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Envy Skin Eden Prairie/Mendota Heights MN
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MENDOTA HEIGHTS, MINNESOTA -- I have to agree with the other reviews I have found. I entered to win a gift certificate for Envy Skin Clinic at the Ramsey County fair. I had previously had some laser hair removal treatments and was interested in getting a few touch up treatments if I just so happened to win. I was called 4 days later and informed that I won a $300 gift certificate, but if I went in for a free consultation within the current week, I could get another $100 off. I made the consultation appointment for the following day.

When I arrived at the clinic, I was greeted very professionally, and instructed to fill out some medical background & personal information sheets of paper. Within minutes of that I was guided into a room for my consult. I was advised right away of the prices of the packages that I was interested in. Luckily, prior to my appointment, I called around to see how much other places would charge for touch ups and also for just lower leg, so I had something to base their charges on.

In the end, I was offered my $400 off plus an additional $100 off. So I was told at the time, that I could sign up for services for about $1,350. I was also quoted a bunch of other package services as well. I don't believe in financing things, so I told the woman that if there was something else, cheaper, I might entertain that idea instead.

I was advised that microdermabrasion was a cheap treatment that would help brighten my skin, get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, and any age spots, sun marks or old acne scars. My complexion is very good for my age, but I thought I would be proactive and purchase a package of 5 of those.

In the end, I spent additional money with the company, which was to be expected, however without listening to my gut and calling around first to see what my treatments normally go for, I did get taken advantage of. I have found more than one clinic that offers the same service for up to $100 less per session than Envy Skin. I'm not very good at saying no, and I am sold on things because I choose to give people the benefit of the doubt about being a kind, trustful person.

I did have one treatment already, and can say that it was a very wonderful treatment. I will continue to go until my package runs out, which is one treatment every 4-5 weeks. However, if I ever choose to do this again, I will find a cheaper clinic, and do more research. I have learned that this company has operated under a few different names, and that they have practiced very poor marketing tactics that have made some people lose a lot of money.

By no means is this a good or bad review, it's just a warning to stand clear of them unless you can say no easily, or you're willing to spend a lot more for the same services that are easily offered cheaper at other reputable skin care clinics. I hope that this review helps you make an informed decision as to if you want to do business with a company that chooses to not play by the rules, all the way. Had I known this prior, and wasn't so busy as to not research them, as I normally do, I would not have gone to my appointment at all. So, in the end, they did win. Best of luck!

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