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Collection calls
By -

I was getting some calls from this Er Solutions Collection Agency I asked them who they were looking for because the message I got on the answering machine was not for me or my hubby. I have no idea how they got my phone number but they were looking for my nephew who lives over 2 hours away from us. I told this guy twice I do not have their phone number or have a way to get in contact with them well this week I got another phone call.

How many times do I have to tell them wrong number. Also my phone number is fairly new and he said they had been trying to get a hold of them for over 2 years. I have enough problems with a husband who is going on disability without this garbage.

Collection Agency
By -

A few months ago I overdrew my bank account and it was sent to collections. "E.R. Solutions" was the name of the collections company that got my case. They kept calling me and asking if I was **, but wouldn't tell me who they are or why they're calling. I would get dozens of calls a day from different phone numbers, some of which looked like cell phone numbers. They wouldn't leave a message, they would hang up if I picked up on them or there was quiet and giggling in the background. After a while I stopped picking up calls from strange numbers and they stopped calling. All of this was around October time.

On 1/31/2007 I tried opening a bank account and got denied. I remembered that the name of the company and searched for their phone number online. First time I called, someone by the name of ** took my call. After he asked me a few questions about my income he told me that the balance is six hundred and eighty something dollars, but they're willing to settle for five hundred and fifty one. I told him that the amount was still a little too high and asked him to make it five hundred even. He put me on hold. He came back a few minutes later and told me that he spoke to his supervisor and that the lowest they'll go is five hundred and fifty one.

I started to explain that it's not going to work because the most I can pay is five hundred, but he interrupted me and said "It doesn't matter anyway... You're not paying, so nothing is working for you!" after which he hung up the phone before I even got a chance to respond. I called back and this time a woman picked up, she refused to give me her name or any other information that could be used to identify her. I asked for her supervisor, but she laughed at me and started arguing with me in a very rude manner. I asked her to not interrupt me and that I don't appreciate being hung up on or laughed at. She laughed at me again and told me to hold on.

After a few minutes a different woman picked up the phone and was even more rude than the previous one. I hung up the phone and called back. ** took my call again and I told him that it was very inappropriate for him to talk to me like that, but he started arguing again. I asked him for his supervisor and he transferred my call to someone by the name of **. She claimed to be a supervisor, so I started to explain the situation, but she interrupted me and yelled at me and told me that she is too busy to even talk to me and that unless I'm willing to pay six hundred eighty dollars she has nothing else to say to me.

I asked her to lower the balance, but she said no and hung up. I researched them, and I did not find a single good review. There are posts all over the internet from people who have been harassed by this company. They're rude, inconsiderate and completely unprofessional.

Phone Harassment
By -

ER Solutions has been harassing me by phone for three months. They are looking for a woman who has the same last name as me. My husband and I bought our house early 2006, our house was once owned, more than three years ago, by some distant relatives of my husband. We all have the same last name. Apparently the previous owners of our home have been turned into ER Solutions to collect on an outstanding debt. When ER Solutions did a "last known address" search on this other woman, they saw the phone was listed under a person of the same last name, assumed it was the person they were looking for, and began calling my home.

The first two times they called I simply let the machine pick up, I did not recognize the number and knew I had nothing outstanding, ER Solutions left a message for this other woman. After the third call in a week I decided to answer and explain the problem and ask these people to please stop calling. The man on the other end of the phone was extremely rude, calling me a liar, laughing at me, and insisting I "confess" to being this other person. The conversation ended with me screaming into the phone and calling this man several choice names.

The next week I got another call from this company looking for the same woman, I again explained the situation, this time calmly, and was told we would be taking off of their calling list. I received two more calls from ER solutions, each time I explained what was going on, that yes, we had the same last name of the previous owners, but no we were not the same household, each time I was told our phone number had been removed. Four soliciting calls, four requests to be left alone. The calls stopped for six weeks. This morning I received the fifth call. I asked immediately to be transferred to a supervisor.

The "supervisor" insisted on calling me by this other womans name, even though I told him, twice, of the situation, and that I was not this other woman. He insisted that ER Solutions had just gotten this file and this was only the third time they had called this number. (By my count this was the sixth call we received) He even put me on speaker phone so I could her him and another woman laughing at me and calling me "a stupid ** liar." This was the point that I lost my cool and the phone call ended, once again, in a screaming match. At some point during the conversation I was told that our number would be marked as "do not call".

I'm not to inclined to believe this person. I am at a loss as to what to do. I filed a complaint through the National Do Not Call Registery. My phone company charges to have phone numbers blocked, I'm sure they have more than one number, and I do not feel that my husband and I should have to pay because this company.

Collection Agency Calling For Someone That Is Not Me Just Has The Same Last Name
By -

I have been receiving calls without displayed numbers or names, it says out of area, for a few weeks now. I also received a few calls that showed some 1-800 number that I did not recognize that did not display and company name. Today I received 2 calls. Just after 11:00 while I was asleep 1-800-759-9854. The first call I ignored and tried to go back to sleep then they called again, so then I picked up the phone, it said don€™t hand up this is an automate call and call blah blah number, so I hung up. So then I was awake and pissed so then I called back the 1-800-759-9854 And asked who they wear calling.

