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Two Products Purchase Same Day. Both Failed Within A Week Of Each Other After Only Five Years.
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Rating: 1/51

Bought French door refrigerator and a dishwasher from Electrolux at the same time five years ago. The refrigerator began to leak. Upon pulling the unit away from the wall, we found it had rusted out in one spot on the back, and was about to rust through in another. Mind you, this was their top of the line Stainless fridge. One week later, the dishwasher failed and leaked all over my kitchen. Customer service wasn't interested. Stay away from Electrolux.

Remodeled My Kitchen With Electrolux Appliances - So Disappointed in the Use and Quality.
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Rating: 1/51

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I purchased all kitchen appliances from Electrolux. The dishwasher doesn't clean the dishes, is always streaked looking unclean after full cycles with the hottest water setting. The controls, ooh the controls. If you touch the controls when adding dishes, the entire settings panel will go into a reset mode which is not explained in their manuals, nor available when speaking with the Electrolux customer service. All they tell you to do is call a certified repair person which I paid to come out, who then pushed an unlit button for 3 seconds which reset the panel.

I was charged for a full-service call. The control panel continues to go out on a routine basis not always rebooting as it had. I spend so much time to do a simple task! I would NEVER RECOMMEND ELECTROLUX APPLIANCES. The other appliances have now started giving me problems with the controls on the stove top, everything I bake in the oven burns and I love to bake. I could go on and on but you get the picture. It has been the worst purchase I've made.

Worst Appliances
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Rating: 1/51

OREGON -- Never again. For what is charged for these appliances, they are worthless. I have to disassemble the washer wands of the dishwasher to keep them crap free, as well as prewashing every dish. The fridge is a ** to clean, reading the manual it states "using a screwdriver to pry the drawers... WHAT?!" The cooktop at less than two years needs a burner knob replaced to the tune of average $50 bucks. The main burner if turned off will not relight to continue use. Needless to say, I've learned my lesson. Now an email comes "offering" a chance to re-up the appliance insurance. Duh. Forget it. I'll buy something else when, soon, the time will come.

Regret Buying Electrolux Dishwasher
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Rating: 1/51

KENMORE, WA -- Our 3 year old Electrolux dishwasher is useless after three years of light duty. The control board was replaced just before the manufacturer's warranty expired. I had an extended warranty through credit card and that expired in August and 30 days later the dishwasher started reporting error codes 23 and 30. We were able to clear the 23 error code but not the 30. 30 indicated a leak and the water in the pan supported that code. A technician came out spent two hours and after the thorough analysis said he would have to take it apart and rebuild it to find the hidden leak. There was no visible leak and all connections were not failing. This would cost around $800.

Had terrible interactions with Electrolux. I was hoping for a deep discount, 30-50% on a new one. Thinking maybe they've fixed these issues. Their first offer, 50% off parts only and they had to sell the parts. So I'm now paying wholesale for parts but what about labor? And the appliance repair company now loses part of their profit. I said I wasn't interested in that. I believe I'd still be paying around 500-700 in labor. I pushed again and they Then said I should fix it. Then buy their extended warranty. Sure, just so you can then Deny the claim and make more money off us?

I tried writing reviews on their site. All refused because they consider the following words to be profanity "regret buying Electrolux dishwasher, should have bought Miele". Bought a really nice Miele tonight. Looking forward to having no issues with a solid machine and a manufacturer with a stellar reputation. The store we bought the Electrolux offered an extra discount because of the issues with the product they sold us. And they now have only one Electrolux dishwasher on the floor marked down to $499, they can't even give it away.

Electrolux experience has been the WORST
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Rating: 1/51

WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- My experience with Electrolux has been a NIGHTMARE from the very beginning. My dishwasher has consistently had problems. In regards to the latest problem, water has not been entering the machine and the soap has not been dispersing throughout, but just falling to the bottom of the unit. Mind you, this unit was $2,100 back in 2008, so it's supposedly a high-end device.

