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No Communication
By -

VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA -- I have been with this company for years and I don't know why I put up with this. I cannot get to talk to **, my "agent" on the phone for more than 3 seconds. It's always "I have a client here, I'll call you back" and he never does.
Some of the numbers I have for this company (like the main one I was given: (818) 947-1562) are disconnected.

I have called repeatedly for months every time the renewal rolls around. This year I called Oct. 15, 16, 19, 20, and into November until I gave up and kept my fingers crossed. I changed addresses but never received any sort of confirmation in the mail. Once I did get through and had 14 seconds of his time to give my new address. Several calls later, I asked if he put in the new address and it was "Yeah, yeah, I did it." "What about the rate change for moving to the countryside, which is always lower?" He said "You will get something in the mail". That was bank in the middle of October 09 and it is now Dec. 4th with nothing. I call and the phone just rings on and on, no answer.

Just like the year before and before that, he never has 5 minutes to talk to me. I am worried this company is going to fold and take my money with it. I am looking at other companies to find an agent who keeps their word and calls back. If I ran my business like this, I would have no business. The last policy at the top says Titan ins., but the receptionist answers Eastwood.

Question - please help
By -

I have a bad driving record due to my D.U.I. back in 2004 that I had already paid off and taken care of last year. In order for me to obtain my Drivers License back from the DVM, I had to get an RS-22 insurance which I had already purchased and paid the whole entire year from my Broker EASTWOOD INSURANCE, and it cost me $800.00. However they put under a different insurance company called MENDOTA.

Not aware of the recent situation, I opened my mail from Mendota insurance yesterday and just found out that I was driving with no insurance for over a week. My full coverage/SR-22 insurance was cancelled due to my broker failed to provide MENDOTA with corrected license number (whatever that means) because as far as I know I gave all my information to EASTWOOD INSURANCE (in person) the day I purchased my full coverage insurance with their agent **.

I contacted my agent with EASTWOOD this morning and she does not want to offer her assistance to me regarding this issues, she had advised me to contact Mendota instead, and when I did, they told me that the reason why they cancelled my insurance was because my broker did not provide them with their request. And I was also advised that the memo was only sent to my broker (EASTWOOD) by email and regular mail and not to me (so I had no clue, otherwise I would've provided them with everything they need).

Consequently they cancelled my insurance after several times of trying to contact and obtain this information from my broker (EASTWOOD INSURANCE), I lost a lot of money already on this insurance, probably more than $1500.00, I'm broke! I can't afford to give another down payment for a new set of insurance, and on top off all these, DMV will suspend my drivers license again for not having SR-22. PLEASE help! I don't know what to do right now. Thank you.

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