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Long Time Comin'!
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Rating: 4/51

MENDOTA HEIGHTS, MINNESOTA -- What Happened to the Mendota Heights office? I used to have treatment with Andrea who was professional and fast. I had a long journey trying to find a place that could permanently remove dark hair and dark skin with YAG laser. I had previously had treatments at two other facilities, both are now closed. My experience particularly with the Mendota office was fantastic, However one appointment had to be switched to Edina because of a scheduling conflict and I did not like how impersonal the Edina staff were. This is not just a service. It transforms how people feel about themselves.

Great Experience!
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Rating: 5/51

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA -- I had an excellent experience with Amy. I had laser peel done and I couldn't be more happy with the results. Highly recommended.

Consumer Beware
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EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA -- Consumer Beware. Envy Skin Clinic. Be aware of Envy Skin Clinic's sales practices, don't sign anything or better yet... stay away. Envy Skin Clinic markets their business at Bridal shows, Home, Boat, and other Trade shows and reels people in by having you sign-up for a drawing. They seduced me to come in for a free consultation by offering a $400 gift certificate if I met with them within the week.

Here's my experience: At the consultation, they provided a run-down of their services and presented an $8,000 cost minus the $400-600 in discounts for services. They then asked me when I wanted my first appointment. When I told them it it was too much money, that I was going to shop around and I was just on a fact finding mission to get information, and think about which services I really wanted as I had no intention of purchasing the complete package, they presented a financial financing option (with Chase Health Advance whom they partner). They told me the interest rate was 0%. However, I learned later, it's really 13.99%.

Upon telling them that I was leaving without purchasing, they give it one last effort. They presented me with a 'form' that showed their complete package of services and told me that to ensure the discounts, I would need to sign the 'form' that evening to hold the discounts while I made my decision. Unfortunately, I signed the form. Upon a follow-up call the next day to decline the free gift certificate from the drawing, I was told that 'form' was actually a $7000 contract with a 15% non-refundable penalty!

Never was I advised the 'form' was a contract nor that the 'form' came with terms - a 15% non-refundable penalty. There was no transparency or honesty in representation of the contract or its terms. I received no satisfaction working with the Manager. I was given an option to take less services, but there would not be a full refund in any circumstance. With broken trust, there was NO WAY I would go forward with any services from this outfit. Upon repeated inquiries, there has been no satisfaction for a full refund. My advice from my personal experience - STAY AWAY FROM ENVY SKIN CLINIC. I FOUND THEIR SALES TACTICS SHADY AND DECEPTIVE.

Company Response 08/25/2010:

I am one of the managers at Envy. I know exactly who this is and you know as well as I do what really happened....You had won a gift certificate and came in for your consult. At that time you said you wanted to do the laser hair removal on almost your whole body. You are the one that chose that package...there are plenty of other options. Maybe you could have just used the gift certificate for your upper lip and not spent thousands. Yes, a full body package with our guarantee is around $8,000.00 and that is what you wanted. We do offer no interest financing for up to 18 months. You chose to have lower payments over a longer period of time and that does have interest, something we made very clear. We always give both options. You signed up for Chase and signed the receipt AND the contract that clearly states that we have a cancellation fee (very commen in the indusrty) right next to where you signed. There is no way you were "tricked" A receipt is a receipt. It is VERY clear. When you called to cancel I told you you could still get something done for the fee and you chose not to. That is your prerogative. I didn't think it was smart but thats the decision you made.
Had you ever been one of our clients and received the services you had asked for, you would be thrilled with the results. We provide top of the line services with the most sophisticated equiptment in the industry. I feel I tried very hard to work with you and you refused.

Way Overpriced for Services + They Scan You In
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Rating: 2/51

MN -- I went to the renaissance fair and this place sucks you in by having you enter a drawing in which everyone from my party that entered won. They call you say you have won a credit of x amount of dollars to use toward a service at their clinic. However, the kicker is none of the services are covered by the amount you won, but if you sign up for a package she will give you a deal. Well sad to say I fell for it and spent 2400 really for nothing. The services rendered did not seem to make much of a difference and the staff at the Mendota heights off did not seem very helpful.

Would Not Recommend
By -

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA -- I went to Envy Skin Clinic for laser treatment for red and brown spots on my face. I, too was told that I won a $400 gift certificate at a bridal fair, which unfortunately I fell for. I paid $1,100 for my package and was very unsatisfied. They are extremely unorganized and are never able to locate my chart and have kept inaccurate record of my treatments. My biggest concern which makes me beyond upset, is that they've scarred my face. Twice. I have two pockmarks on my face as a result of treatments. In their defense, they did try to treat one of the scars for free, which was unsuccessful.

The second scar, they simply denied doing. Then, they had the audacity to try to sell me another package to treat these areas for $1,800. I couldn't believe that their main concern was getting my money as I was visibly distraught over the scars on my face. I would never trust them touching my face with another laser! I was offered no apology or refund for the money I had paid. They denied that they ever did it. The whole ordeal was so upsetting to me.

My advice is if you are going to seek treatment for your face, be careful! Go to a dermatologist or medical office. I am seeking care now from a dermatologist to correct the scars they have left on my face. It is more cost for me, but I do not want to have these scars on my face. Please think twice before you purchase a service from this company.

Skin Care
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Rating: 5/51

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA -- I have been going to Envy Skin Clinic for the past 3 years and my experience has been most good to great. The staff is friendly the treatments are thorough. Outside of one time that I had a 15 minute late start, it has been great!
** is my girl, she takes care of me and always explains everything. I am now hair free. I have recommended two friends and both are very happy. I am starting up a skin tightening package that she gave me at a great discount. Great customer service. Shop around... these girls will beat anyone

I'm VERY happy with the services at Envy
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MENDOTA HEIGHTS, MINNESOTA -- I normally don't do these things on the Internet. I'm am a client at Envy and have had a great experience so far! I am only chiming in because I read both of the reviews and I had to laugh because the managers response is exactly the experience I had! I also won a gift certificate and before I even booked my consult I asked prices because just knowing how much getting my hair done and waxing is... I thought the prices were going to be too much for me. I was not shocked at all when they said the packages start around $700. I went in for my consult and met a girl that was very sweet and spent a lot of time with me and worked out treatment plan for me.

I did the financing and she made it very clear the two options I would have... One with no interest and one with lower payments and interest. I don't know how anyone would be confused on that. There's a chart you look at that explains it all. I have had 3 treatments there so far and the staff is wonderful! I ask a lot of questions and they always take the time to sit with me and answer them. I have already referred a couple of my friends there. I love going there. I feel like it's me time and the girls there are great! Also, getting great results with my treatments! I just had to add this on to stick up for the wonderful staff there. :)

False Advertisement
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Rating: 1/51

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA -- Do not sign anything! This company will use your name to guarantee a loan in your name to pay themselves through a major bank. It's not legal and anyone who feels they have been "duped" should contact the attorney general of Minnesota.

Customer Service?
By -

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA -- Over a year ago I met with 4 different laser places, including Envy Skin Clinic. I bought a skin rejuvenation package from Envy only because of the laser and price. All 4 of the companies lacked in good customer service, is it an issue within the industry?

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