First, I called Electrolux and they put me in touch with an "authorized Electrolux service provider" in my area. This guy charged $150 to come out and tell me there was a kink in my hose, which was absolutely not the case. Of course the problem persisted and I had to play phone tag with both Electrolux and this service guy because neither wanted to take responsibility for my non-functioning dishwasher. Finally, the service guy (who again was recommended by Electrolux) told me off and even stated that my 7-year-old dishwasher that works intermittently is not his problem. How nice.

When I told Electrolux of this experience, they of course did nothing. They told me the guy has to come back out and fix it until it works, but at that point I didn't even want that jerk back in my house. And for what... he didn't have a clue what the problem could be, but he was the first to tell me he's been doing this for 30 years.

Next, I decided to purchase the extended one year warranty for about $130 because I knew continued visits worth hundreds of dollars would be needed for this piece of junk. So we had the next service provider, covered under my new warranty, come out, twice. Once to diagnose and the next time to replace the drain pump. I didn't understand how the drain pump had anything to do with my water/soap problem. This guy who assured me this was the problem because this is what he does for a living seemed as if he never worked on a dishwasher before when it came time to open it up.

As my common sense alerted, the drain pump was indeed not what needed to be fixed, so the problem remained. My husband, so frustrated with these incompetent servicemen, did some research on dishwashers and decided to replace the inlet valve himself. This cost another $40 and rectified the water getting into the machine, but the soap still just falls to the ground.

When he spoke with Electrolux and vented that he had to fix the machine himself because everyone they sent out here was too incompetent, they voided our warranty, which was supposed to be good for another 11 months. Of course they refused to reimburse me for the cost of it since repairs had been done. Now I have no warranty, a dishwasher that still doesn't work and a whole team of people at Electrolux throughout the process who couldn't care less. Thanks for nothing you worthless company with horrific customer service. I hope you go out of business because that's what you deserve.

Do Not Purchase Any Electrolux Appliances - Nor the Extended Warranties via Lowe's
By -

3580 PEACHTREE PARKWAY, GEORGIA -- DOUBLE OVEN: A little over a year ago, we purchased a new top of the line stainless steel Electrolux double oven from Lowe's and the control panel has been replaced 4 times within the first year of ownership. The good news is that it finally works correctly. WARNING: The extended warranty through Lowe's is a JOKE!!!

DISHWASHER: The Electrolux dishwasher is a different story. We purchased the top of the line stainless steel Electrolux dishwasher for around $1,399 from Lowe's at the same time we purchased our double oven and we have had countless repairs within the first year or so and it does not work correctly!

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS: 4 new control panels, multiple water pumps and water heaters... 9 service calls with more to come!!! The dishwasher worked great for a few months and now it does not rinse, dry, wash or drain correctly. You know the things a dishwasher is supposed to do!!! WARNING: The extended warranty through Lowe's is a JOKE!!! How many times does a dishwasher have to be repaired before it can be completely replaced? Who knows???

The warranty company representatives read from a script when you call and don't seem to "listen" when you tell them that repairmen never stay to see if the dishwasher actually works through a complete cycle... rather once a new part or parts are installed they deem the dishwasher repaired... the repairman then notes on their service records that the dishwasher is repaired and then they go to the next service call. WARNING: The extended warranty through Lowe's is a JOKE!!!

NOTE: Most repairmen are on commission so they have a financial incentive to keep coming back and replacing parts until the "cows come home" or "hell freezes over", so they will never "deem" your dishwasher as unrepairable. Is that such a word... "unrepairable?" Anyway, apparently the term unrepairable is important to the warranty company that Lowe's uses for their extended warranties, since they require your dishwasher to be deemed "unrepairable" before you will live to see a new one. WARNING: The extended warranty through Lowe's is a JOKE!!!

