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Bed Bugs and Worms Beware!
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FARJARDO -- I decided to plan a vacation to Puerto Rico for my 35th birthday through Apple Vacations (# **). The total trip cost my cousin and I 549.20 Ea. The trip was schedule for 10-22 to 10-25. We arrived as scheduled and was advised by El Conquistador that our reservation was scheduled for 10-23 to 10-26 which was incorrect. Once that was squared away we were told that a $400 deposit was required for incidentals. We were never previously advised this by Apple Vacations or the resort prior to travel. After arguing back and forth it was dropped to $300 which still did not sit well with me.

A few hours went by and we were in our room and noticed little bugs crawling on the side tables (on video). I called the front desk with a irate, frantic state of mind because I slowly saw my birthday vacation going down the tubes. They send the maid to the room and she comes equipped with a bottle of "air freshener." What was she going to do freshen the bugs to death???

The maid stated to us that the hotel been knew about this problem and she doesn't know why they sent her. Momentarily we were moved to another room. After being in that room for maybe 45 min we noticed more bugs and a black worm crawling on the floor (on video). In crying, screaming, erratic, irate. I call the front desk and ask for the manager. I was told he was with another customer. I stated to Juan who was working the front desk "I know I am not the only guest who is having these problems." His response was "No you are not." At this point I go down to the desk and hysterically go off.

The manager tries to reassure me that he will take care of the problem and us and move us now to our 3rd room in a matter of 12 hrs. The manager and 2 bell boys search the room as if the bugs are waiting for them. The manager and crew leave and in 5 min a bug is crawling on the bathroom sink. I call back to the front desk and now I'm having a yelling match with the manager. It's clear that the entire resort is infested with these bugs. The manager tries to convince us that this is normal for the tropics. **. This isn't our first vacation! We know better.

We sleep uncomfortably on top of the comforter wrapped in our airline blankets. I awoke to scratching my arms and neck. I was bitten in my sleep. I have a huge red bump on my left arm, a bump with pus on my right arm, the front of my neck is itchy and red, and the back of my neck is itchy and red (on video). My cousin was also bit in her sleep.

We had a pizza box that was left on the TV stand. Upon opening it we found hundreds of these same bugs swarming). Needless to say that was the straw that broke the camel's back. At that point we decided to cut my birthday vacation short and head back to MD. The front desk was called again and advised. My cousin also went to the front desk and gave them a piece of her mind.

The day manager (Cheyl) came to the room. She was very empathetic and took notes on everything that transpired. However there was nothing she could say or do to change our minds about staying at this resort. She offered to get us breakfast since we hadn't eaten. When room service came we had a conversation with their server. He advised us that the insect problem started when the resort decided to change pesticide companies. He said that the resort went with a cheaper company. The server also advised that the hotel knows about this problem.

In order to return home that same night we had to purchase an additional airline ticket through AirTran for 150.00. When I arrived home my suitcase was left on the front porch. I have 2 children and didn't want them to be affected by this. Everything had to be rewashed even the unworn clothes. On 10-25 I was feeling well still very itchy and the bumps were getting bigger. I went to the emergency room at Franklin Square Hospital and was seen. I was prescribed steroids and a prescription Benadryl for my problem. This was literally a vacation from hell. Clearly the guest do not come first at this resort. This is a part of the Waldorf Astoria collection. A joke.

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