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Warning EQ3 Las Vegas Nightmare!
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Wow, what a nightmare. We ordered a coffee table and dining room table from EQ3 Las Vegas in late August 08. It is now almost a half a year later and still no dining room table. We were Promised these items within 30 days. The coffee table came in around 90 days and have to say is very poorly made and was damaged when it came in. When we called to tell them it was damaged all we got was an extremely bad attitude and not even a sorry. They said we can take it back and wait who knows how long for another one.

We have called on the dining room table that we still not have received and they act like we are second class citizens and it's our problem not theirs. They really don't care about return business. Amy the manager is so rude and had the audacity to tell us that if it takes 2 years to come in we will just have to wait and there's nothing we can do about it. Keep in mind we have always been very polite and didn't deserve this attitude. We even tipped the sales girl at the time of sale.

I think they act like this because they must be getting a lot of complaints everyday for this same reason.

A. Their items are cheaply made, similar quality as Sauder (totally doesn't look like what I saw in the showroom).

B. Who knows if the items will ever come in (a half a year and waiting is totally unrealistic and we feel like we have been scammed, keep in mind we had no Thanks Giving or Christmas dinner at home thanks to them).

C. The customer service is great before you pay, but once you pay forget it, then their true colors show.

Poor Customer Service at EQ3 Winnipeg
By -

WINNIPEG -- After dealing with this company I felt inclined to warn other potential customers about the poor service we received. The problem began when the scheduled delivery of our product failed to arrive. We inquired about why the delivery was not made but were somewhat puzzled by the explanation. Essentially the explanation we received was "I don't know why the product was not delivered." When I asked the individual to be more specific, he put me on hold for 15 minutes, and when he returned he simply stated that he “couldn't determine why the product wasn't delivered."

I was thinking to myself how this could be, but decided I was never going to get anywhere so I let it drop. We eventually rescheduled delivery for the following week between 1700-2100h. To be sure the product was actually going to be delivered I phoned 2 days before delivery and left a phone message. Needless to say the call was never returned. I phoned again on the day of the delivery and was assured by the sales staff that the product would “definitely be delivered” in the evening. At 2000h I got nervous and called again and was again reassured by the sales staff that it “would definitely be delivered in the next few hours.”

By 2150h I was really nervous and phoned again only to be reassured by the sales staff that the delivery was "on the way." I imagine you can guess where this is going. I then received a phone call at 2245h by the delivery personnel informing me that "it was too late" to deliver the product and requested that I reschedule in the morning. In the morning I decided to call the store manager ** who forwarded me a somewhat insincere and lackadaisically apology, but promised me the product would be delivered promptly the very next day at 1200h. I emphasized to her that this time it was very important that delivery occur as we agreed.

Needless to say it's well past the delivery time and we have not received either the delivery or a phone call. I am very upset with the poor communication and service demonstrated by this company. There are lots of competing furniture companies and I sincerely regret having dealt with EQ3. I'm not sure about the company structure but if you browse the website you will not see a customer service link or any other customer service information. I think this is a testament to a company who seemingly does not value their customers. One can only imagine the difficulties we would have encountered if warranty support had to rendered.

I'm not sure if poor customer service is rampant through all EQ3 stores or is simply a reflection of the individuals who work in Winnipeg. Nonetheless, if you are reading this I hope that it will provide you with some insight into the poor service and customer support we received when we had the misfortune of dealing with this company.

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