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eMachines EL1358G-51W
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Rating: 2/51

My boys recently purchased one of these computers (New) from our local Wal-Mart. This is a bargain base computer that works well for internet browsing and whatnot. Not a bad computer for what you pay for it. After we got it all set up one of my boys started to play Minecraft and were not impressed with its video performance. Even after I tuned down the settings in Minecraft it was still not very good. Needless to say they wanted a new video card to place in it.

We searched and found a Diamond Radeon HD6450 video card, that should meet their needs, but requires 400 Watts to run correctly. The power supply in computer was only rated at 220 Watts, and is a slim design. The largest power supply we could find was 350 Watts. We purchased an Ultra 750 Watt power supply and decided to install the eMachines Motherboard, 1 Terabyte Hard drive and DVD drive into an older tower that I had sitting around. This is where I needed the technical documentation for the motherboard to ensure I connected everything up correctly.

Went to the eMachines' website and could find nothing. Chatted with their tech support (they were very prompt and friendly), but to no avail - nothing is available. What kind of computer company produces a computer and does not have any technical documents on it??? I was able to connect up the cables for the power switch and led, but need the pin outs to see if I can connect the reset switch, HDD indicator, speaker, Firewire and USB ports from the tower. The Technician said this would void the warranty, but it is a $200.00 dollar computer to begin with.

So... If you want a decent cheap computer, buy it, but if you want something more capable, spend the money and build or buy one. Most decent motherboard manufacturers offer documentation for their motherboards. I will build my next one from scratch.

eMachines HORRID Customer and Tech Support
By -

IRVIN, CALIFORNIA -- This is by far the worst company ever. I got this computer for a present last February and am now having problem with the Windows installer and downloading .msi files. I called Microsoft and they told me that the Windows was purchased from eMachines and I have to talk to them. So I called eMachines and they told me that I would have to pay either a one time fee of 99.99 or a fee of 149 for a year of support. I just choose the 99 for a 72 hour tech support - that was yesterday.

I talked to a tech and the first thing they did was blame it on a corrupt file or link. We tried several different programs that were .msi format, one download out of 4 so he said that the others were bad. Really? Java is corrupt, Microsoft is corrupt?? So he proceeds and after the call I try downloading the program on another eMachines computer I have had for about three years. Lo and behold it downloads... those corrupt files... download no problem.

I called them this morning and they want me to pay them again. AGAIN? I happily reminded them that I have 72 hours with this one time payment I already paid. They put me on hold and never came back. I called again b*tching to the next person that answered and you know what her solution was?? System restore and recovery. Really?

I paid you 100 dollars for you to tell me something that I already know how to do. I asked them why I am doing this and not REPAIRING the problem. To me restore is like a covering up - it can happen again. They promptly told me that it happens every blue moon and that a program change some files or corrupted them on my hardware. See the change here, first download files are corrupted now my hardware is corrupted! (BS. Plain and simple, BS in all its glory.) I told them then that if I restore without knowing what programs did it in the first place what makes you think it will not happen again... their reply: Because it happens every blue moon.

WOW, 100.00 for that, it's ridiculous and this company's tech support is a joke. I am in the middle of a dispute with my credit card company as we speak. PLEASE PLEASE never get a eMachines computer - YOU WILL REGRET IT!

Wasting Money Trap
By -

I bought this notebook eMachines E525 m. KAWFO 3.07 at Wal-Mart. I paid $348.00 plus tax, I considered a good price that's the reason I chose it. I used it a couple of times and now when I try to turn it on I see a message on the screen which says, "Windows failed to start" and then it keeps going ahead by itself through the startup repairs process then suddenly appears another message on the screen which says: "Windows cannot repair this computer automatically. If you continue to see this message, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance. Click finish to exit and shut down your computer."

Well I called the manufacturer and they said that I have to pay $129.00 per hour for technical assistance, then I realized why it is a good price when you buy it. I barely used my notebook and I'll have to spend $129.00 to keep using it; I went back to Wal-Mart to try to return it and buy a HP because I have a HP desktop and I have 5 years of free technical support and never had any problems with technical support every time I needed it, but they said it couldn't be returned because there were more than 15 days that I had bought it.

I had told to a friend of mine about the price when I bought this computer, he was about to buy one because he thought it was a good deal, but I called him back about all this issues. I told him it's probably better to spend a few bucks more to have a more reliable PC with better assistance which he agreed right away. That's all I can do, let as much people I can to know about my experience, I hope it can help.