SAME PROBLEM?: The warranty company does not seem to understand that we are having the "SAME" problem each time a repairman comes out to repair our dishwasher, and that the repair is "TRYING" to repair the same problem by replacing specific parts. WARNING: The extended warranty through Lowe's is a JOKE!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The warranty company that Lowe's uses for extended warranties seems to think that each "separate" repair means that a "separate" problem has been corrected; thus, the clause of needing 4 REPAIRS FOR THE SAME PROBLEM, never seems to add up in their world. WARNING: The extended warranty through Lowe's is a JOKE!!!

Yes, I do realize I placed the phrase "WARNING: The extended warranty through Lowe's is a JOKE!!" a number of times throughout my comments, but I do want consumers to know what they are really up against if they get a lemon Electrolux appliance and are hoping that the extended warranty offered through Lowe's will actually work. QUESTION?: I will live to see a top of the line, Electrolux dishwasher in my home that works correctly? I don't think so???

UPDATE - April 8, 2011: The following email response is what I just received from Electrolux concerning my problem with the dishwasher I purchased from them... DOES this sound like a solution to you? Enjoy the Electrolux NON-response:

"Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your experience with our organization. While it is always a pleasure to hear from a valued consumer, the circumstances that made it necessary for your contact are regrettable. We sincerely appreciate the effort you spent in advising us of your disappointment. In today's competitive marketplace, feedback from our consumers is vital to our continued success.

Please be assured we are taking the appropriate steps to improve our internal operations to address the issues which surfaced in your communication. We hope you will accept our apologies for the difficulty you experienced. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need assistance in the future."

Terrible Customer Service. Will Not Buy Again
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Rating: 1/51

I recently purchased an Electrolux dishwasher from Lowe's on Thursday March 16,2014. It had been on display in their cabinet section and discounted accordingly. When I got the unit home and went to install it I found the discharge hose that connects to the garbage disposer was not in the unit. I also found the mounting brackets were missing. I called Electrolux customer service and explained the issue. A gentleman named ** took our call. We told him we needed the parts right away as we had kitchen installers at our home.

We asked for the parts to be shipped overnight so we could finish installation on Friday. He said it could not be done - company policy states that missing parts would be shipped only in 3-7 days. If we paid for the parts and overnight shipping we would have them Saturday. This was originally a $1500 dishwasher and we felt we were being treated poorly. We were on the phone for about an hour and I requested to speak to a supervisor and was told none were available and to call back tomorrow.

Totally frustrated, we paid for the parts and next day shipping via credit card. No parts arrived Friday, no parts arrived Saturday, and no parts arrived Sunday. We finally received the parts on Monday. Much to our frustration, the hose was wrong. ** had shipped the hose that was attached to the dishwasher, not the hose that attaches to the garbage disposal. So, on the phone again with Electrolux. The next customer service person could not identify the hose I needed and said she would have to speak to engineering.

She called back later in the day to state they identified the hose, she would credit me for all the missing parts and overnight shipping. She said she needed to transfer me to another department which would handle shipping me the correct parts. Upon transferring the call, the connection dropped. 2 hours of effort lost. I called back in and spoke to another customer service agent who was not helpful, could not find any notes after I explained to yet another person at the company what had happened. He states that because it was a floor model I would have to pay again for the parts.

AT THIS POINT I LOST IT; 4 plus hours on the phone with Electrolux and I was back at the starting point I experienced Thursday. Is this the service they provide to customers buying their products?? We are in the process of selecting another dishwasher, 2 wall ovens, a stove, and refrigerator for our new kitchen. We are also selecting appliances for our in-laws and a rental home.

Needless to say, given our experience, the new appliances will not be Electrolux. Adding pain to this experience, no invoice was provided with the parts shipment!! Does anyone at Electrolux care??? When you buy high-end products you expect good customer service.

Dishwasher Replaced After 18 Months
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH BEND, WASHINGTON -- This dishwasher was a top end model with a Lowe's list price of $1,299 less a 10% rebate. The dishwasher that was delivered lacked the fine filtration system that was on the store model and shown in the owner's manual. After several parts shipments that did not fix the problem, Lowe's gave us a $350 credit rather than take the unit back.

