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Engle Homes' Poor Quality and Construction Has Lead to Misery 10 years later.
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It's too late for us; we went with Engle Homes because of the location. There were other builders but we ended up choosing Engle. Ten years later, it never ceases to amaze me how cheap Engle Homes is. As an example, our shutters flew off after a few years. Repair guys couldn't believe it and asked who our builder was. When we said, "Engle" they weren't surprised.

Today, we found out that we have a crawl space in our closet that can be opened. Behind there is a spot with light fixtures, etc... Yet, we never knew about this since Engle slapped together a piece of wood and covered it up. This area was meant to have drywall and flooring. Instead, there was a 3 foot board which was screwed in - not even nailed. It took us a half hour to undo the screws. The reason that we had to go back there was because of a leaky roof!

This brings me to another thing: They ended up hanging our gutters so that they drain towards our house! We have had to pour money into contractors to get this fixed. Additionally, they noticed that shingles have not been put tightly and Engle never did put water proofing under the shingles. If you have a choice, you should avoid Engle at all costs. I haven't outlined our other headaches with these guys, but now with the advent of ratings systems, I hope that the word spreads.

Poor Construction
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OVIEDO, FLORIDA -- My husband and I just purchased our Engle Home in Oviedo, FL in Live Oak Reserve subdivision in December 2005. We paid over $600,000 for our home and absolutely nothing was done right in this house. I've had 2 rooms with the ceilings completely ripped out and replaced because one ceiling's drywall was pulling away from the beams, the other room's ceiling was lopsided and every single beam was visible. I have 2 other rooms where the ceiling is starting to show the same problem.

My entire yard on the sides and back of my home wasn't even graded at all! Any heavy rainfall and my yard will flood over. I have extensive cosmetic defects throughout the house, scratched appliances, damaged door frames with gouges, dents, carpet not tacked down in some parts of the house. I have 23 windows in my home. Almost half of them needed to be replaced because of being damaged with extensive scratches. Just an absolute nightmare!!!

Terrible Customer Service
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MARICOPA, ARIZONA -- Engle Home Builders has terrible customer service. I purchased a new home in "Province", Maricopa town, Pinal county. I visited their design center to make selections. After selections were made, I wanted to change my selection to a larger tile. Engle Builders would not allow me to change my selection. This with 8 months to go before my home is even completed!!! Engle would not be bothered with changing a piece of paper. If you buy an Engle home don't make any changes. They will not honor them. DON'T BUY AN ENGLE HOME. DON'T BUY AN ENGLE HOME.

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