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Emerald City Tae Kwon Do in Covington, WA Consumer Reviews

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Disrespectful & Cruel Owner
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COVINGTON, WASHINGTON -- Took my girls to this company to learn Tae Kwon Do. The 2nd or 3rd lesson the owner was out there helping the master teach the class. He had hit my daughter in the back of the head real hard with the paddles they used to teach the kids to kick with. (She has a learning disability to where she has a hard time staying focused, and he knew that.) I got so upset. I did talk to him and he said that is how they teach the kids. I told him they are not allowed to hit my girls at all. So after that he has had a problem with me. Ever since then they have been disrespectful to my girls and me.

A few months later my girls got to test for their yellow belt (which I had to find out myself that he put my girls names up. They have been going here for about 5 months maybe, and they still did not know their names or how to spell them). At the day of testing I had to fill out forms. When I saw I had to pay to have them tested I went in and talked to the owner about it. He yelled at me in front of everyone. So instead of me arguing with him I just walked out of the office. I finished filling the papers out but did not write a check yet.

The owner gets out there on the floor and in front of everyone yells at me "So what are you going to do, you going pay for them or what", I told him yes that I would pay after the testing to please go ahead and start. I felt so embarrassed I wanted to crawl under the table because he had everyone looking at me. When he gave my girls their yellow belt a few days later, he had taking my oldest one and asked her questions smartly and told her she had a low score and she should have done better. He embarrassed her in front of everyone as well (she is a very shy girl who is afraid of men).

He saved my youngest girl for last. When he got to her he did not ask her any questions, told her her score and gave her the belt. Did not go threw the anything with her as he did all the other kids. My girls got a lower score then one child who could not even lift her leg up high.

Then they made it a rule to where no one is aloud to wear shoes at all past the front door (which I have no problem with), but when I explained to one of the gentlemen that I have problems with my feet that I need to have some thing on my feet at all times, if I could bring slippers in to wear that would be brand new, he told me the owner would say no that I would need a doctors excuse to have to wear slippers. But yet I had seen other parents doing so.

The other day I had sent my girls to their lesson with a babysitter, and I the owner was helping with the lessons, I guess he had hit another child on the back of the head (like he did my youngest one a while back) and my oldest freaked out and refused to go back out on the floor. (She did not want to go out to begin with when she saw him out there). Now she is too scared to go back there to that place. Which is heart breaking to me because she loves it and is very good at it.

I have noticed with these 2 gentlemen that own and teach the class that if you are not a pretty Mom, they disrespect you. If they do not like the parent they treat your child like crap. They do either do not pay attention to them or they yell at them for doing wrong instead of taking their time to show how it is done like they do others.
I feel they discriminated against me and my girls.

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Emerald City Tae Kwon Do in Covington, WA Rating:
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Emerald City Tae Kwon Do in Covington, WA
Covington Square Shopping Center, 16915 169th Pl S
Covington, WA 98042
253-630-4450 (ph)
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