She said give me your name, I said I will give you the number you are calling, and if this is not for me, your company is in big trouble. She looked up the number, and said this was given to her by an **. Not me. Not their number. And I don€™t know these people; no one in my family has those names or anyone that I know. She said he gave them the number. Just a big fat lie! I said give my your address. How can they get a non-published phone number? Liars. The morons went down a list of numbers hoping to find this moron. Well I am not happy. I told her give me her supervisor.

I told them they woke me up and pissed my off for no reason besides call me for no reason, and the Attorney General, FCC, FTC, and anyone else that I could think of later, besides post online complaints with all their contact information. She hung up. So I took that as giving me permission to do so. Really how can they just call anyone and everyone looking for 1 moron?

They cant and its personal privacy issues besides harassment of innocent people. So now that I am awake and pissed. Here is their company contact information for there companies and their CEO€™s contact information. So others that have complaints against this asinine company can call their CEO€™s and others at home and wake them the hell up. ER SOLUTIONS / Convergent Resources, Inc.

Poor Customer Service
By -

N/A, MICHIGAN -- I am not denying that I owe(d) a debt. I called this company because they sent a letter regarding a debt I did owe. However, when I spoke to the "representative" he was EXTREMELY rude and LOUD. I think if I would have been standing in front of him he would have shaken or slapped me. I was trying to make payment arrangements for the balance I owed and asked questions regarding the information that they wanted from me. That was when he thought he could treat me like dirt. He then passed me on to someone else, who in her own turn treated me the same way. I did finally hang up on her.

They were telling me that I had funds available and exactly how much I did have available, but when I tried to tell them I did not have access to those funds they said I was choosing NOT to pay and that I would be turned over to the courts. When I told the second person that I was treated rudely by the first one she said I should not make generalizations about people. When they consider everyone that owes a debt is not worth their time or consideration then they too are making generalizations. I did not CHOOSE to not pay my bill.

They also could not tell me where I had the available funds they thought I had, but they did want ALL my personal information, which, whether I owe money to someone or not is absolutely none of their business. All I wanted to do was pay what I owe. I activated a credit card, that I neither want nor can afford just so I could pay them. However, when I called back they told me they did not accept that particular card. I talked to three different people at that company and during the conversation with each one I had to hold the phone away from my ear. Must be part of their training procedures.

My daughter was sitting next to me and heard them yelling. I have never been treated ruder or made to feel so worthless trying to do the right thing. I hope those people never find themselves in dire straits - or maybe I do. I honestly cannot get over how rudely I was treated. Guess they don't really care how they treat people as long a they get paid.

Collection attempt from ER Solutions
By -

In January of 2006 I pulled my credit report from all three credit bureaus. On each report I discovered a collection from ER Solutions stating I owed $393.00 on a closed account from Washington Mutual. I have never had a bank account with Washington Mutual. I quickly disputed this charge on my credit report and all three bureaus removed the account from my credit report on the basis they found no proof the account belonged to me. During the first week of November 2006, I received a phone call from ER Solutions attempting to collect this debt once again. I informed them the account did not belong to me and that it had been removed from my credit report.

They refused to listen and threatened to place the account back on my credit report. I faxed all the information I had from the credit bureau's showing the results of their investigation. ER Solutions accused me of typing the letters myself in an attempt to get out of paying the debt…! I was in disbelief they accused me of doing such. I understand they have a job to do, to collect debt from people who are avoiding their responsibility. However, they have to understand in this day in age more and more cases of identity theft are increasing. I believe ER Solutions are closed minded people who are unwilling to listen.

Unethical Tactics
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Last week I started getting calls asking to verify my name. The name would be off by a middle initial or wrong social security number (can you believe this?) I would tell them, "No, I'm not that person." Before responding to any phone inquiry, I attempt to identify the person who is calling me. All I would ever get is a first name. These people call at all hours from early morning until late at night. Recently, the calls escalated until this company identified my name. They claimed I owed a bill from 1990! "Who are you people?" I argued for 10 minutes with them to get their address and phone number. I asked for a supervisor, which they refused to do. They hung up on me.

I called them back asking for their corporate address and phone number. Again a refusal from them now adding insults (I got the same agent when I called back). "You are a loser. You refuse to pay your bills. You are in a judgment and garnishment of your wages situation." Then the agent proceeded to reel off private information including my social security number.

Now, I am researching this situation, it is disturbing that such an unethical company has access to my private information, what's to keep one of their agents from stealing my identity when no tactic is below their standard of conduct? Also, the agent claimed to be calling from Houston, TX but my research shows they are located in Renton, WA.

Harassing phone calls
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- For 3-4 months we have been receiving phone calls from E R Solutions, a collection agency. They are looking for someone we have never heard of, doesn't have similar name, and has never lived here. The calls are computer generated, and we are given the option to push a button if they've called the wrong number. This doesn't work. We have pushed buttons to get a live person on the phone and have told them all the above information.

This doesn't work. We have notified the police department and faxed E R Solutions telling them, in writing, that this will be handled by the authorities ~ this doesn't work. They call morning, noon & night, up to 7 times a day. It's harassment, pure and simple. If anyone has had these experiences with this company and have found a way to end it, we would really appreciate the info.

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