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Excuse Me, but Do I Have "STUPID" Written on My Forehead?
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Rating: 2/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Too bad the Blundering Knuckle Heads at Electrolux can't learn from Costco's amazing customer service. When we gutted and redid our kitchen we installed all Electrolux Icon appliances. They looked great in the showroom and do in the kitchen. Should have researched and read reviews before doing so, if for nothing else for the terrible reviews on customer service alone would have been enough to flee!

Now we are living it. Finally got the ice maker fixed. We do have the dish washer, micro/convection wall oven, drawer warmer and the 64" freezer/fridge. Thank God from hearing other horror stories everything has been fine so far and looks pretty good if I do say so, except for one big item, our 36" freestanding gas stove which looks pretty cool but isn't worth spit as an oven has never worked properly. They ran us ragged until the warranty ran out. One crack shot Electrolux certified servicemen tried to convince me that it was normal for a "high-end" oven to take 45 minutes to over an hour to pre-heat!

Can you believe that? I asked him if he carried a mirror, he asked why? I said I wanted to see if I had "STUPID" on written on my forehead! I then escorted him to the door. Another issue, 3 of the top burners won't light until I blow on them. Another of their geniuses service men tried to tell me it's because they weren't level! (The burners.) He tried to wedge something under it. To this day nothing is fixed, but they got all their service fees!

Now I know why they want the $150.00 dollars service fee upfront!!! Because you wouldn't pay these idiots a penny otherwise for insulting you in your own home. LOL. How does this company stay in business? Oh yea, by people like me! Do not make my mistake, keep away from Electrolux!

Electrolux Has the Worst Customer Service Ever. Will Never Buy Electrolux
By -

The Electrolux oven that we purchased for over $2000, would make this loud boom/explosive sound every time we used the oven. It was so loud that it would shake the oven door and could hear it upstairs. They first sent a technician that came and diagnosed it and 8 days later came back and changed some parts, which still didn't fix the problem. The technician told us not to use the oven since it is not safe. Electrolux customer service said they would send us another oven and they would pick up the old one.

It took 2 months of calling and begging with the customer service. Every time we called we had to talk to a different person in customer service and had to explain everything all over. After 2 months, they delivered an oven that had a dent on the side and the entire top of the oven was moving. So, the company took it back. It was back to the begging again. Had to call Electrolux 3-4 times per week to remind them and ask them why we haven't received the oven. They kept coming up with excuses.

Another 2 months went by and finally they delivered another oven, which was again damaged. We were furious, called Electrolux and demanded our money back. But, again they played their games of giving us the run around. I had to talk to so many different people. They refused a refund. They said they would send us an oven for Thanksgiving, but never got it in time and all our plans were ruined. Then they promised they would deliver for Christmas and that never happened either.

For an entire 6 months we did not have an oven and Electrolux couldn't care less. Finally they found another company to deliver and this time they delivered it on a pallet to avoid damage. After over 6 months of calling Electrolux, we finally got a new oven. I would never recommend anyone to buy an Electrolux appliance. Their products are not even all that great and not worth the money or the hell customer service puts you through.

Microwave Overstove Built-In
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Rating: 1/51

The microwave was only 11 months old and the door handle broke off. I contacted the Electrolux customer service and was sent a new door handle parts with no instructions on how to install. I contacted Sears where it was purchased and was told I would have to buy a service warranty to have it repaired. The warranty cost was about what I paid for the microwave when I bought it. I recontacted Electrolux and was informed that I had to pay for a service call. Bottom line - do not buy any products from Electrolux or Sears. They do not stand behind their products.

Issues With Wall Oven And Dishwasher
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Rating: 1/51

We purchased approx. $9,000 of Electrolux top of the line appliances. 14 months later the wall oven/microwave combination showed an F11 error code in the middle of night. Checking online it showed to be a faulty mother board - Electrolux would not send part until we paid $180.00 for a service tech to come in and tell us the same thing. The service tech said they had receive a shipment of faulty boards and he was quite familiar with the issue. Two weeks later still no part and now oven/microwave.

A week later our new dishwasher stop cleaning top row dishes. After checking online there was a service bulletin for more robust parts to be installed. Now we have to pay another $180.00 to have a service tech tell us what we know is wrong - what a business. Once all this is done I am going to file a small claims court against Electrolux to recover my out of pocket expenses.

Glide Racks
By -

TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA -- Every few months we need to replace the glide racks in the oven. The racks pull out fine but will not retract leaving you with a hot oven and not being able to close your oven door. We have had this oven for approximately 2 years and we are on our 4th set of glide racks. Apparently, for some reason the ball bearings loose their ability to move and your stuck with an unusable rack. This was a royal pain this Thanksgiving when we were stuck with a 22 pound turkey on an oven rack that will not retract back into a hot oven. There seems to be no solution to this matter.

4 Out of 5 Appliances Had Problems Within a Few Months
By -

I ordered a complete set of Electrolux Icon appliances for our new kitchen about four months ago. So far, all units except the dishwasher have had problems right out of the box or shortly after. We have a whole-house surge protector and all appliances were professionally installed.

My history with Electrolux Icon appliances so far: Fridge - dented upon delivery and replaced before installation. When dispensing ice, the replacement likes to spew ice chunks across the floor; Cooktop - dented knob and an area on a grill was missing enamel upon delivery and is now rusting; Built-in convection microwave - shorted out itself and tripped its dedicated breaker. It took months and three on-site visits to fix the issue (bad door switches, bad wiring from the factory and a known history of problems per the repair guy); Built-in oven - bad LED display. Fix unknown at this time.

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