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Live Maggots found in Kitchen Spice
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BAIE D'URFE, QUEBEC H9X 4B4 CANADA -- In early February I used up my bottle of onion flakes (Kitchen Spice) and got out a new bottle of Chopped onion made by Encore Gourmet Food Corp in Canada. I purchased it at Walgreens in Christiansburg last December. I was shocked to see dozens of maggots inside the bottle. The seal seemed to be intact. I immediately contacted Encore Gourmet Food Corp in Canada by email. I sent them 4 emails over a week long period. They never responded. In the third email I suggested they contact me and tell me what numbers they wanted from the bottle so they could check batch lots or whatever and see how this happened. They never responded at all.

I then posted a complaint with a picture (google encore spice maggots) on one site and one person starting responding through the site. Over several comments they seemed to have the fixation of getting me to return the spice to Walgreens (so I would not have the evidence anymore?). I then wondered if this person was with Walgreens or Encore. I then contacted the FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration). The FDA was very interested. They had me provide all sorts of information and got pictures and everything and contacted Encore. Encore's response was that this was impossible and claimed they had not received any emails from me.

Right about that time I was out and about quite a bit and decided to stop by all the Walgreens stores I happened to be going nearby and check their spices. In 6 Walgreens stores I found a full stock of Encore spices in every variety, except chopped onion. Those 6 stores did not have 1 bottle of chopped onion on the shelf. The 7th and last Walgreens store I looked in had an empty space on the isle where the Encore spice display had been. The entire display had been removed and was nowhere to be seen. I did provide this information to the FDA so they could investigate further. Sure looks like a giant cover up to me.

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