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Rating: 2/51

WASHINGTON -- I have been trying to buy a 3-in-1 jacket since late summer. They were out of stock in talls. I emailed customer service to see if the jacket would be restocked. Yesterday I received a catalog with a jacket that is close enough to what I want and comes in tall. This morning I find out, they're out of stock in talls. AND out of stock in a legging that is new. I suspect the jacket will return in a month after the 40% off coupons expire. I had been a frequent buyer. I had no problems with returns. Tall tops for women (34 inch sleeves) are near impossible to find. Sports jacket are even rarer. I am one frustrated consumer.

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I was curious if the coyote boots are made from real coyote? In my opinion it is wrong to kill animals for their fur.

Ebay Sucks & Has Down Hill
By -

LINDEN, NEW JERSEY -- Back in 1998 eBay was the BEST! But today eBay Sucks! It is a BAD online auction service for the seller and the buyer!!! Stay away from EBAY!!!!!

Gift Card
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COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- For my birthday I received a Eddie Bauer gift card for $25 from my sister. I kept it in my wallet and when I went to use it, the cashier informed me that the barcode on it couldn't be read clearly enough I guess because it had been in my wallet and worn off a little. Since no one in the store would help me, I contacted Eddie Bauer by phone and by mail several times, going through all the channels including finally writing to the president of the company and sending them the card. They were completely uncaring and unhelpful.

In my letters, I mentioned I had been an Eddie Bauer shopper for at least 20 years buying at their stores and online numerous times a year. They didn't seem to care and essentially wouldn't give me the time of day. I would have appreciated some sort of compromise or acceptance of my point of view but there was none. Even a coupon for a few percent off or something might have helped. As it is, I have not shopped at Eddie Bauer since then and never will.

Credit Card Fees
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I made a very small purchase ($30) on my Eddie Bauer card in March. In May I received a phone call from a very rude woman saying that I must give her my checking account number because I was past due on my bill. I would not give her my information over the phone and explained that I had not received a bill although I would send a check promptly, which I did, for the amount plus the late fee. I then receive another letter stating I owe another fifty dollars in fees. I have had many calls from the company but have yet to receive an ebill or paper bill from them explaining the charges.

As of this week they want me to pay well over a hundred dollars. I have an excellent credit record, pay all my bills in full every month and have been a customer for many years. I can afford to pay the fees but the issue of being treated in such a manner and that they can do this, has lost them a customer for life. I hope their fees were worth losing the hundreds of dollars I spend with their company.

Sept 29 update: I received a letter from World Financial Services stating that they would refund $51 after reviewing my multiple complaints if I would just contact them. I think the letter I sent to EB headquarters probably elicited the refund. I won't be getting another card through anyone with World Financial. The aggravation wasn't worth the $51 but I will be happy to take the money!

Return Policy
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ONLINE -- I recently purchased 3 pair of jeans from the Eddie Bauer online store. I ordered the same jeans in three different colors. I received three different type of jeans in three different sizes. On their invoice it indicates that you can return items to a local store in the US. I go to my local Eddie Bauer and they won't take them back. They call customer service for me and customer service says that it is the policy of the store that I have to return them in the mail. So much for their claim that I can return them to a store and one of the reasons for the return is that you received the wrong merchandise.

So I figured out that their true policy is to make it as difficult as possible to return hoping you won't. They have just lost me as a customer and I am emailing this to as many friends and relatives that I have. Hopefully they will not shop Eddie Bauer. Obviously our time means nothing. This is from their website: "If, at any time, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply exchange it or return it to us for a refund. Your purchase is guaranteed for the lifetime of the product under normal wear and tear and/or defects in original workmanship."

Eddie Bauer Lies
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REDMOND, WASHINGTON -- I returned some items to Eddie Bauer by mail. They kept my clothes and refused the process the exchange. I followed their return policy exactly as stated, but they still refuse to operate honestly. I recommend staying away from Eddie Bauer. They should either send me my returned items or process the exchange. They cannot keep both!

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