3 Bad Power Supplies Later
By -

JACKSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- At one time we were great fans of eMachines. However all that is done. The last computer we bought from them has "gone through" 3 power supplies.. ALL Bestec! The "stock" power supply which came with the system lasted about 5 months. After replacing it with a known working PS we called eMachines who sent us a new one. Due to my work schedule it was a bout 1 month before we installed it. The whole time we ran with the "test" power supply with no issues.

After installing the new one we ran for about 3 months. That one also went bad. Again we swapped out for the "test" power supply and contacted eMachines. Again we were shipped a Bestec Power supply. About 3-4 weeks later we installed it. It lasted less than 24 hours! We again put the "test" power supply in and the computer ran fine. WE called eMachines who suggested that we bring the tower in for service. The computer would be gone for 14+ days, not to mention wipe the hard drive.. (WHY?)

After explaining that the tower was a gift for my fiance and that would not be an option, especially because that the comp has NOT burned out the "test" power supply only BESTEC power supplies. After talking to 4 level 1 techs, We were told that we would need to talk to level 2 tech but there would be no problem getting another brand Power supply. HOWEVER now after talking with a level 2 - that is NOT an option.. WE offered to send in the faulty power supply.. and have it replaced. That is also NOT an option. The only Option is to send in the tower. Have it serviced, it will be replaced with a BESTEC power supply and sent back after it successfully runs.

My question is FOR HOW LONG? Are they going to hold her computer for 6 months? There is a Long list of people complaining about eMachines power supplies. It would make sense to me to maybe.. Just maybe.. STOP USING BESTEC!!! Bottom line I will NOT buy eMachines again. NOR will I recommend that any one buy them, AS I said to the last person I spoke to from eMachines, "Last I heard, customer service is #1." Guess eMachines is beyond that huh..

Poor Warranty Service
By -

I bought an eMachines desktop computer just under a year ago. Why did I buy an eMachines? Simple, I have a 10 year old one that my son to this day is still using, a bit slow but it's never had an issue. So I figured I couldn't go wrong. Boy was I wrong.

Started out fine when I bought the computer. Then it would randomly lock up, then not only did it lock up it would randomly shut off by itself. So I took it to my computer repair man. He did a diagnostic, contacted eMachines as the computer was still under warranty - told them what he had done and what he felt was wrong with it. We shipped it to them, my cost of shipping of course.

They had it a week, shipped it back stating it was the power source and that had been replaced and they had booted the computer up and it worked fine. When he got the computer back, computer wouldn't boot. Imagine memory modules were not locked into place but yet they had booted it at the company. My computer man returned the computer to me and I had it three days. Guess what? Locking up again.

So my computer repair man contacted them again. We shipped the computer back again to Texas, this time at their cost. Got the computer back yesterday, after two weeks. This time they replaced the hard drive and said it's working fine. Plugged it in, booted it up and it LOCKED again! Not fixed. Contacted them again this morning. It is now back on its way again to Texas for a third repair.

Thank God it's under warranty and thank God for my computer repair man dealing with eMachines company because so far he has made them pay, except for the first time, all shipping costs. For the amount of money they have spent shipping this computer between Texas and Maine they could have replaced the entire thing for less money. I will never recommend an eMachines to anyone again nor will I ever purchase another one. Makes me wonder now why the place I bought the eMachines stopped carrying them??? Think they might have known something?

Poor Service
By -

I purchased my eMachines computer and was told it had one year manufacturer warranty and if I wanted to purchase additional two year warranty, I did. I purchased the PC on October 2008, well present date is in August 2009. The NIC was damaged on my computer. I called the number for the extended warranty I had purchased. They told me my warranty will start until October of 2009, currently I should be covered by manufacturer eMachines til October of 2009. I called eMachines and gave all the information on my receipt and the customer service was so poor.

The first thing they told me when I gave information was "Your warranty was expired on July 2009." I asked why if I purchased the computer on October. He replied "Warranty starts when we send computer to store not when you purchased the computer." What!!! When I purchased computer they did not said that. I gave them a hard time as they were getting me so frustrated. Finally he said, "Well let me update information. Call back in 24 hours." I called back 24 hours later and the same person answered me. "Well let's restore your computer. Save all important information on your backup and restore. Call back in 1 hour." I did.

