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Worst Experience I've EVER Had!!!
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Rating: 1/51

NEW CASTLE, COLORADO -- I got there on the 2nd, Friday, I was going to stay a week. Everything was fine until Sunday, only mild rudeness. I was outside arranging the truck and my kids came out saying they were sick and had puked and that the owner was very angry and yelling at them. One of the kids said they had puked but he took off his shirt & puked in it so it didn't get all over. I walked in the motel to see what was going on, why she was yelling at my kids and entering my room and I smelled a really horrible smell.

I assumed it was the puke smelling and I went & apologized because they were blaming us for the smell and insisted on entering our room to check for sewage. I was very confused by this because I was outside for a while and did not know what had happened. Later I found out the reason they puked and was sick, for some reason there was a noxious smell in the hallway and they opened the door to see what was out there, it made one of them puke, all of them were ill and coughing.

My daughter still is and we had nothing to do with the horrible odor. That night the owner insisted on entering the room and scrubbing it down and vacuum, even though my 3 kids were sleeping and ill. I was so offended by the way I was treated I told her I would most likely be checking out the next morning.

At checkout I told the lady I was mistaken the night before and the smell was in fact not from the puke, their smell caused the puking. She said it had to be us because they never had that problem before us and yelled at us about the broken glass she said was on the bathroom floor. Also I told her I needed to pay cash & she would not let me. She snidely said she was done, I was already checked out. I left out to my truck and said I was going to complain about them, that I have never been treated so rudely. The husband drove up blocking my truck and came to me pointing his finger at my face yelling, threatening me.

My fiance stepped between him and I and the owner said he had my information, my address, all of it and if I make trouble for his business he would make trouble for me, he could find me. He said he was "calling 911 and make trouble for me for threatening his business." I told him I was trying to leave and he was blocking me so go ahead and call the cops.

I have never been treated so rude in my life. In all the times I have stayed in motels, even trashy ones, I have never been treated so rudely. Also, the glass on the bathroom floor, the owner yelled at us accusing us of breaking her things. The only thing we can think of, if it was from us, my daughter dropped her iPhone in there and more of the cracked screen fell out, but I don't know.

They had my whole family very upset when he approached me yelling and pointing his finger at my face and they got defensive and got in between him and I to protect me, he got very close to me, almost touching me. I am actually scared to make this report because he said if I did, he would "make trouble for me" and I believe him. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else because it really was traumatic for us all. Also, the pool was broke, no heater and the hot tub was empty with a fan in it.

Wonderful Until New Management Took Over
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Rating: 2/51

SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- We have stayed here over the last several years. Had great experience until new management took over. They have a back building which has been drug dealers and prostitution, but now the new management are letting it happen in the front choice building. They are promoting drugs and prostitution by selling blunts and condoms at front desk. Their breakfast has been cut a lot and maid service for long stays cut to one day a week. Cutting their workers' hours and causing poor moral. A great motel being destroyed by the new management.

Terrible place with horrible service
By -

MONTREAL -- This has been the most dissatisfying, frustrating, service-lacking stay in all our travel experience. It lacked even the most basic level of service, and the staff were discourteous and downright rude, and filled with attitude. Rooms were shabby; one of ours still had dirty towels (and a dirty t-shirt) left by the previous guest, which were not removed until 2 days into our stay, despite being dumped on the floor. There was no wardrobe or rack in the room; absolutely nowhere to hang up clothes or coats.

One of our rooms had a locked minibar (which we wanted to use as a fridge), but no key. The front desk clerk explained that the previous guest must have taken the key, and that he would notify the manager. 24 hours later, we still had no key and, upon inquiry, were informed that it was our job to track down the manager and let him know we wished the minibar unlocked, as the manager will not 'bother us' in case we did not wish 'to be disturbed.'

The free wireless internet did not work a single day of our 5-day stay. When we inquired on the first day when it would be fixed, we were told by the front desk clerk that he "does not know," which was also the answer to our inquiry as to whether they were expecting the tech anytime soon. When we asked about the wireless internet again, on the last day (a couple of hours before check-out - idle curiosity), we were told the same thing. If you want to have your room cleaned past noon, forget it - housekeeping does not work after 12 pm, despite the fact that it is the official check-out time.

