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Coupon Tricks!!!
By -

WOODRIDGE, NEW JERSEY -- Last Tuesday, August 14, 2007 I bought a Toyota Corolla LE 2008 at East Coast Toyota, located at 85 State Route 17, Woodridge, NJ, 07075, Tel (201) 939 9400. This is the second car that I bought here in less than 2 years (01/31/06 Toyota Corolla LE 2006), plus I did recommend somebody else and she bought a Corolla as well. The price in the window for the Corolla 2008 was $17,475.00, after an hour or so of negotiation A. **, the sales person, drops the price to $16,200.00. Then I handle him a discount coupon in the amount of $250.00, so the price would be 15,950.00.

I got this coupon in the mail after I bought the first car, have no expiration date and is valid only in this dealer, but they (sales person and manager L. **) decided not to honor it. I closed the deal that night anyway, first of all because I needed the car and the second reason was the fact that is a fair price, but this have nothing to do with the coupon, this dealer was supposed to honor it.

After 2 days, last Thursday, my fiance, who was with me in the negotiation, went back to the dealer to try to talk to them and hoping that they will do the right thing and honor the coupon, he talked to A. **, L. ** wasn'€™t there, he talked to one of the sales managers. He talked to Mr. M. **, Customer Relations Manager... all of them went over again to the nonsense speech. They won't honor the coupon, my fiance was at least 3 hours there waiting for an answer and all that he got was a job offer from Mr. J. ** Vice-president/General Manager of the company.

What I want is to be compensated for the $250.00 dollars of the coupon plus the time that I'€™m expending in this matter and all the frustration that I'€™ve been feeling in this week. With all due respect, I have a recommendation for Toyota, if you won'€™t honor coupons, if you don't like them, just don'€™t mail them. Nobody ask for it, you mailed to my house. That was just a trick??? Do you like to play with people like that??? I know that for a multimillionaire company as Toyota one customer more or one customer less means nothing, but please we all deserve respect.
Thank you in advance for all your help. Waiting for answers or at least comments.

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