An hour later I call he said "I don't know what the problem is but you must walk it in to manufacturer. You are in Texas correct? The location is in Temple address is..." Hello I stay I in Dallas. Do you know how far Temple is from where I am staying? "Sorry mam you must take it there and we can not provide you with a number to call them." Oh my god, and then he said, "and I don't think we will cover the network card. You will have to pay for card and labor."

By this time I was already laughing instead of getting more angry. I couldn't get more angry than what I was. I ended up taking my computer to Staples where they repaired my computer and gave me a great service. I now tell everyone I know that eMachines has good products but the warranty is not good. Personally I will never purchase no eMachines products again.

By -

CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS -- If you have read these reviews and still took the chance... you got what you deserve! I bought one at New Year's from Wal-Mart. Ran great and I liked it until 3 months later it won't turn on. Hmmm. Found pages upon pages of internet griping about how bad they are, what Wal-Mart said to wiggle out, and that the warranty handlers were outrageous. Didn't listen. Bought another. It will not start right out of the box. Took it back (Wal-Mart reluctantly took it back) for another. It will NOT start right out of the box! So... took it back and got cash refund. Walked over to BestBuy and bought a Compaq Presario CY5700Y for 309.00! Stay tuned.

P.S. Wal-Mart still has $300 of my money and I have Chinese junk from first purchase!

Horrible PC
By -

I recently bought a eMachines computer from Best Buy. I was so excited when I got home to open it up. When I opened the box, looking for instructions all I got was a sad excuse for instructions. It was a paper that barely explained anything. And if that was bad enough, I couldn't get on the internet. At first I thought it was Comcast so I called them. But then I contacted eMachines (via chat) and they made me download a file. It worked fine then.

The next day, the internet stopped working! I tried everything! So I contact them again and the person tells me to do a system restore. I thought he was crazy because I had just bought the computer the day before, but I comply and do that. And after 3-4 hours of trying to get it to work (after the restore) I talk to someone who FINALLY tells me that I DON'T have a wireless card in my computer. If I had've known this earlier I would've taken the computer back. I would NOT recommend this company to ANYONE. Save up for a Dell computer. It may be pricey but at least you'll get a quality computer.

Bad Choice
By -

I needed another laptop, so I went to Wal-Mart. I selected the eMachines e525 laptop with full Windows 7 and a trial version of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007. I had some troubles backing up the system as it would not format the disk. I use an online back so I didn't think much of it. When the Microsoft Office trial expired, I tried to convert it to the full version. The website defaulted to was invalid, so I tried to go directly to Microsoft. I was referred to the new 2010 version, and tried to purchase it. The site would not properly accept my order, so I ordered the product key direct from Wal-Mart for the 2010 version.

After several attempts to install it according to instructions, I had to call Microsoft. After days of wrangling with customer service, I was advised that the Windows 7 had a corrupt Windows Installer file. Even though it was a software problem, Microsoft said I had to go through the equipment manufacturer to get it fixed. I contacted eMachines (Gateway/Acer) for assistance. The service representative referred me to a site for reinstalling VISTA saying it would work the same with Windows 7. The instructions provided were faulty. When I later tried to access the instructions again, the web page had been removed.

I called eMachines support again. I was advised that the machine was still under warranty, but since it was a software problem, not a hardware problem; it would have to be referred to the Pay For Support Team for special handling. eMachines does not stand behind its warranty and Microsoft will not stand behind its software unless purchased directly from them, even if properly licensed.

The Most BS ** Up Crap You Will Ever Buy... Tech Support Is Just Hell...
By -

I have bought a T5212 eMachines Computer about 2 Years Ago... I HAD TO REINSTALL MY OS LIKE AT LEAST 100 TIMES - NO KIDDING. Always the blue screen, doesn't boot up, Motherboard sucks ass... TECH SUPPORT TALKS TO YOU LIKE YOU OWE THEM $500!!! Like a week ago, my computer wouldn't boot up, so I reinstalled my OS AGAIN! Then it would go up the Windows screen, and then restart, and it keeps doing that...

I knew eMachines is BS, but I still took my time to chat with them. I ran out of warranty so they said I had to call someone and pay $129.99 for 90 Minutes of talk time... That's how cheap they go for money... DON'T BUY FROM eMachines, unless you want paper bags recycled into metal and being sold... You are just feeding them money!! GET ON YOUR FEET AND SAY NO!

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