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Ernsting's Family Selling Hazardous Garments With Fraudulent Oeko-Tex Label
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COESFIELD -- Large German retailer (Ernsting's family 1350 stores) selling hazardous garments with fraudulent Oeko-Tex label. I would like to share an important message with you. Large German discount stores is selling hazardous garments to innocent customers with fraudulent Oeko-Tex labels. Even children clothing is sold with hazardous prints, stones, stud with fraudulent Oeko-Tex label for all the brands including Disney. Customers buy Oeko-Tex labeled (marked as: Confidence in Textiles) products hoping they are not having any hazardous components.

Researches reveal hazardous components cause diseases including skin problems, allergy & even cancer. I am writing this letter to all of the health & safety associations to create awareness & your support to combat against such hazardous products to the customers.

On 4 July 2011, I have sent all details of this fraudulent used to Oeko-Tex association & Hohenstein testing institute along with photos of garments with fraudulently used Oeko-Tex labels, Ernsting's bills with reference of the same garments, copy of fraudulent Oeko-Tex certificate online verification (number: **). Even after a week time, Oeko-Tex association & Hohenstein didn't visit the Ernsting's family stores to collect garments with such fraudulent use of Oeko-Tex. They have just forwarded my mail to Ernsting's family and waiting for their reply.

After my several reminders & aggressive follow-up, they said they will wait for the reply from Ernsting's family. They have not yet collected any samples from Ernsting's stores. They simply asking the samples with me to test. I feel this will give Ernsting's stores enough time to hide such garments. I'm losing the hope on Oeko-Tex & Hohenstein. They are not so serious about this fraud & seems to be very slow. Kindly take necessary steps to stop this fraudulent misuse of such Oeko-Tex certificate & to keep society from such hazardous components. Below is the mail which I have sent to Oeko-Tex & Hohenstein with all details.

Company Response 07/22/2011:

Dear Mary Rose,

Thank you very much for your remarks, which we of course followed up immediately. However, you must understand that, before the International OEKO-TEX Association withdraws an OEKO-TEX certificate as you request, and/or stops working with a company, the matter must always be thoroughly investigated. This includes asking the company in question about the charges that have been made. To proceed in any other way would be counter not only to the presumption of innocence but also to the fundamental principle of freedom of speech. Since you are exercising that same right to freedom of expression, I'm sure you can understand our position in this respect.

In the course of our discussions with Ernsting's, they confirmed that, in addition to the testing for compliance with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, they also carry out continuous in-house quality control with the assistance of other test laboratories, as is required for a partnership with OEKO-TEX. During this process, increased concentrations of harmful substances were indeed found in three articles. The batches in question were immediately withdrawn from the shops by Ernsting's and any articles that had been sold were recalled.

We welcome this decisive action by Ernsting's, which we see as clear evidence of the fact that they take their responsibilities with regard to quality control in the interests of their customers very seriously.

Contrary to what you claim, you have in fact received feedback on several occasions since your first contact on 4 July 2011 about the status of the investigation, from OEKO-TEX, the Hohenstein Institute and from Ersting's. Furthermore, samples have been taken in a number of Ernsting's shops in Germany in order to inspect the OEKO-TEX-certified product range again. However, since the laboratory tests routinely take 10-14 working days, the results can only be expected in the next few days. We will decide on the basis of these whether any further action is required, and if so what.

In the meantime, we would be pleased if you would accept our repeated proposal for a face-to-face meeting between the three parties involved

Kindly regards
Jutta Knels

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