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Eeshops is a joke. They are thieves and worse.
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This company has been nothing short of a nightmare from start to finish. I should have known better when they asked to send the money as a "personal payment" instead of "payment for goods" via PayPal. The order was for more than $300 USD (PS3 & 360), paid on October 6, 2010. First shipment arrived 6 weeks later with nothing I ordered in it at all. Second shipment had some of what I ordered but only one of each and some item missing totally a second time. They have now stopped communication - will no longer answer any emails. They asked that I send the wrong items back, which I did, but now I am left without anything except a hole in my wallet.

Angel, Chloe and Wendy are all but useless as far a customer service goes. I have sent emails to the owner, to the sales reps and to the customer service asking for a refund which was promised but never happened. These guys are third rate jokes and their business should wither and die like all who forget that the customer is what makes a business succeed. Without repeat business there will soon be nothing to harvest.

If you want to send your money to get some second hand crap, this is the place. If you want to be ignored after sending money, this is your company. If you like to be abused and lied to over and over again, please use Eeshops for that sharp feeling one gets when being buggered by second rate con artists. For me I will never forget the consistent poor service, shoddy items and laughable customer service. Ignoring customers that are owed either the money refund or some product sent will never come out good. It's been 5 months now and still nothing from these dung beetles, but they had the nerve to demand the incorrectly sent items returned (done).

Never ever buy from Eeshops unless you want to give your money away and get nothing in return. More than 50 emails, 5 months and broken promises is the credo of Eeshops. Buyer run away as fast as you can. This place has been kicked off eBay and has now changed their email addresses to make it more difficult at communication. I will take the time to tell all who will listen about the joke of a company that is Eeshops. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM EVER!!! No joking here - they will rip you off just like they did me. No honor or integrity associated with this company. RUN GRASSHOPPER. RUN!

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