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Elavon Inc. wants $677 to close my account after raping me
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KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I was passed on to Elavon Inc. after being passed on to 2 other credit card processors. I started out with one company, then they either merged with another company or sold my account to another company. Anyway, Elavon was the last in the chain. I was with them for 2 or 3 years. I was a very good customer. Elavon charged me very high fees for processing my customer's credit cards. I never complained or gave them any trouble. Unfortunately, Elavon just kept raising my fees.

Finally, I found another company to process my customer's credit cards. On 4-21-11, I asked Elavon to close my account with them. Elavon sent me a closure form. I filled it out and faxed it back. I thought my closure was all taken care of. But a week later I found that Elavon had debited by bank account $65. I sent their closure form again to Elavon. I talked to many, many customer service representatives. But again in the beginning of June Elavon debted my bank account $65.

Finally after calling Elavon fifty times and wasting countless hours, Elavon told me what they really wanted to close my account with them. Elavon had a new closure form for me to fill out and sign. This new closure form had a charge of $677 for "Liquidated Damages".

I couldn't believe the arrogance of Elavon. After ripping me off for years, Elavon couldn't stand to let me go without one more giant rip-off. How can Elavon get away with this outrage? Either I pay or Elavon keeps on charging my bank account $65 a month or Elavon will mess up my credit.

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