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Misleading Information to Get Your Money
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FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- Employment One is a job location agency that is supposed to help their clients find work in the local area. However, I am convinced that they are only in the business of stealing people's money. I was told there were hundreds of job offerings in the field that I was looking for employment and also that I would have access to their job postings via the internet from my home. Neither of which turned out to be true.

Three different people in the organization asked what area of work I was looking for and I responded the same to each, administrative assistant. And each person then tell me that they currently had over 200 positions they are looking to fill, which implies over 200 in that area. However, AFTER I had signed the contract and they got my money, I find out that it's 200 jobs overall. NOT 200 jobs in my field of expertise. They are very well rehearsed since each person responded exactly the same! This is a very sneaky way of getting someone's money.

Also, I specifically asked if I would have access to their job postings since I lived over 30 miles away. I knew I would not be able to drive to Fort Wayne every day to look at available jobs. I was told that I would have access to their website at anytime from my home. And again, after they got my money, I find out that I do have access to their website, just like any other person who pulls up their webpage. The only jobs that are on this link are the most recent jobs they had listed that day. (And again, anyone on the internet can see these jobs. So what am I paying $180 for?) These jobs are removed twice a week.

So if for some reason I cannot access the internet, I would miss a job opportunity. Once it is removed, I cannot see any existing jobs unless I make the trip to Fort Wayne to review their database. This is NOT what I asked and NOT what I was told. But again, they minced words so that I would pay them $180 for a service they do NOT provide. When I called them 2 days later to express my displeasure, I was told that they do not issue refunds and that I signed a contract. I replied that I would not have signed the contract if I had been told the truth, but to no avail.

I may have been screwed out of my $180, but I will try and let everyone know within my reach to BEWARE!! They are tricky and do NOT tell you the truth!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!! I may be $180 poorer, but I am wiser!! Let my mistake teach you a lesson.

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