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Rip Off
By -

I purchased an Emerson LCD HDTV the day after Thanksgiving 2009 and the sound has gone completed out on the TV. One minute it was working fine and the next not at all. I called the company and they look up my serial number. They researched that the purchase was still under warranty for parts however the labor warranty ended after 90 days of purchase. They gave me several service locations to repair the TV. I called and is $200 more than what I paid for the TV.

If I would have experienced an issue with TV within 90 days, I would. Have returned to store not manufacture. I'm disappointed that I purchased the television at the enticing price for it not to even last a year. The sad thing is I'm not really a TV purchase, I may catch news every now and then so I don't feel that I got much use out of purchase. I would either like a refund or replacement.

My Emerson Microwave Will Zap My House to a Crisp
By -

? -- Bought a New Emerson Microwave Oven. Got it home and plugged it in and right away it blew a fuse. Thinking it was my mistake, I ran it again. It worked for maybe 2 days or 3 more times without blowing a fuse. Then again and again it blew our fuses. Before this thing melts my wiring I 'm done with it. With a misplaced receipt and no luck finding an address to the company to inquire of recalls or problems. This thing's a hazard to our home. It now sits in our garage?

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