Nine (9) months after installation the door mechanism failed. The dishwasher did not clean dishes properly even after using a dishwasher cleaner - something we have never used before with over 30 years of using Jenn-Air, KitchenAid and Bosch dishwashers. The water tube on the top rack kept falling off and it had to be checked on every load. The tube had a weak connection to the top rack. The repairman found a nylon pulley in the door system had been chewed up by the cables used to hold the door open. He suggested changing detergents to solve the cleaning problem.

The cleaning ability continued to degrade and the seal around the door began to slide to the right and fall apart. Replacing the seal only solved the problem for a few months. The leaking seal allowed steam to escape and ruin the finish on our cabinets.

After reading about extended warranty and customer service problems we decided not to buy an extended warranty for approx $300 from Electrolux and instead bought a new dishwasher from Miele. The Miele is not as quiet as the Electrolux and the racks are not as heavy duty looking, but it is clearly better made than the Electrolux. The ergonomics of the rack system are superior.

The Electrolux model had hidden controls as is the current fashion. There was no way to stop the cycle without opening the door which usually led to water spitting or dripping out. I recommend semi-hidden or visible controls for this reason.

5 of 5 Electrolux Appliances Faulty
By -

Terrible appliance experience. French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker: Recurring problems with ice maker. Went from Control board A to B then to C. Replaced entire assembly once and the Ice mold and various internals several times. Added a de-icing kit. Put in spacers. 1 year later it still doesn't make ice. It will work for a few days after it is serviced but that is it.

Double Wall Oven: Display failed requiring a new control board. Then tried the self-cleaning cycle. Apparently on Canadian models there is a temperature controlled circuit breaker that trips below the self cleaning temperature. The result is every oven will fail after a self cleaning cycle (according to the repairman). The oven had to be removed each time and the switches reset. They tried replacing them but it didn't' help. After about 8 months of this Electrolux finally installed spacers to keep the switches from tripping. Also the internal lights continue to fail regularly and now the convection fan is making noise on the top oven.

Dishwashers: Where to start... We have two of the panel ready models. One arrived with a door that wouldn't open as it was hitting a piece of plastic underneath. Once that was repaired it wouldn't fill. Replaced control board twice, main board, fill solenoid, eventually the float was found to be defective. Now both are supposedly functional except that neither actually washes dishes. They won't even wash the soap out of the dispenser.

We have to use liquid soap, at least it isn't still there at the end of the cycle. They have both been repaired many, many times with no improvement. As of December 2010 they have agreed to refund our money for both machines.

Warming Drawer: This is our best product. When it came they had "forgotten" to weld the right side of the drawer to the slide. Obviously this didn't work so well. A new drawer insert was ordered but parts were missing and they had to try again. Finally the parts were put in but the left slide had apparently bent from the right side failing so they had to replace that. In under 3 months they had it working great we were so pleased (sarcasm).

I honestly believe that Electrolux designed and built these products without ever trying to use a single one. There is no other explanation.

Oven & Dishwasher Died in 1 Year
By -

13 mos ago, I purchased ALL new appliances for my remodeled kitchen. I was impressed w/ Electrolux & "thought" I was buying upscale appliances as I was definitely paying premium prices! I purchased the double oven w/ wave touch controls, the gas cooktop, microwave & dishwasher. ALREADY, I have had to replace the bottom oven element & the "main brain" to the top oven. Now the dishwasher water pump has gone out & I am waiting on the part to come in for Sears to replace it.

My OLD appliances (GE oven & Maytag dishwasher) are still running in someone else's home and are over 17 years old & have NEVER had maintenance done on them. Needless to say, I am very disappointed in my high dollar appliances. I've been forced to buy maintenance agreements that I should not have had to buy. While I love them while they are working, I would not recommend them to anyone & I would not buy them again.

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