based on the information I signed. He proceeded to give me my title back and the $500 check. I then asked him how was I supposed drive my car when I had turned the tags into NCDMV.

He left the room and spoke with someone and came back and told me they were going to let me keep the car while they locate my car and figure out what to do about the tag situation. I did call the finance manager once I returned home to let him know that I will be returning the car on Wednesday and I will have a attorney present because I feel like proper sales practices were not observed and I was taken advantage of and lied to.

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