Continental breakfast is a joke - upon coming down to the lobby, one must tell the front desk the number of people in the party, and each person will be allocated two small croissants; no more. On days when there are no croissants, guests have to do with Wonderbread. On the bright side, Wonderbread dosage is not regulated, and there is a toaster that comes with. Coffee is available all day long, but cups are not (if they were, we never saw them!); it is bring-your-own for that midday caffeine infusion.

And all that is in addition to the fact that, despite being conveniently located in the center of the city, this Econolodge is actually on a rather sketchy, unpleasantly stinky street. In our experience? Take your money elsewhere.

Why Is This Hotel Still Open?
By -

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- My mom and I had reservations to stay at the Econo Lodge on 03-28-08 on Bonney Road in Virginia Beach. We were to stay there for 2 nights. We checked in around 10:30 on the 28th and were sent to probably one of the filthiest rooms ever! The rooms odor knock you back out of the door upon entrance, my mom came in and said the room smelled very bad and then she began to check the room pulling back spreads, checking sheets and found soiled mattress pads with tobacco encrusted in the seams of the mattress pad, trash behind the beds, cigarette buds behind the dresser, trash behind the dresser and the tub was the filthiest!

It had a ring thicker than my wrist in it, hair throughout the tub and entire bathroom and a razor cap in the drain. My mom called the front desk and that particular clerk response was he would change our room. As I was going to get the keys my mom asked the guard for clean linen and blankets. She said she would clean the room herself if they could supply her with the requested items. She was awfully tired after driving 10 hrs straight. The guard said he would check and came back to said they didn't have any clean towels, linen, blankets, comforters or any cleaning solutions at the front desk.

My mom even said she would go over to Rite Aid which happened to be across the street to see what she could find but I told her let's just move. As we were checking in also the people who rented the room next to us told us they had to plunge their toilet upon entrance because it was filled with feces. This is too much!!! We go to the other assigned room which smelled somewhat better but we were still skeptical but tired. My mom told me not to touch anything in the room, wear shoes at all times and to sleep with your clothes on.

After conversations for about 20 minutes, mom who was dead tired did a brief overall check of the visual room items. She found old dried up chocolate smeared on the dresser, spliced wires connected to outlets trash behind the dresser again. Mom said again "bri just sleep in your clothes"! I said "I am mom, I'll just wear my pj's." Mom had on her shirt, jeans, socks, and jacket when she got under the comforter.

I put on pajamas and pulled back all the covers and snuggled in. After 2 minutes I jumped up screaming that something was biting me. Mom jumped up and immediately pulled back the comforter and there were two bed bugs crawling on the blanket. Mom grabbed her video recorder and filmed them. She called the front desk again and told the front desk about the bugs. He told her he couldn't move her to another room but could move her back to the first room which was filthy. She responded that he could give her money back at this time.

It is now 1 something in the morning and we need a room. My mom had to call around this time of the morning in an unfamiliar area trying to find a room. That is a clean room in a clean environment!!!! Thank God for the Quality Inn in Little Creek!! it was very clean and comfortable. My mom ended up paying a lot more for our two day stay and I believe she should be reimbursed for that given the time of morning we had to locate another hotel after our grueling drive to Virginia Beach. We were there for an event for my younger brother in the Golden Glove Tournament.

My experience at this hotel has left me with a very bitter taste for all Econo Lodges. They also submitted extra charges on my mom's account that no one could explain. My mom called the manager twice before we left and she would not return the call. I have been having nightmares about bugs crawling on me as I sleep since this experience.

My mom was so mad she called the TV station. She said she can't believe that this hotel is still opened. She doesn't know how they passed inspection as she works in the hotel industry also! No one from the hotel has called to apologize and it's been a week already. The quality of service was poor and degrading. This hotel is not fit for even stray animals!!!!!!!!!!!!

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